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Attention All California Voters

Check out Rick Williams for US Senate!

I had the pleasure of hearing him speak. You know how when Ron Paul gives a speech and we all start chanting "end the fed" and he just laughs and listens to us.

Well Rick Williams was yelling with us!

This man has passion and fire. He's like a liberty version of Chris Christie except smaller.

Check out his website and help spread the word about him:

He calls himself a Ron Paul republican. His platform is almost identical to Ron Pauls.

Next we have these folks:
(CA-8) John Dennis www.johndennis2012.com - June 5
- I've met John Dennis multiple times. He's brilliant. He has a big task ahead of him going against Nancy Pelosi, but that is why this race is important.

(CA-28) Jenny Worman wormanforcongress.com - June 5
- Don't know her I'm sure she is great.

(CA-33) Christopher David www.christopherdavid2012.com - June 5
- Made a thread for him the other day. He is a great guy and another Ron Paul Republican.

Any others I'm missing?

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June 5

In California's 25th. Congressional District:


29th District?/46th Assembly??/Judges!???

For U.S. Representative, we have:
Tony Cardenas? Dem, Former LA City Council member... BZZZT!
Richard Valdez? Dem. BZZZT!
Left with David Hernandez, Party "none"??? Don't know anything about him. Lesser of 3 evils?

46th State Assembly?
One Republican, Jay L. Stern.
(hate to just vote "party line", but?)

I'd like to know more about the County Judges???
Might be time for change there!?

Los Angeles Co. Judges?

Well, my Mom belongs to a women's republican club and one of their friends at the Pasadena Republican Club who has done some research on the judges has some recommendations. Most are also recommended by The Los Angeles Times. I'll mark them P/T or P or T respectively.

Office #3 - Sean Coen - P/T
Office #10 - Sanjay Kumar - P/T
Office #38 - Lynn Diane Olson - T (no P recommendation)
Office #65 - Andrea C. Thompson - P/T
Office #78 - James Otto - P/T
Office #114 - Berj Parseghian - P
- Eric Harmon - T

If you have any other ideas on these... Speak up! ;-)

Chad Walsh

Former Republican with libertarian tendencies now running as an Independent for the 28th Assembly District seat.


If you live in the South Bay you may be in this newly drawn district.

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Bump for more names

we need allot more names than this to take CA GOP!

Bugs in the machine's picture


First on his issue list was End the Fed, so he's got my vote.

Feinstein needs to go!

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.