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Please stop demanding action from the paul camp already

Why do I see people demanding more action from the Paul camp to assist with the delegation process. We want him to to avoid involving himself in this process because this responsibility falls upon us alone.
Think about this for a moment what do you think would happen if the paul camp tried to help with these matters, and how do you think the media, romney camp, or GoP would react to this.
They would probably jump at the chance to twist the facts while utilizing the full force of their corruption and heavy funding to make any assistance that the paul camp tried to offer look like romney subs ten fold.
So I say stop demanding for more from the Paul camp and start using that energy to figure out how to make things happen without being coddled every step of the way. I also say look at this delegate selection process as your first taste of what limited gov will be like. We need to continue learning how to make things happen by relying only on ourselves to get things done and yes it wont always go our way.
We are setting new standards for the political process that will only get easier for us as we learn what works and what doesn't. When the dust settles and limited gov becomes a reality I can easily see some of our current and future politicians sucking up their pride by knocking on the doors of our movement for advice. We have already proven that it's possible to accomplish great things without the need of gov funding or the influence of corporate corruption.
So keep rounding up those delegates and lets get Dr. Paul to Tampa where he belongs so he can begin the process of cleaning up this overwhelming mess that he will inherit. Assuring that Dr. Paul gets a seat in Tampa could end up being our best advantage for getting him elected.
The GoP/Romney camp knows that we will not just sit back and fall in line behind Romney However the majority of Romneys supporters WILL fall in line behind Ron Paul so long as their mindset for our political process remains unchanged.
I'm sure that some flames will follow and others will look at my profile to see that I have only been here a few weeks making them pass judgment and all I can say to the second group is "I was an alt delegate for Ron Paul in 08 where were you!"

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I am the r3VOLution. YOU are the r3VOLution.

WE are growing.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Good post.

I agree. We can't be asking Ron Paul to do everything for us, or we are no better than those begging for more stuff from our government.


Thank you!
All the armchair quarterbacks were screaming on the Oklahoma thread about wanting the Paul camp to be there helping.....only to find out in the end that Oklahoma already is taking action and doing just fine on their own.
I absolutely agree, it is best if the campaign stays out of it. Let the world see what we can accomplish because we believe in something!

A real testimony to LIBERTY!


Relying on others to save us is the way we got into this mess.

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