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Paulista Force Help Oust anti-Ron Paul RNC member/former Michigan State Chair Anuzis

Two days after the Michigan Republican State Convention adjourned, many among the 2,100-plus delegates at Detroit’s Cobo Hall cannot stop talking about what happened there.

In what is inarguably the biggest upheaval within the state party in years, delegates ousted the Water Wonderland’s two members of the Republican National Committee, Saul Anuzis (committeeman) and Holly Hughes (committeewoman)...

...The defeat of Anuzis was more intriguing. Ron Paul supporters had never forgiven him for denouncing their hero following a presidential debate in ’07 in which the Texan said the U.S. itself was responsible for 9/11 in 2001 by overthrowing Mohammad Mossadegh’s government in Iran in 1953. At the time, Anuzis said he would introduce a resolution to bar Paul from future debates and, although he didn’t go through with it, “Team Paul” has not forgotten.

Human Events - Michigan Republicans oust Saul Anuzis from leadership post

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