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What's the international credibility of Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is the winner of the GOP nomination, I heard from the european mainstream media. I'm sure he should have more supporters than Ron Paul for beating him so "easily", right? As European, I'd like to check this huge success through the support groups he probably has around Europe. Let's check this!

First step, I'm beginning with my own country.
Belgium, 10 millions of people, a very liberal prime minister (highest function in the government). Let's check facebook and I found quickly "Belgians for Ron Paul" with 151 members. Well, it's few. Mitt Romney has probably a group with more supporters.
Let's try "Belgians for Mitt Romney"... no match.
Hmmm it's probably another name. Let's try several other things, I'm sure I can find it.

Finally, no group endorsing Mitt Romney but there is a group named "Belgians for Obama" with 1 member. I'm sure it's because belgians don't like to endorse people but prefer endorse ideas.

Let's go to our southern neighbours, France. 60 millions people, a very liberal president, lot of socialist people and engaged activists, we'll see it. A quick check, "France for Ron Paul 2012" with 987 members. Well I'm sure there is a group for endorsing Mitt Romney with plenty members. Let's see...
Yeah! It exists! And I found the incredible amount of... 7 members! That's his best score for now. But I'm sure Mitt Romney is a victim of this liberal-socialist country.

I know where to check, in the north of my country there is Netherlands, this country is christian conservative with 6 millions of people. I found quickly "Holland, MI for Ron Paul" with only 20 members. Well this time it's sure, the conservative views of Netherlanders make them the best supporters for Mitt Romney because, as he told us, he's so conservative.
I checked several options even with Google... Nothing. Man, that's not cool for Romney. No enthusiastic supporters at all.

But Europe is vast. Let's try other countries:
"Poland for Ron Paul" 1927 members.
Nothing for Romney
"Czech and Slovak republic for Ron Paul" 216 members
Nothing for Romney
"Spain For Ron Paul" 4 members
Nothing for Romney
"Italy for Ron Paul 2012" 761 members
Nothing for Romney
"Greece for Ron Paul" 16 members
Nothing for Romney
"Ukrainians for Subaru and or Ron Paul Initiative Coalition" 61 members (seriously ukrainians WTF with you?)
Nothing for Romney
"Swedes (sweden) for Ron paul" 20 members
Nothing for Romney
"Support for Ron Paul from the people of Finland" 12 members
Nothing for Romney
"Germans for Ron Paul 2012" 212 members
Nothing for Romney
"Austrians for Ron Paul" 41 members
Nothing for Romney
"Switzerland For Ron Paul 2012" 96 members
Nothing for Romney

Damn! I'm tired of it... Every country I try in Europe don't have a Mitt Romney support group except France. I could also replace my syntax point by "Nothing for Romney", it's the same.
But that's weird, we don't talk about Ron Paul in the mainstream media and he's not running for president in Europe.

With no support at all in other countries and with no charism, how Romney he's being the "future nominee"? Is her mother even supporting him?
Europe is 738 millions of people, 7 of them endorse Mitt Romney in France. Mitt Romney spent some times in his younger age in France, he met probably 7 people who are still friends. But, finally, we can say he has no international credibility and he's supposed to run for president?
I'll just conclude that he's unelectable.


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Foreign Policy Experience

Here's the comparison from my flyer:

Barack Obama: President of the USA. Senator, 1/2 term. Member, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Mitt Romney: Salt Lake Organizing Committee, Olympic Winter Games

Ron Paul: As Air Force/Air National Guard flight surgeon was stationed in Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan, South Korea, and Turkey (1963 - 1968). Congress Member, 12 terms. Member, House Foreign Affairs Committee.

More, via here: http://www.dailypaul.com/235323/winning-delegates-3-at-a-time

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Here is a personal story (Russia)...

One of my recent visits back there, my sis' BDay, back in 2007-8 season...

Called up my high school buddy, he is, like, hey, let's go meet Theodor, our other buddy from back then, later successful anti-powers that are political commentary guy on NTV, despised by the powers that were/are, in a fancy Chinese place (Moscow).

Theo comes with a flock of younger gals & guys, we settle at a big table (both buddies can speak Chinese :) ), and start talking, after a round of hugs and such, as appropriate for high school buddies...

"so, what is your opinion about presidential contest in the US?" -- again, I feel like I am on national TV...

Well, you should have known by now, but I am a big time Ron Paul libertarian... Want to discuss it?" ;)

Theodor rises, and speaks to his younger coworkers, in his TV voice: " And here, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you a man who is not only brutally honest, but very smart as well!" -- entirely sincere, and winking to me... Younger folks seem shocked and impressed!

Real story, and the duck was very good, as well as having a chance to meet my buddies!

For anyone here who can read in Russian, you might know Theodor Tavrovsky on NTV! ;)

Paul B.

If the Election Where Held Today in Europe-Ron Paul Clearly

Beats Mitt Romney in a landslide! Pray that we win the nomination in Tampa for Ron Paul!


Great post.


Merci beaucoup

Really enjoyed reading your article.
President Paul!

"Any government that is big enough to give everything you need is also strong enough to take it all away."

the question should be

where's his credibility anywhere? even Fox news recently admitted his supporters are non-existent. about a minute 35 seconds into this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaMvhcckFiQ&feature=g-hist

Awesome study!

Thank you! Sent to others!


for the effort. good post

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Great Post!

I remember being shocked when I found out people from other countries both knew who Ron Paul was and were fans of his. Ron Paul always talks about building coalitions around the idea of freedom and this is just more proof. He truly is an amazing figure. A true hero.

Interessant, mais ce n'est pas

Interessant, mais ce n'est pas une surprise. J'ai une famille en Ireland et je comprenne le sentiment des entrangers qui voient notre politique extérieure être très mal. Mais demandez-vous si ils veulent le politique intérieure libertaire, et vous aurez beaucoup réponses. Voir George Galloway.


Well, for what I know, these

Well, for what I know, these groups supporters are classical liberals or libertarians (translated: libertarien in french) so I think they want a libertarian policy.

Well thats two

things you dont have in Europe,

Mitt Romney country support groups and American dominated news media.
I use the term news loosely.

Thats Basically what we have here only a little different, No Support for Mitt and No Media attention for Dr. Paul.