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I am confused...

After sending out the article "Romney losing ground to Obama while Paul collects delegates" to a few friends of mine at work, this was one of the responses I got.

"I am confused. I don’t stay current with the race between work, kids and soccer so perhaps you can help me understand… if Ron Paul is too far behind to catch up, wouldn’t it be better for the country to place all of our support behind the individual going up against the president?"

Of course I went into a long reply explaining the delegate count and the process behind it all. Also showing her the states that Ron Paul has already won and explaining that the MSM isn't showing this information. I even told her that her husband watches too much Fox News.

Just sending a few articles here and there to my fellow co-workers has made a HUGE difference. I try not to shove it down their throats but slowly I'm opening their eyes to the GOP and their games. Several people now in the office are voting for RP.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I should send to them I would greatly appreciate it. Keep in mind though that I read the Daily Paul several times a day so anything posted on here would have already been sent out. :)

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