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Theory on why Ron Paul's Campaign is not more aggressive against voter fraud etc.

Ron Paul wants the movement to grow after he steps off of the stage; therefore, by sitting back and letting various folks from within the movement [not necessarily him or his campaign] push back against the Republicrat establishment, that will ensure that this Liberty movement will grow without Ron himself having to push it. It must make him feel good that the Delegate strategy is really working without much backing from the campaign. Ron Paul will go down in history as the refounding Father of our Republic! Like a modern day Paul Revere, Ron has been riding his horse called Liberty for 30+ years now. Ron Paul is a Rock Star at the age of 76. In Liberty.

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Do You Think We Ought To Be More Aggressive ?

Ron and Rand Paul are just the mouthpieces for restoration. WE must move to restore our republic. If WE want the government off our backs, out of our wallets, and out of our bedrooms, WE THE PEOPLE, must act to remove the obstacles to liberty.

In other words, maybe we ought to be slow to criticize the messengers and maybe focus more on our own individual efforts first. This is a team effort, with the messengers and the people equally working together.

I must say, Ron and Rand Paul have done a lot more for liberty than many of us. Who are We to criticize them?

Maybe WE need to be more aggressive..




Because whoever becomes the next President will inherit the economic collapse. Peter Shiff, Ron Paul's one time econimic advisor said that its too late to save the dollar. Perhaps Ben B. gave Paul a little insight on whats going to go down a little down the road. Guessing is always fun =]

Kinda Like When Your Kid

..Rides their bike, for the first time...without training wheels.
And shouts: "Hey Dad, look at meeeeee!"
It's a great feeling!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

"The Refounding Father"

I love it

I like it too. Reminds me of

I like it too. Reminds me of something Doug Wead said in a recent interview about this really being more of a "counter-revolution".... there was in fact already a revolution that occurred, that has brought us away from the Consitutuon, etc.

Ron needs to be willing to

Ron needs to be willing to sink the ship in order to save the passengers. If the GOP cannot be separated from their corrupted elements, then they need to go. Simple as I can say it.

How about rp supporters jump off the sinking gop ship

and save themselves versus doing whatever paul's handlers have in mind for you behind your back.




a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Its because RP remembers what happened to Ross Perot and Edmund

.......Muskie when they caled out the party bosses for their dirty tricks. Both of them were marginalized and portrayed by the press as crazy, paranoid, liars and sore losers.

I also think that Dr. Paul doesn't want to spend his limited resources on something that the party criminals contol.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.


that is my thought as well. I remember seeing Ross Perot and how pathetic he seemed, even to me, when I felt like he was probably telling the truth. Ron has learned from those who went before. However, he also knows by watching them what to expect and I can't imagine he would let himself in for the same treatment without a plan to deal with it in a way they don't expect. Let them think they have it under control. My bet is, he'll do an end run somehow, to take it back. I just hope we're all savvy enough to do our part correctly.

This has been going on for Ron's entire career!

"Both of them were marginalized and portrayed by the press as crazy, paranoid, liars and sore losers."

What I gathered from his speech in St. Cloud... Is

that we must want Liberty and it will be us that nominates him... I believe if this doesn't happen is that Benton is playing nice with Romney so that Obama/Romney wins the economy crashes then they bring in Rand. But 4 years will be to late and that's what I don't want! I want a victory and since Minnesota is over will be helping South Dakota with skyorbit home phone program to target those voters.

Keep fighting for delegates as its not over yet!

yes, keep fighting

I voted for Ron. It is unlikely that I would ever for for Rand. I have wanted change for 25 years at least. So, now is the time!! Thanks for the reminder. Think I will go give money to South Dakota.

Rand is part of the GOP - that's why. If Romney loss, Rand

might have a chance in 2016. But, no matter what I hope Obama gets replaced.

let go of rand and move on with your life.

rand is hopelessly in love with romney and will only do what establishment allows him to do. rand is a disaster.


It's simply because it can't be proved.

That's why we aren't playing that game. This way, there is documentation of everything. The conventions are way more transparent, no matter what happens, you can see it.

Alabama's fraud could be...

Not sure what the hold up is.

We know that R.P. has had about 2/3 of his votes stolen in AL, and anecdotally, that seems about right for ALL the black-box counted primary states.

