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Asset forfeiture laws make Mike Huckabee want to become a hardcore libertarian

Judge Napolitano educates Mike Huckabee on asset forfeiture laws in America which are so outrageous they make even Mike Huckabee want to become a hardcore libertarian.

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Even a big government social conservative

like Huckabee gets it. That is encouraging for the future in terms of getting rid of these laws, but unfortunately the public is still not well aware that this type of stuff is going on. You would think some of these more outrageous stories would make the national news once in a while but the MSM has never been our friend. So we just have to continue to spread the word and stuff like this helps.

Despise the huckleberry

Appreciate him breaking into the frozen minds of the neo'conned. Interesting gossip, Hucklebee is vying for demise of Rush Linbaugh, so that he can steal his spot. The great opportunnist. Holy holy holy servant of isreal. Thall shall put no God before me - the first commandment? These obviously need to be dusted off!

Geez, why can't people give credit where due?

Huck didn't claim he was born-again libertarian, he just agreed with the Judge that forfeiture is evil--for at least as long as that program was on the air anyway.

Every issue that matters to a libertarian... matters. If you find a neocon talking head on TV who opposes civil forfeiture, that helps.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Speaking of credit where credit's due...

I'm pretty sure the whole civil forfeiture thing really got
underway during the Reagan Administration - not that it
hasn't had plenty of bi-partisan support ever since...

This is the same guy who said, "CPAC is too libertarian for

my taste." Membership denied Mike, you're just too neocon/fascist for ours.

Huckabee is...

... not only a neocon, he is also a neophyte. The Judge shows him far too much respect.

Plano TX

That was a great

interview. I am not a Huckabee fan at all but I wish he would just have Judge Nap on everyday to educate the older people that do listen to him.