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Bruce Willis: Obama and Romney are the same



“...'I get cranked up, I start talking about Hollywood and what’s wrong with what. Or politics. I might start in on Mitt Romney,” Willis said, out of nowhere, to his inteviewer. “He’s just such a disappointment, an embarrassment. Chin up, hair up. He’s just one of those guys, one of those guys who says he’s going to change everything… And he’ll get in there, and they’ll smile at him and introduce themselves: ‘We’re Congress, we make sure nothing changes.’ He won’t do it. He can’t. Everybody wants to be Barack Obama. And what did he change?'..."

Continued: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0512/76613.html#ixzz1vb...

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Bruce Willis is probably a Ron Paul supporter.

In an interview in 2006, he said:

"I'm sick of answering this f***ing question. I'm a Republican only as far as I want a smaller government, I want less government intrusion. I want them to stop s****ing on my money and your money and tax dollars that we give 50 percent of... every year. I want them to be fiscally responsible and I want these g*****n lobbyists out of Washington. Do that and I'll say I'm a Republican... I hate the government, OK? I'm apolitical. Write that down. I'm not a Republican."

Bruce "CIA" Willis

It's highly likely he's a top-level handler of CIA mind control victims.


please elaborate, for I am intrigued by this comment

For Liberty!

Perhaps sometime in the future when I'm not busy

I could explain properly. I don't have 100% direct evidence, but a lot of circumstantial and also supporting information.

Send me your email: http://i.imgur.com/XPpzS.jpg

Ron Paul wins 2012. Get ready for it. :)

Ron Paul is the real John McClane

Obama and Romney are nothing but Hans Gruber clones (clowns).


Willis is a douchebag.

Typical pro-establishment argument to blame Congress for everything. "The president will never be able to change anything because his hands are tied!" Please. Obama does whatever he pleases, with or without consent from Congress. I would say he's made PLENTY of change.. all of it unconstitutional.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

What's Typical About That?

Ron Paul keeps saying the same thing: it isn't the president's job to declare war, it isn't the executive branch's job to allocate spending, it isn't the alphabet soup's (IRS, FDA) job to make regulations: all those are the job of Congress.

Willis and Ron Paul are right on that.

Are you saying Willis wishes the presidents' hands were not tied? And you point out that Obama seems to have escaped his bonds to the Constitution already.

I guess "blame" is another way of saying "responsibility."

We want a stronger Congress, and Willis wants a weaker one ? And, of course, that's a doubleedged sword, because you never know who you're going to get for president...

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I never said that Congress was being any more responsible.

I just said that it's typical to lay all the blame on Congress while ignoring all the illegal actions taken by the president, who is equally to blame (yes, I said blame) for not following the Constitution. Willis is implying that if Congress would cooperate more with the president (not the people), the president could somehow change things for the better, and that is wrong.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

Ron Paul has said himself that the congress plays a major

role in how the gov't operates. If a President honors the Constitution, they have quite limited power which is why RP has encouraged people to research those running for Congress as well. Congress even has the power to override a veto by more than 2/3rds vote.

Bruce may be a douchebag but its not because he's pro-establishment. Him saying Romney is one in the same as Obama pretty precludes he is anything but for establishment.

congress does deserve a lot of blame

they should have reeled this president in a long time ago, but they wont because they want to point fingers at him when things go bad. Two wrongs dont make a right.

Congress doesn't want to point fingers

They just want their fingers in the pie.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Blaming Congress is universal

It's decidedly unfair and even dangerous because it undermines the representative aspect of our republic, but Willis is hardly alone. We can hope he's just thinking of the special interests and establishment figures who control it rather than the legislative process itself.

Congress blows

When congressional approval hovers around 15-20% they DO NOT represent "we the people". They should all be thrown out. The fact that we are required to vote them out knowing full well that the voting system has been hijacked makes it very difficult to correct the institutional problems in congress.

I hate it when they say this

I hate it when they say this because Obama signs everything Congress hands him. He WANTS it all! I do not see how they can intellectually keep this argument up..they have done nothing he has not wanted, period.


Yeah come on Bruce, host a Ron Paul fundraiser! I'd take Bruce Willis over George Clooney anyday!

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

it's funny to see neocons get

it's funny to see neocons get angry at people who speak the truth. they're in denial.

We need to reach out to more

We need to reach out to more celebrities!!!! This is awesome man!

juan maldonado

bruce willis for governor