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*Excellent* satirical Policymic article - nails it all on the head! Must see!

"Ron Paul Forming His Own Party as Obama and Romney Join Forces"

Robert Taylor in Millennials, Satire 2 days ago

"With the party conventions and the 2012 presidential elections inching closer and closer, the media has been reporting on the constantly changing horse race between former Governor Romney and President Obama in great detail with weekly national polls, petty arguments between the candidates, and the vetting of each other’s pasts. Fed up with this coverage and the lack of attention to the real issues facing America, Obama and Romney have stunned the country today in announcing to join their campaigns and run together."


And my favorite line out of the article: "Since both Obama and Romney agree on almost every substantial and important issue, especially those with which a president has power over, rumors of joining campaigns have been circulating inside the Beltway for weeks."

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Way too much truth

Seems more like a Paul supporter speaking of the irony of the situation we find ourselves in.

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That was really funny. I

That was really funny. I especially liked the fake quotes from Lindsay Graham and John McCain.