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Do we still want Ron Paul to win the Republican nomination?

My answer is YES and this is how we do it. Right now is a critical time in the history of America. And we all know that the time to make a difference is now. Right now there is a critical battle going on in the MT Rushmore state it is a battle between the status quo and true Liberty.

This battle is between Mitt Romney & Ron Paul. And South Dakota could decide the delegates that either nominate Mitt Romney or nominate Ron Paul. I believe we can win with your help. Ron Paul has done very well in South Dakota polling & has even won some of them. BUT the only way we can win is with your help. The grassroots campaign here in South Dakota is very dedicated and we are running a strong campaign and are doing everything we can to win this state. But right now we NEED your help, your dedication & your time in order to win this crucial battle.

Our website is www.southdakotaforliberty.com.

We are currently operating a phone bank that is reaching out to possible supporters, this alone would be a HUGE help to our efforts to win South Dakota. There are also a few other options like door to door, precinct coordinator, etc. We also need money to fund this campaign. For a total amount of $25,000 we would have a real shot at winning. We have already raised a good amount, but we have a long ways to go before we reach the $25,000 goal.

So please visit www.southdakotaforliberty.com. After all of our hard work now is not the time to give up. we are so very close to winning. And now is the time to fight for your freedom, standup for your Liberty, defend the constitution, and restore America now.

So please make a difference. Help Ron Paul WIN go to www.southdakotaforliberty.com. And join us, we will win with your help. www.southdakotaforliberty.com

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Bump! The best thing you can


The best thing you can do, to help us get delegates from South Dakota. Is help get these ads on the air!



Donate to www.southdakotaforliberty.com

We don't want it to be possible to turn on the Radio w/o hearing a Ron Paul Ad in SD.

Some of our West River Stations also spill into Montana also so it should help them out in there primary too.


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

Over $20,000 now. Sign-up to

Over $20,000 now.

Sign-up to help with phone banking too.

Calling the people flagged as Ron Paul supporters DOES get votes. I've talked to a dozen or so people today who weren't planning on voting because they didn't think he was on the ballot, or because they were so demoralized it didn't matter.

Please. If you don't already have an account. Create one, and Max will get you some people to call.

More information here


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

Please help Ron Paul win

Please help Ron Paul win South Dakota www.southdakotaforliberty.com


Is the updated ticker---it has been stuck at 18,000 something all day. A friend donated this morning but it has not shown it yet. Please update-thanks!


It is moving again!

It is moving again!

Donate to the moneybomb now!

Donate to the moneybomb now! www.southdakotaforliberty.com



SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

We called and called in our state and informed others about

all the things going on with the NDAA and how to become a delegate as well. It worked for us....keep it up.

Ron Paul "Stand for Liberty" money bomb is happening NOW. Please share with others, go to his web site at ronpaul2012 . com and donate or send to:

If you would like to send a paper check, please send it to:

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee 845 Plantation

Please share with all you know! Help us save our Constitution and our liberties!

South Dakota you have to get

the Delegates. Nothing else matters unless you can win the Delegate spots. I do not know how your system works out there but you have to get good turn outs to the County, District and State Conventions and you have to win delegate spots to the National Convention. Ron Paul is not going any where so we all need to stop worrying about him. We just need to keep doing what we have been doing and rack up the delegates.

Yes I wish that was the case

Yes I wish that was the case but South Dakota's delegates are selected purely on the primary vote. Romney, and Paul both have their delegate slates set and the primary determines how many Romney and how many Paul delegates go to Tampa

hey DREW

Are you on FB?

Check this out: https://www.facebook.com/events/293579730731586/

Also, friend request Jared Hendrix and msg me ASAP. Thanks.

Sorry I don't have FB Could I

Sorry I don't have FB Could I call you.

You have to get

the Delegates

That's a Great Question to Ask Ron Paul

Someone should ask that direct question to Ron Paul. A definitive yes would go a long way in helping win the rest of the states.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

Ya so then people would at

Ya so then people would at least know that he is still running

MONEYBOMB this Saturday, May 26th

South Dakota For Liberty will be holding a moneybomb this weekend. Stay tuned for a major Daily Paul article with details. We are doing a major update to the website and will be adding a ticker. Please RSVP for the event if you are on Facebook below:

South Dakota For Liberty Moneybomb:

Please invite ALL of your friends who support Ron Paul.

Our FB page:

For South Dakota! For the Republic! For Liberty!

Please invite ALL your

Please invite ALL your FAcebook Friends to the money bomb also.

SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

Im in

Im in

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Just off phone with young man - his 'understanding' reminded me

Making an appt with Company for work needed in my home, and person making same is recent grad of Mass Communications - and we chatted some. Had a golden opportunity to mention Ron Paul, and HE SAID:


Just highlighted how urgent these phone contacts are...to UNDO what got unleashed...

Susie 4 Liberty

Similar Situation

I work at a storage facility and rarely mention things such as politics/religion etc... but I got a great opportunity a couple weeks ago. The 2 ladies renting from me were mentioning losing a home and I made a comment lamenting about the economy. We then started talking about Ron Paul and the older lady said "It's too bad I think he's done" and I replied with a "Not so!" and explained the whole situation to them and how the media is spinning it. They were excited to say the least and as they left they said "Have a great day and GO RON PAUL!" That made my day.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.



Help with the Phones!

Its the best thing to get WARM bodies to win this!


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820


Ron Paul's winning the GOP nomination may be the only glimmer of hope for a post-NDAA, financially ruinous United States. Four more years of Obama/Romney rule might well put the cap on the totalitarianization and impoverishment of the country. But as far as I can see, the biggest obstacle to the nomination effort is the series of concession speeches given in the past couple of weeks by persons in high positions in the official campaign. Dr. Paul himself seems in his speeches to be avoiding any mention of victory as a goal in the struggle for the nomination, and instead talks vaguely about "accomplishing a whole lot." A simple statement by him that he is striving specifically to gain the nomination would re-energize the grassroots campaign and bring many active supporters who have retreated to the sidelines back into the fight. Many have asked for this, including prominent grassroots leaders. Why is it not being done?

"Be of good courage, and let us behave ourselves valiantly for our people, and for the cities of our God: and let the Lord do that which is good in his sight." I Chronicles 19:13

I hate to put this all over

the internet but I feel it is necessary. Romney and the Republican Party were beginning to panic. So much so they started to calling out attorneys. There is no way you could leave them in this panic mode because if you do they turn up the heat and start pulling every under handed trick in the book against us. That we do not need right now. So read between the lines.
All we need to do is keep working and forget about Ron Paul should have done this or he should have said this. Just remember you never want to play Poker with Ron Paul.

RE: I hate to put this...

Well, I have to say this is the most rational explanation I have heard. Thank you. Is there any way we can communicate one-on-one through this website?

Pray for victory. With God

Pray for victory. With God all things are possible.

south dakota

win ----as done elsewhere

lock out enemies ability to cheat so that our win is recognized as has NOT yet been done elsewhere.


Ask Peter Thiel

If he will help

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."



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Go to...

...the business owners and your rotory clubs for support.

How many churches do you have that are for putting God back into America?

Go for big foundations and philanthropists.