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Chinese Firm Buys AMC Movie Theater Chain in Largest Sale Ever of U.S. Company to China

I'm assuming that this article is excepting the purchase of The USA Corporation when they claim this to be the largest Sale Ever of a US Company. Note Bain Capital was involved in the sale. Hum?

"In another first for China, the Asian giant’s largest entertainment group has reached a deal to purchase the second biggest theater chain in the U.S., making the sale the largest to date of an American business to the Chinese.

The Dalian Wanda Group, controlled by billionaire real-estate developer Wang Jianlin, will pay $2.6 billion for AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. Two billion of the $2.6 billion represents debt that Wanda will take on as part of the purchase from the previous owners, which included private-equity firms JPMorgan Partners, Apollo Global Management and Bain Capital."


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This is part of media control to reach and message masses

Remember the Carlyle Group? They are behind this. They are aggressively using investors in what ever country to fund their control of the military industrial complex agenda. They are acquiring controlling interests in all forms of information dissemination including motion picture industry, telecom, etc. They are operating under the radar and essentially are an investment bank disguised as an asset management firm.


First minute or so is not in English, but all English after that.


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The last sentence is the real story.

"Two billion of the $2.6 billion represents debt that Wanda will take on as part of the purchase from the previous owners, which included private-equity firms JPMorgan Partners, Apollo Global Management and Bain Capital."

China got a deal, but they are now on the hook.
Bain Capital [Romney], JP Morgan [Dimon/Fed] are now off the hook, and they have become even richer.

Richer or less in debt?

Did they buy high and sell low, I wonder.

There are huge but mostly empty mega-plexes everywhere. Many smaller theaters are closing. Many have home theaters. The bubble is bursting.

Off the hook for the taxes on these assets?

These sure are interesting times.

Free includes debt-free!

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Good points, Paul.

Will China actually pay taxes to the US on these theaters, when we owe them $1.2T? Well, they probably will pay because the private Dalian Wanda Group is not the Chinese Govt. in theory. As the poster above says, this could really be the Carlyle Group or who knows what other organization. The other point you mentioned is eliminating the competition of other midsize theater owners, the same way that the independent gasoline stations went the way of the dinosaur.

It really is the Caryle Group

Watch the video I posted. It will blow your mind. English starts about 3 minutes in.


I don't see anything wrong

I don't see anything wrong with this but genrally positive. Dr. Paul wouldnt object with the action but perhaps mention it being symptom of another problem, our monetary policy. Lets not be isolationist, the more we trade the less likely we are to have conflict. Movie business is a bad one anyway.

Dr. Paul also thinks we should legalize drugs

But that doesn't mean he thinks we ought to use them.

China has unethical practices that allow it to sell cheap goods to us. If we do business with con men and bullies, are we making friends or empowering enemies? The power of the free market is the power of "No!"
We don't need the government to define morality for us. We must stand up and defend our businesses and property from foreign interests that do not share our sense of jusice or respect our lives and property.

If the dollar is almighty, our souls will be sold.

Some think of it as selling out more American Industry

As we continue selling out American industries to internationals, it's not isolationism for Americans to feel like they are being robbed of a cultural jewel.

It's much harder for indiginous cultures, those that have pride from being thousands of years old, rather than just being some couple hundred year old experiment of a poor constitution with idiotic bill of rights that never worked for those above it's laws anyways. The world has grown so small, eh? Onward to a NWO!

I'm certainly not suggesting we go to war with China over the sale of American Movie Theatres, nor am I suggesting a boycott of a business that is very important in rural areas. I am suggesting that at this rate, we won't have anything to trade that's American.

Oh I guess we can still trade the products made in Correctional Corporation or Wackenhut as we devlope a police state and prison planet. Those products will be American, and maybe we can continue to make drones and WMD and trade those?

Did China ever change it's name from The People's Republic of Communist China? I don't think so. Once they own all our industry, what we will have to trade? Of we have nothing to trade, don't we become isolationsists/ like Cuba/ by default?

it's good to control what the people

are permitted to watch in the theater.

throughout history, theater has been used to control/shape the public's opinion. Often, attendance at performances was required.

and so it goes...

4 Yr Old White Boy Tortured In China While Onlookers Do Nothing


When will people learn?

Decent Americans had better get their crap together. The more we sell out to indecent organizations, the quicker we will lose our culture.

China seems to be buying up a lot of things here

Which makes me wonder why.


Buy productive assets or US Treasuries?


Free includes debt-free!

China has the most fake money to transfer wealth and control

Investor groups like the Caryle Group are behind these acquisitions to give them further control of information dissemination and world media, whether telecom, motion picture, etc. It is strategic to keep the military industrial complex on autopilot. The bankers and investors do not want borders and they do not exist to them. It is all about assets and controlling the digits that allow this control.