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Representative Democracy? ...What?

Yesterday some space cadet called the United States a “Representative Democracy.” That’s funny... When I was in my teens, I learned that the United States was set up with a republican (representative) form of government. A democratic form of government provides a disservice to the people because only pretend representation exists.

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Free Market of Ideas?

Is the purpose of discussion to win at any cost, so long as the cost is passed onto the loser?

Is the purpose of discussion a mutually beneficial goal to compare viewpoints and by competitive analysis the best of each viewpoint is employed while the worst of each viewpoint is unemployable?

When I was a teen, 1970 thru 1976, the teachers tended to teach involuntary associations must be supported mentally and physically along with mandatory support of a single money product.

Any communications involving other less significant facts about said government were trivial by comparison to those two facts.

I had to figure out, on my own, that both common perspectives concerning government are false, and false on purpose.


Government must be financed by anyone who produces anything of value, whereby a piece of that action must be transferred to the government or said tax evader will pay in some way, no exceptions.

Government must be financed by one and only one money product, no exceptions allowed, at all, ever.

The arguments over what terms are used to describe the trivial matters of government, compared to 1 and 2 above, have been an ongoing series of lies since 1776.

In particular it is illustrative to employ the example provided by two people:

Alexander Hamilton

George Washington

Both people listed above provide the example of how trivial matters concerning labels, or names, or terms, are employed by liars so as to cover up the true facts that perpetuate these involuntary associations financed by these fraudulent processes (1 and 2 above).

Both A and B claimed to be Federalists when in fact they were well known to be Nationalists (Alexander Hamilton more in line with Monarchist which is merely a label that is interchangeable with Empire, Despotism, or Legalized Crime) and the opponents of Nationalism and the opponents of Monarchy, such as two examples to be listed below, were falsely labeled Anti-Federalists, when in fact these opponents of Nationalism (opponents of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington's Club of despots) supported a voluntary association in the form of a Democratic Federated Republic (if English language is capable of conveying accurate meaning).

Patrick Henry

James Madison

The later, or D, is a very interesting case, since he exemplifies how labels can effectively hide true accounting, or accurate accounting, for motives, and actions.

James Madison began as a Federalist on the side of the Nationalists, and then having figured out the fraud the person James Madison worked to undo the damage done by the Nationalists who hid behind the false front of Federalism, however the effort failed, and that account is well documented too.

So what is this current name calling now called?

The accurate term is whatever term can convey the meaning of dividing and conquering. The term Hegelism may fit well as in:

Thesis + Anti-Thesis = Synthesis

As in:

Democrat + Republican = Nation State

As in:

Wall Street finances Hitler + Wall Street Finances Stalin = World War II

As in:

The World Bank (now above Wall Street) finances China + The World Bank finances Nato (which is above or the same thing as The Military Industrial Complex in U.S.A. Inc. LLC) = World War III

As in:

Federalists + Anti-federalists = End of a working Democratic Federated Republic under The Articles of Confederation that worked well enough to drive off the largest invading and occupying Aggressive Military for profit on the planet and in with a Nation State under an ambiguous, or plausibly deniable, Nation State under The Constitution despite the last ditch attempt to chain that impending Nation State down with a Bill of Rights.

Space Cadet?



The ideal apparatus has yet to evolve: volitional governance where public agency is funded (or not) by individual choice and unethical mandates (ex. taxation, health insurance, etc) are abolished

What the Founders Said about Democracy...

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If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle


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