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If you found CNN to be disinforming, lying and blacking out Ron Paul - you are in a true minority

If you found CNN to be disinforming, lying and blacking out Ron Paul - you are in a true minority - because hardly anyone watches that useless Lame-stream propaganda tool anymore!

Last week,CNN is reported to have had its lowest-rated weekday primetime in 20 years in terms of total viewers.

The CENSORING NO NEWS (CNN) averaged 395,000 viewers in primetime with Anderson Cooper’s AC360 and Piers Morgan Tonight during May 14-18.
April was no month of glory for the non-journalists as well ...

So next time you are annoyed zapping past their channel - remember how few are affected by this useless bunch of stooges these days ... few watch them and every day there are fewer who would consider CNN as a trustworthy source for anything but bla bla ...


If they only were allowed to read Daily Paul and adapt according to the clear indication why they are dying off so quickly:


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Confusing attempt at a humorous title

Good info and post.

they've blocked my comments

they've blocked my comments on their website, and mind you i was not insulting or swearing



CNN has become a new saying for me. When people say stuff about Ron Paul in a negative way I say "Have you been watching CNN again?"

this is

good news to me, i use to watch cnn so damn much, but then i heard of a man named Ron Paul.. i wanted to learn more about him, went to the msm(mainly cnn) and it was then i realized it was a corporate controlled circus show, so i have been boycotting anything to do with them and the other msm clowns... glad to see it is working. thank god for the internet where i can do the research myself, cause as time goes on the msm loyal and older aged viewers will die off and this younger generation will never forget the bias and corruption of this propaganda machine, making them obsolete in the future.