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I think Judge Napolitano should Moderate A Romney/Paul Debate on Foreign Policy and The Fed!

How much would you pay to see a three hour debate between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney?

They could make it pay per view and make millions for the Republican Party. Push for a debate and Ron Paul would inspire millions to donate to his cause.

Remember just a few months ago how we all dreamed of the time when it would come down to Ron Paul and Mitt Romney on stage debating the key issues. What happened to that dream? It would expose the public to the truth right before the two huge primaries of Texas and California.

This would be the tipping point of the election.

If Romney refuses to debate, then hold his feet to the fire. Press him until he looks foolish. If he refuses, have Ron Paul debate an empty podium with Mitt Romney's name on it. Ask the public a question, "Why is Romney afraid to debate Ron Paul?" "If Romney can't debate Paul, how will he be able to debate Obama?" "If libertarian ideas are so foolish and wrong, shouldn't it be easy to demolish Ron Paul once and for all and put his crazy ideas to rest?"

This wouldn't cost money. It wouldn't take away from the delegate strategy. It would complement it. It would make a surprise Ron Paul nomination more legitimate to the uninformed. They could say that Ron Paul's debate performance led to him getting all of these delegates and shows that he has a mandate.

I don't see what Ron Paul has to lose by pressing for a one on one debate with Romney. It would show people that Ron Paul is willing to fight to the end because he really does believe that liberty is a cause worthy of fighting for to the very end.

The time is ripe. Ron Paul has just won very decisive victories and Romney still doesn't have all the delegates he needs. Timing is everything.

If not now, when?

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