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Ron Paul keeps racking up delegates, he hit Minnesota hard this weekend

Ron Paul's delegate strategy appears to be working, as he won 12 of 13 Minnesota delegates at this weekend's state convention, bringing his total there to 32 of the state's 40 delegates to the RNC. Read more below:


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colbyjack425, you will see an "Edit" tab...

... at the top of the thread text area. Please click on it, then change the "Nebraska" in your thread title to "Minnesota." As other posters have pointed out, the current thread title is causing confusion. Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Thank you for fixing the thread title, colbyjack425...

... it is much clearer now.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

fix the title will you?

no mention of Nebraska in the article.

The Author Says

The "No one but Romney" mentality contributes to the delegate count. That makes it sound like the lesser of two evils. But I say the real reason is No one but Paul.

why does this say nebraska?

when the article is about minnesota.

Is there a difference?


"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."



NaturesEnvy • a few seconds ago • Hide

"It's an odd scenario -- Ron Paul is going to have massive numbers of
delegates headed into the convention, but he hasn't been able to get
much of the popular vote."

And that oddity is the fact that he simply either is winning in the primaries, but the votes are not counted or flipped by the foreign owned vote counting machines, or he has simply more ground support than the other candidate(s).

Take your pick.

Both are correct