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General Motors becoming Chinese motors ?

Judge yourself ... globalization at it's best. :(


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As someone who grew up in metro Detroit...

It was easy to see how businesses who aren't in the auto industry were hit hard by the trouble automakers were experiencing. Working in an upscale restaurant a mile away from Lear headquarters and watching Gettelfinger eat his salad with some Lear suit after what I can only guess was a shitty meeting for both of them, knowing what was going to happen in just a day or two. We were busy that day, in fact lunch was always busy. Not after GM announced its bankruptcy. Business dropped like a fly.

It meant a lot to the whole area to see GM and Chrysler come out of it all on top. It would have meant jobs stayed, which meant money stayed. Guess it was all bullshit, because eventually those jobs and that money were going to be China's anyway.

Thanks GM. Go fuck yourselves.