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Look at this Crap from NJ!

Dear Rino Tea Party in Morristown
#1 don’t insult the founding fathers by saying Mitt Romney is just like them. #2 Ron Paul is much more electable then Romney because independents favor him 2-1.#3 Ron Paul started the Tea Party in 2007 while Romney was inventing Obamacare! Ron Paul is the champion of the constitution vs Mitt Romney champion of Flip Floping. This whole article is based on misinformation and a warped view of our founding fathers. The two so called tea-parties that endorsed Romney are a joke. They might as we’ll just let communists have seminars at their meetings on how to make socialism look good by putting a R in front of it.
Dan O’Neill


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Remember Google - Please don't send them traffic

The more traffic they get, and the more comments they get, the higher this story will rank in search results.

Let it die.

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"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan


... and us Ron Paul supporters are supposed to be the ones on drugs ?

I can't even settle my mind enough for a coherent comment on the sheer idiocy of this story.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

One Mistake

During that whole email. You started by saying Dear Rino Tea Party in Morristown. They are just Rhinos. They don't represent the Tea Party. And shouldn't name them selves after that name.

My Comment:

Romney supporters are going to hand Obama a 2nd term. It drives me nuts. The polls prove time and time again that while Mitt ties Obama head-to-head, Paul beats him, even beyond the margin of error.

I can't believe that you Romney supporters are going to keep pushing for the guy (Romney) who lost against the guy (McCain) who lost against Obama in 2008.

And you call us delusional!!! What am I missing?!???

"He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to save it." - John 3:17

"Well, you know it's like I always say 'it ain't government work if you don't have to do it twice.'" - Jerry Gergich

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Romney might be “the most electable conservative” if, in fact he was a conservative. His track record proves he is not. Those who claim that he is, have done no research on the subject but have instead scarfed the slop that the media has placed in their troughs.


I believe a nation may truly be in some trouble

When the biggest threat offered is that a sitting president might get a second term.

I see Romney people throwing this idea out there all the time and it just sort of hit me as weird and sad.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

See if this "Mom's basement dweller" goes for this comment

Matt Rooney,
Governor Romney has a few choice things to say about that lunatic Paul.

Mitt Romney may not be perfect but...

FYI, your timeline needs some work.

Romney was way PAST inventing RomneyCare by 2007. He was no longer Mass. governor but was running for president, same as Ron Paul.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

HA That would be a great shirt!

"The Republican Party: Making socialism look good by Placing an R in front of it."

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let's see if they allow my comment

“vote for the most electable conservative”

Interesting strategy. How exactly did that work out with GW Bush? Well, under his "conservative leadership," we created a $40 billion/yr bureaucratic monstrosity in the Dept of Homeland Security, effectively doubled the size of the Dept of Education including the federally administered No Child Left Behind program, created Medicare Part D which only added nearly $20 trillion in future unfunded liabilities to our future generations' debt burden, passed Sarbanes/Oxley as a reflex to Enron even though they were already justly punished by Texas fraud laws and wiped out in the stock market, expanded police state domestic secret surveillance programs, and implemented the $700+ billion TARP program to bail out insolvent banks with taxpayer funded money.

So much for electing a "conservative" out of convenience. And where does Romney stand on all those issues? The "conservative" who ran to the left of Ted Kennedy in '94 and lost? The "conservative" who handed Obama his PPACA top-down federally mandated insurance program on a platter with his blueprint in Massachusetts? The "conservative" who just recently gave a not-so-subtle jab to Ron Paul's proposal to eliminate $1trillion out of the federal budget by stating it would "cause our economy to shrink?" Really Mitt? The federal government should be spending $1 trillion instead of the people and we should nominate you as a "conservative?"

If any Tea Party advocate/member supports Mitt Romney out of mere "convenience," they have effectively renounced any conservative principles with which they purport to believe. Nevermind the fact that Paul polls even or better than Romney in hypothetical match-ups against Obama in numerous polls and has much better pull with Independents, Libertarians, and disaffected Democrats. Nominating Romney assures 4 more years of Obama... either with Obama's re-election or Romney's mirror-image liberal record.

Vote principle. Vote conservative. Vote Paul.

Pretty poorly written post

Just name calling and false assertions. Fluff written for sheep consumption.

There were a couple of good comments at the end though... romney=obama pretty easy to understand.

Sorry you didn't like the way

Sorry you didn't like the way I wrote my post

Not your post ...

The original article.

(sorry ;-)

I wouldn't care too much

I wouldn't care too much about what some guy from New Jersey says. Most people here aren't too intelligent when it comes to voting for anyone decent. The fact that our last two governors have been Jon Corzine and Chris Christie tells you all you need to know about New Jersey.