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Saul Anuzis is Out – Ron Paul Picks Up National Delegates

As covered earlier in a post about Ron Paul’s delegate strategy in Michigan, the only thing that counts towards the Republican nomination is the delegates. Voters that showed up in February to cast their ballots in the Republican primary probably didn’t realize that their votes didn’t actually count for anything. The real show began Friday at the Republican state convention.

Ron Paul has been picking up delegates in state after state, and Michigan was no different. Although the totals are not yet confirmed it looks like Ron Paul picked up 8 of the 30 voting delegates from Michigan for the national convention in Tampa.

Additionally, at least one non-voting delegate and 11 alternates are Ron Paul supporters as well. That may not seem like much of a victory, but remember that projected delegate totals based on the primary had Ron Paul getting zero delegates, so it would be hard not to call this a victory for Paul supporters.

In addition to the extra delegates, Paul supporters saw nemesis Saul Anuzis lose his spot as Michigan Republican National Committeeman to Dave Agema. Michigan Republican National Committeewoman Holly Hughes lost as well to former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. Although not necessarily considered “Ron Paul people”, the new leadership of the Michigan Republican Party will not be able to marginalize the Paul supporters any longer. A platform shift has started nationwide in the Republican Party, and Michigan is feeling it as well.

To be clear, Mitt Romney still won Michigan by securing the majority of the delegates, but to pick up 8 additional delegates in a state that was projected to produce zero for Ron Paul has to be seen as a victory of sorts. The results were particularly impressive considering the obscure rules that prevented hundreds of potential Ron Paul delegates from voting at the county conventions, since they had to be elected as precinct delegates in 2010 or earlier.

To be ready for future elections, Ron Paul supporters mobilized in a big way by registering as precinct delegates all over the state. Some estimates have over half of the registered precinct delegates in Michigan as Ron Paul supporters, something that is sure to influence future elections for years to come.

It appears unavoidable that the Michigan Republican Party will be firmly under the control of a more libertarian group starting in 2014. States like Maine, Minnesota and several others have already seen the Party change hands, but due to varying Party rules it’s something that will take more time in some states than others. The revolution is being televised, pay attention folks because it’s an historical time in this country’s history.

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I remember Saul all too well from 2008.

I also remember calling his office to voice my disdain for his ploy to exclude RP in Michigan. >>-------> Take that Saully boy!



They can't win without our numbers and enthusiasm.

We can't win without their experience.

BO and (W)MR are red on the inside, or at least a progressive pink.

We all win big with Ron Paul, and it will be a lot more fun to celebrate our victory together than lament losing due to our inability to get along.

Thanks for the update.

Free includes debt-free!