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Liberty Within the GOP - We MUST Peacefully Participate and With Strength!

This is a really great article about how we may continue to affect change within the party, but ONLY if we are willing to stay active, participate, and help the republican party. We don't want to fracture and destroy the platform that will allow us to advance our liberty revolution.

"Integral to his liberty is a man’s word. Respecting the rights of others requires that you do what you say, that you honor agreements and uphold pledges. Participating in party politics involves the pledge to support the party’s platform and endorsed candidates. It is therefore incumbent upon true libertarians to do what they said they would do."

I don't agree entirely with the part about always supporting the party's endorsed candidates, after all thats the reason our party gets muddled with corrupt politicians. I do however think that it is our responsibility as republicans to work at getting the right candidates endorsed and elected, even un-endorsing a candidate if appropriate.

Yes we have a lot to overcome within the party. Its a virtual civil war. But I think that the message here is that we can't let the outcome of this power struggle fracture and break our political engine that makes our issues heard.


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