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Ron Paul Cruise *UPDATE 6/4*


Adam Kokesh, Jordan Page, Julie Borowski and Tatiana Moroz are all tentatively "Going"! More of your favorites liberty-minded individuals will be added to the list soon.
Q: What's better than getting together with a bunch of liberty-minded Ron Paul supporters?

A: Getting together with fellow RP supporters on a cruise!

I created this event on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/events/470983776261871/) to gauge interest of possibly chartering a ship from a major cruise line to have a 4 day Ron Paul (liberty themed) cruise. Possible speakers could include Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Judge Napolitano, Peter Schiff, and Tom Woods (to name a few). Possible entertainment could include Jordan Page, Aimee Allen, Rebel Inc., Golden State, Tatiana Moroz, etc. Again, this is purely hypothetical and is just being used as a preliminary to taking this project to the next stage. Please "Join" if you would be interested in an experience like this and you will be kept in the loop as more updates become available.


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I would like to go

I don't do facebook, but I would like to go on a three day cruise if it's affordable.


Just so people know, I read no passport is required so long as any stop is a U.S. port. If you can't get hundreds of people, cruises also sail down the Mississippi.

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Yeah I just got back from one

Yeah I just got back from one going to a private island in the Bahamas. I couldn't find my passport but had my Birth Cert handy so they accepted that.

Sounds fun!

Big bump!!

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"Have fun with the

"Have fun with the revolution" - Ron Paul