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Doug Wead: Smoke and Mirrors in Louisiana

The Republican Party of Louisiana has a history of protecting the establishment. They have placed a number of landmines throughout their caucus and convention processes to make it extremely difficult for Ron Paul supporters to make it all of the way to the floor of the Republican National Convention.

One simple example is a cleverly written rule, which allowed the LAGOP to abruptly change the date of the caucus. As soon as the state party realized how organized we were, the date of the election was changed from early February to late April. The date change created the unprecedented scenario of putting the Louisiana primary BEFORE the caucus. Something that has never happened before in this state and is unlikely to ever happen again.

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you are 'buttered' to give donations and be

co-opted to stay under romney's wing. wead and his buddies make a cut from donations, apparently.


He's playing it close to the vest

He didn't really tell us anything--except play nice so they won't kick us out of the state convention.


"I can’t reveal our entire strategy because the establishment operatives obviously read this blog as well.

But I can tell you that we have great leaders across Louisiana who have navigated these paths before. They are working overtime to ensure that the Louisiana delegation gets all the way to the Republican National Convention!"


They are still in fight mode. This is encouraging! I now fully believe that the press releases of last week were to let the GOP and MSM believe Paul's fight was waning while getting the grassroots to step up their game. The wording which mentioned the MSM's delegate totals rather than the real numbers was a clue as to who the message was for. This may be so that Paul is seen by the GOP as the inspiration for the movement rather than the trouble maker himself. Whatever the case I'm excited for the next couple months!