Truth be known, were Ron Paul to have received normal MSM treatment, we would have sewed up the nomination long ago, but the fraud is OBVIOUS AND BLATANT.

There are people in the campaign who are NOT true liberty lovers, i.e. if you don't believe the evil corporate criminal syndicate running this country is capable of conspiracies, you are part of the problem!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

To get action in an election fraud accusation,

you have to have evidence such as a box of never-counted votes in someone's garage or a memory card showing a program manipulation to steal votes, etc. Exit polls are not accepted as evidence. I read accounts of voting trends and the way the Alabama votes did or did not follow the trends, but that does not nail it down in a physical evidence sort of way. It is logical proof but not courtroom proof.
Now, if you are talking about something beyond what I have seen, then I wouldn't argue over it. My dream is for every Paul voter to be documented as they leave, and then checking in with a pre-arranged FB page to get instructions as to how to assert their vote, but there are numerous problems with getting that accomplished and I am still told it won't make any difference in court.

You are delusional and need help with accepting reality.

camapign has never done anything about fraud bec it is not interested in winning or making paul or his ideas more appealing or explained further with clarity.

also, they use fraud as well in various ways, like in collecting delegates from romney and newt or other rival supporters, who get the call from romney's camp to give the vote to paul as everyone knows romney will win and paul will use those delegates to give romney public support in return.

delegate strategy means no strategy and staying away from media adn letting establishmetn twist delegates arm and make them vote for anotehr candidate other than for whom they became a delegate for, and ignoring the popular vote.

karl rove set the 'delegate strategy', which means even romney is following it as all others. fyi - there is no delegate strategy that paul has.


The campaign

took off after Huntsman because they had tangible evidence/proof of that egregious act.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

campaign slid after nh

and huntsman dropped out, or at best remained stagnant. numerous polls consistenly show paul at 10% or less, nationally since he started the race.

popular vote is what counts if you want change.
not the corrupt delegate ways of the gop that paul's team loves as they can easily twist arms of delegates to vote their way.


1. only 1/3 of americans

1. only 1/3 of americans supported the revolutionary war
2. there is such a thing called tyranny of the majority
3. we have a republic, not a democracy, for that very reason; the most enthusiastic supporters will have the most impact in government, while the ignorant masses will think they're making a difference by popular vote.

As you are a Romney-Paul supporter as you can't bear

to see Romney criticized and voiced numerous times that the ron paul folks must leave Romney alone, and only go after romney's conseravtive rivals as pauls' establishment handlers have used the tens of millions in donations.

Hence, your comment is useless as you are coming from a place of Romney love.


The campaign

has bigger fish to fry and far more nefarious people to deal with than a handful of "Old Boys". All going well, the fraud issue will come out in the wash.
I agree that it's up to the people of America to take the future into their own hands, and already there are organised groups that are acting on vote fraud in several counties.


YOUR OWN COUNTRY US Americans are doing fine........JILLWILKSBOOTH


Have Been Huge vote Fraud States..
we need patriots to oversee the vote counting elections committees..

If you can do it please get involved. it is essential to have everything counted and not stuffed, lost or tossed.

what 'bigger fish' is the campaign after?

certainly not romney. so you mean the bigger fish are all of romney's rivals on whom tens of millions of donatiosn were spent on in order to smear them.

you believe silence is the golden rule when it comes things establishment-romney does. you just don't think they should be outed.

you believe the campaign is god-like, who should get free passes and protection/defense from you for anything that everyonesle seems wacky foolish and laughable.

what this is called is denial, but it will catch up to you when you put your party's leaders (tate & co) above you and your country.


The campaign is after the big fish called "restore America"

Ron Paul, his campaign, and the rEVOLution are up against the NWO/ UN Agenda and the federal reserve bank/IRS.

Romney was chosen by the establishment, so he's going with the establishment flow, which is why he's a flip flopper, as long as he's ok, his family is ok, he don't really care, like Obama.

Ron Paul on the other hand, has a message the establishment doesn't want to hear.

Dr Paul wants to clean up

the Fed, the military industrial complex, and the other things that are stealing YOUR liberty, money and life. Looking at the Big Picture, Mitt Romney and the GOP as it stands, are petty thieves compered to the People, Groups and Industry that are destroying your amazing country.

Then fight Romney,

but as you adn everyone knows, paul and his estab folks won't pull a single punch on romney, but only on romney's rivals when they start giving romney trouble.