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This is how Ron Paul can WIN!

Here's how Ron Paul becomes president:

First, all of his supporters continue to win delegates and bring the liberty movement to the Republican convention, that much is a given. There is still speculation to whether or not it may be possible to nominate him through this process. That part is irrelevant to what could be a guaranteed shot becoming elected president though.

So, let's say he gets a prime speaking spot at the convention instead. Big deal, right?. When the world is watching Dr. Paul on LIVE TV, he unloads the biggest shock announcement ever heard in a presidential race. Right then and there, when he is unable to be ignored, he announces that he will NOT stop campaigning and will now begin a general election campaign as a 3rd party OR write-in. He then exposes the GOP fraud that has been happening. He encourages that lawsuits are filed and asks that we support continuing to root out all corruption.

He goes on to implore people to follow the campaign online and to ignore the mainstream-corporate media. Perhaps he follows up with examples of how the media has been complicit in fooling the public for so long. Using this opportunity to kick off a competitive campaign against the bankster puppet candidates will give all of us the opportunity to take the revolution to the next level!

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broken record perhaps

obvious to me is # 2. romney in it to lose. what is harder to understand is why.


Bifactional ruling party

They are merely two wings of a predator bird flying in one direction. Our elected politicians, with the aid of the Supreme Court and the international bankers, have turned this once free society into a system of subjugation to authority imposed by the ruling elites.

'Ed Griffin on the Left / Right Paradigm '

Rmoney is full

of #2.

And Then

All the work we've put in for 5 years goes to waste, as the mainstream GOP uses this as an excuse to shut us out and "retake" the party at the state and local level.

We take this campaign to the next level by exemplifying the movement. Ron Paul isn't the only liberty candidate, he's only the best. He's the champion of our movement, but imagine for a moment that our gains this year in the GOP are doubled in 2016. We'd be in control of one of the two biggest political parties in the U.S. All the infrastructure the establishment put into place to keep them in power will now be at our advantage.

Winning 1 presidential race is not the end. It's the beggining. We win when every American recognizes liberty.

Lets all take a vote

Lets see if we can keep this going.
Up front Romney knows he can not beat Obama. Either that or he is just pure stupid and has no place in our White House in the first place. Personally I do not think he is that stupid. So lets have a vote on the following.
1-Romney is stupid and has no place in our White House.
2-Romney is trying his best to give Obama another four years with the help of the Republican Party.

I will start the vote and I go with number 2.

Romney is simply in it to lose

My vote is for #2 as well. What I have witnessed is that the Republican party does not disagree with the Democrat party on any substantive issue. I also firmly believe that Obama being in the White House is EXACTLY what the GOP wants. That way he can continue to destroy what's left of the constitution, create massive new federal bureaucracies, and grow the military and police state beyond imagination.

If Ron Paul wants to do everything he can to save America from these corporate bankster fascists, he will use his platform to expose all of them for what they are, continue to wake people up to the real issues while encouraging others to join the revolution, and he will keep running for president with all that he's got, no matter the odds or obstacles.

Have thought that for months now I vote #2

It's almost as if it's been planned, like a ritual, every four years they get to plan who will run and who will lose. Orchestrated elections, as long as they can keep the charade going, left right, liberal conservative, but in the end they are still there, Republicans and Democrats, parasites feeding off the host. We are coming in as the game changer and they are not real happy about that. Dr Paul, your killer bees are swarming!