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Can't the delegates being required to sign affadavits that they will vote for Romney in MA sign Under Duress?

I remember someone posting about signing tickets with Under Duress under your name, meaning basically under threat. I don't know if this is relevant or not, but it may be something to look into...otherwise I don't know how we can swerve around this one.
(I may have spelled Under Duress wrong)

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It's a chance, I wouldn't take.

If I was Nystrom or a MA delegate and I recieved that letter, I wouldn't sign and I wouldn't return.. or I would cross out Romney and write in Ron Paul and have it noterized.

I think the meetups and Republican Central Committees need to discuss it... for example.. I would being the letter to my RCC and tell them I'm for Ron Paul.. ask them to sign a petition for me, have that prepared.. and I would have my Meetup help with an attorney.. maybe what we need is an attorney for MA chip in? Or a mediaqtor, or several mediators???

This issue bothers me because it's conspiracy to commit fraud, taking away a persons choice.

Doug KNOWS they have legal plans,, why didn't HE see that the campaign had attorneys to fight?


are you still with us?

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