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Obama Treasury Admits to Secret Deal With China - End the Fed!

"According to documents recently viewed by Reuters, starting in June of 2011, the Obama Administration began allowing the People’s Bank of China special access to buy U.S. Debt directly from the Treasury Department, bypassing the open market – something that our own Federal Reserve isn’t even allowed to do."


Why has Obama/Geithner given special access to China to buy US Debt?
Why has this been kept from the public?
Now that China has direct access to the U.S. Treasury Department, doesn't this give them control over our economy and foreign policy?

We need Ron Paul badly - this would never happen under his administration.

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And of course

Neither our Senate, nor our House, nor the Department of Justice will do anything about it....


There's no reason

that anyone shouldn't be able to deal directly with the
Treasury Department. The fact that you have to go through
a broker is just a scam to enrich the broker (which is Goldman
Sachs, I believe)...

The article does indicate who actually wields power though...

It's supposed to be sold on the open market

So that competition or the market determines the price. If it's being sold directly to China, how is the price determined? Whatever they will pay?

Not sure what to make of this but it seems very fishy

Also, I wonder if it's legal.

What the HELL is going on

What the HELL is going on with our Country???????????????????

No kidding!

I thought this was an Onion article at first.