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Urgent! Two Video Clips Of Obvious Military Force Exertion! Obama And Nato

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Welcome to Chicago

where only the faces have changed. Can't get 1968 Dem Convention out of my head these days.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible really piss me off.

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You should change the title,

You should change the title, is misleading. But the situation is just an example of things to come if we don't join together to safe not even the country at this point, but the world from this tyranny.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

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Scary, indeed.

However, those weren't military or NATO forces. Just Chicago PD and IL State Troopers. There's no denying the fact that their load is on a military grade level, though. What's really disturbing is that instead of using words to communicate to the crowd that they were, starting to spread into a restricted police quardened area, they just started slamming people with their batons, VIOLENTLY at that, while their backs were turned and didn't appear to even realize they were doing anything wrong. Not only that, if people from the front of the crowds are being led to the back and out of harms way, with their faces bloodied, why weren't they arrested or detained if they were in the wrong insted of just beat to the point of blood shed?


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I voted this up only because

I believe we need to see for ourselves what's happening...

Susie 4 Liberty