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Live Stream: Oklahoma State GOP Delegate Binding - 5:00pm CST

At approximately 5:00PM CST, (Oklahoma time), the "Liberty Live Stream Team", will stream LIVE video and audio on this Ustream channel,


and will report to the best of their ability on proceedings at:

Oklahoma State Republican Headquarters:

4031 N Lincoln Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: 405.528.3501
Fax: 405.521.9531

The purpose of the event, (meeting), is for each delegate/alternate from districts and with "At Large" status, to choose which candidate they will be bound to. Committee assignments will be made as well.

Main speakers and presenters will include Lukus Collins and Steve Dickson.

The national delegates/alternates from the "Parking Lot Convention" will be in attendance as they will press the issue of the legitimacy of the continuation of the convention in the "Parking Lot" and the selection of delegates and alternates there.

The Okahoma state GOP knows they are coming and are not happy about it.

These proceedings are of significant interest concerning the Oklahoma state delegation going forward to Tampa, Florida to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the week of August 27, 2012.

The google maps link to this event is here:


We may Pizza Bomb this event.

You can join up with Ron Paul Pizza Bombers here:


A Pizza Bomb might be launched from the Social Stream of the Ustream, Live Streaming, channel here:

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/suriyahfish , this is the Headquarters channel for the "Liberty Live Stream Team".

Refer to this thread for Live, on the scene reports, and reports and discussion after the event as to what this event and it's outcome or motion going forward means for the Oklahoma delegation and what it may infer as to the status of other state delegations to the RNC in Tampa, Florida.

Thanks to:

- John P. Slevin and www.winliberty.com , (oversight, coordination and contact)
- www.ronpaulok.com , (promotions and support)
- The DAILY PAUL ! and Michael and his Team.

Director of Public Relations, "Liberty Live Stream Team", (RonPaulBillboards)

Edit -

Additional Voice Chat and Conference Call Links: (Courtesy of Ireland4Paul)

Live Stream of the OK Conference Call that is underway behind closed doors. http://www.livestream.com/RonPaulforpresident

Also clearer on the RonPaulTribune video chat:

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Live Stream Update

There were two meeting at the Oklahoma State GOP Headquarters offices.

The Parking Lot delegation was NOT allowed to attend the "private meeting" of the GOP hosted delegates, (those elected on the floor of the convention). Proceedings in the "close GOP" meeting were to "bind" district level and At Large delegates to candidates.

Delegates were bound by the "GOP" to Romney, Santorum and Gingrich according to the "Primary", (beauty contest vote), in their closed meeting. The GOP closed meeting functioned in part via a telephone conferencing call, where delegates not in attendance used the conference call system to vote, even though they were absent from the meeting and were not "credentialed" for that meeting.

Meanwhile, in a separate room, provided by the GOP to the "Parking Lot Delegation", the PLD proceeded to bind THEIR delegates to candidates via a roll call and proper parliamentary procedure.

The GOP closed meeting adjourned and the PLD are now moving outside to the Parking Lot where we are hoping for a WRAP-UP of the event from SURIYAHFISH.

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I assume that means this will go to the courts then?

It means

as usual, we got reamed.....can somebody please pass the vaseline??????????????????????.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams


keep the pressure on 'em!


This deserve it's own thread!
Very good!!!


thank you!


I was wondering what happened to the livestream. Did they turn in their delegate list to the GOP honchos? I thought that was what they were waiting for.


We turned in our delegate list to the GOP state chair. You can see the video from our delegate caucus meeting here: http://www.youtube.com/libertystreamteam

On 5/22/12 at the Oklahoma Republican headquarters, the delegates selected at the outside convention showed up to rightfully participate in the delegate caucus meeting. This meeting was to determine who each delegate was bound to, what committees they would like to serve on and RNC details. Matt Pinnell, the state party chair refused to let us participate in this meeting. Therefore we (the at-large delegates elected on the conservative slate as well as the delegates elected at District conventions who are Ron Paul supporters) had to use another room at the Oklahoma GOP headquarters to hold our own delegate caucus meeting after the OK GOP held theirs. In the meeting we held we did everything according to the rules. We decided which candidate each delegate was to be bound to, we elected a delegation leader, and we also elected delegates to serve on each committee at the RNC. We then turned in our results to the state chairman, Matt Pinnell, as is required.

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot


these people are heroes and they are smart for not causing a scene when something is in litigation. This is what should be done.

you are correct

great job.

I believe...

they are waiting to turn in t heir own list of bound delegates to the RNC.

Remeber Athens, Tenn.

Do a youtube search!

This is why having positions within the GOP is so important.

If you are not a precinct captain yet then make sure you contact your local GOP and volunteer. Most chairpersons are able to appoint temporary captains that can be certified at a regular gop meeting where a quorum is available. Being a capatain allows you voting rights at regular assemblies.

Then you need to volunteer in the GOP at every opportunity. Attend as many meetings as possible and network with other Ron Paul supporters.

I volunteered to check people in at our county convention. I watched the beginning of this convention's stream and the lady that was checking people in at this convention was very unprofessional. First of all she should not be standing around. She should have a table with the delegate badges, delegate list and change available for delegate dues. If these delegates paid dues before the convention then they have the ability to sue the GOP for fraud from a private entity. The problem we had in the past is that the GOP is not a public entity so the judges didn't convict them. Even the NV judge last election said that what the GOP did was wrong but since they are a private group their "rules" were not under public voting laws.

I have just read the campaign's legal counsel letter to the OK GOP. The campaign's lawyers are getting a lot better.

They are waiting for

insider meeting to end. they (Paul supporters) will be moving to another location to do their own business. They will elect committee chairs, etc. Meeting will be at a house with food.

They have a lawsuit

and lawyers to challenge establishment. they have had offers of a condo in Tampa where they can stay. They sound like they have it together and know what they are doing. Thanks for the updates.

Why wait?

What's the purpose of sitting around there are waiting?

I think

to turn in their list of bound delegates to the RNC.

they are waiting for a couple RP people to get out

of the meeting so they can finish their own business.

Copy of the legal letter disregard


Update from livestream...

going on now.

How long till we

know what the result is?

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So can anyone explain to me what is the plan?

Dont they give establishment delegates some legitimacy and validity by not objecting and letting them have a official meeting while excluding Ron Paul delegates????

EXPLANATION: Establishment meeting (conference call) is going on without Ron Paul delegates.

Ron Paul delegates are in separate room doing nothing at the moment(live stream).

I dont get it why are they letting this to happen....


They let the behavior police in here give them a guilty conscience for doing the right thing the first go around.
You can clearly see they are now repressed. Thank the behavior police for that..job well done fellas, you know who you are! Now they can rollover on command like Democrats......

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Who knows

Watching this unfold, I would hope that the campaign told them to go along and not fight (be civil), and that this will have to be settled in court. But, I have no idea... It doesn't look good, but we'll have to wait and see.

Yes it would be a bad idea to

Yes it would be a bad idea to add 'disorderly conduct and trespassing' to an in-progress legal challenge... jus sayin.

on the call theyre talking

on the call theyre talking about accommodations at tampa best western....

yah the video on the stream

yah the video on the stream does not match up with the conversation on the conference call... i guess there are 2 meetings going on?

There is one meeting...

and the parking lot delegates are in another room. Phone is for the meeting, video stream is the parking lot delegates.