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Gingrich to Romney: Watch Out for Ron Paul Delegates

Haha! They are like deer in the headlights right now..


"Former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said the biggest danger facing the Mitt Romney campaign was the “Ron Paul forces.”

Gingrich, in an appearance on Sean Hannity Radio Monday, warned that the Republican National Convention could get out of hand if the Romney campaign didn’t come with a clear plan. “I think the biggest danger in the short run is that they not think through how they’re going to handle the convention in Tampa, and how they’re going to handle the Ron Paul forces,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich was at the state convention in Georgia last weekend and said the ”Ron Paul people” were out in force. “In the end they lost, but there were a couple of hours when it was pretty raucous,” Gingrich said. “As you know, the Ron Paul people won in Minnesota. I think they won in a number of other states. And so they’ve got a pretty good contingent.”


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Another "old" article from a mere two weeks ago

that I thought still held some pretty valid relevance today. Bump.

I want to respect Mr. Gingrich, but how is that possible?

The man, like Mr. Santorum, had a perfect opportunity to speak out against the corruption running the GOP, and he did none of it. The frustration makes me need to go for a run when all I can think of is, hypocrites.

Hypocrisy aside, I hope people like Newton Larry Gingrich and Richard John Santorum are genuinely misguided. Unfortunately, with their navigation we are headed for the reefs.
Yrad, thank you for posting the news at a place I want to support. I avoid clicking on mass media news sites and run a search from headlines in order to come to a friendly and responsible place.

Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III

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Newt might be a

Scumbag, but he knows when the time has come for you to put your hands up and walk out of the building slowly. That time is now. He can obviously sense where things are going. He has no more shots at any political offices, so he has nothing to lose. He can say what he wants. I also think he does not like Romney, but hell who doesn't. ;)

Newt might be able to save his soul a little bit, but it will never be fully clean again. Also I bet the neocons would love to hijack this like they did with the tea party.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Gingrich to Mitt:


"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

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Sean Hannity and Newt

Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich in the same room. I'd bet that you could sense the evil from miles away.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

The press did a TERRIBLE job at reflecting the Republican party.

Reality is doing a much better job.

My Comment:

Thank You, Newt!

Finally, a politician who stepped forward to expose the corruption of the GOP. Newt is right!
Let the Ron Paul delegation stand in Tampa!

By Newt saying "legitimate", he's indicating that what the GOP has been doing is illegitimate. He's correct. The GOP has been thwarting the whole process from before day one.

The People are for Ron Paul.

Just heard a political commentary on NPR today. A guest (who is an Obama supporter) said, "President Obama just did a rally here in North Carolina, and 10,000 people showed up. Romney just had one here a week ago, and 150 people showed up."


How can media and the GOP keep ignoring Ron Paul. The man draws the largest crowds of supporters. And those crowds, contrary to media bias, DO translate into votes. Don't think so? Just look at what's happening at the state conventions all over the country. Ron Paul is winning them ALL! The only states he hasn't won, are states where BLATANT fraud is taking place.

This is coming from a precinct committeeman. I see it first hand.

Whenever there is a yoke of oppression on a generation, someone will always rise up to destroy it.

"A funny thing happening on the way to Tampa..."



There was a comment after

There was a comment after this story and usually I don't get all worked up but "Bob" really pi$$ed me off.

Bob says: “Ron Paul calls himself a Republican, but he’s against war like a liberal. Don’t you idiot Ron Paul Republicans understand that we need war to build our economy?”………..Wow Bob, what kind of immoral tree did you drop from? I guess it would be ok for you to go out and murder a few million Americans in order for the economy to grow if someone told you that. What you’re saying is the “Keynesian” view of economics. The U.S. had a depression in 1920/21 and Pres. Calvin Coolidge kept his hands OFF in order for a “correction” to occur. It was severe and lasted about a year. Then came 1929′s crash. Presidents Hoover and FDR both believed in “central economic planning” (Keynesianism) and their meddling with the economy made it severe and last 10 years. Hence, the “Great” depression. Had they allowed businesses to fail and assets bought up by those with capital, new businesses would’ve sprouted from the ashes and with that…new jobs. The free market allows the people to decide what is worthy of buying (not the federal govt). And no, WWII did not end the Great Depression, rather the end of it did. You call others idiots when you don’t understand yourself. We’ve been in a perpetual multi-nation WAR for 10 years and you don’t think that hasn’t contributed to the economic problems we’re in? If war helped the economy, we should be doing darn well right now.

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I thought the responses were incredibly good!

Caught myself saying "YEAH!" after each one! (After Bob's...that is)

Susie 4 Liberty

Sounds like sarcasm/parody

Perhaps I'm giving Bob too much credit here. Honestly though, when I read that it sounded a lot like a parody of RINO talking points.

I wish it were parody. A lot

I wish it were parody. A lot of other Paul supporters also had something to say to him.

And then after about 15

And then after about 15 minutes, they removed my comment. Nice job ABC (sarcasm)

They call it war

I call it multiple murders or mass murder. They call it tax I call it immoral extorted theft.

The list could go on forever.

Reality is that dunce just mouths what he heard at the last stooge meating and has no morality no concept or understanding he is like a hog at a feed trouth he has only one thought to feed himself.



We are a force now. They are scared, as they should be.


he thought he had it in the bag the whole romney camp did,and look at them now its way to late for them to come up with a real plan.bribery is the first one


Willard is the presumptive

Willard is the presumptive nominee, so he has nothing to worry about :/

This morning

on the radio Huckabee Report...Huckabee said "now that Romney is the confirmed nominee." That's the plan, just ignore Dr. Paul and all of us, as usual, and keep planting the "confirmed" statement. Heck, I've spoken with some people across this country...clients...and they were under the impression that Ron Paul dropped out long ago.
Ah, the benefits of having an honest media...ha!

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Huckabee is another of those who has won my

"Makes Me Wwant a Dip of Snuff" Award!

Susie 4 Liberty

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the comments to that article!

My first front page! I'll

My first front page! I'll bump my own post for that :)

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Pretty good Newter?

You should have been in Maine a few weeks ago at OUR convention.

We'll show what "excellent" is...

Ron Paul is My President

Why is Gingrich involved in the GA convention?

He needs at least five states in order to go to tampa right? I suppose just to sound like his political career isn't over in his home state or all the local buffets were closed.

Your headline shoul be:

Gingrich: "Ron Paul people won in Minnesota (and) in a number of other states. And so they’ve got a pretty good contingent."

I will twit this. Because this is the essence.

Ron Paul ... forever.



Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Thank you for the youtube

Thank you for the youtube link..

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx