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Chuck Todd: Undecided voters dislike Romney and Obama but love Ron Paul

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The Tides are Turning

I used to be one of the MSNBC drones.

Hopefully with news that RP is where detractors of L/R paradigm are going along with Peter Schiff's defense of true capitalism on Dylan Ratigan today some more curious minds will wake up

at least that's how i remember doing it

and now im one of those highly educated IT guys

thanks chuck and chris for another wild ride through DEM-ville antics and falsities

Only undecided

Because Ron Paul wasnt a choice in their poll.

These are the most decided undecideds there has ever been.

I ping pong between whether these guys are complete morons, willfully ignorant or just plain trying to deceive the public. I fear all of the above may be the answer.

I laughed out loud a few times at Chris Matthew's stupidity

This clip was like watching a young child (Chuck Todd) trying to teach a monkey (Chris Matthews) how to use a hammer.

Chris Matthews never understood the lesson. He never will.

Matthews: Quit talking to us

Matthews: Quit talking to us like we are idiots. We don't care about their personality of having money or eating PB&J's or whatever the heck you just said. We care about ideas, character, principles, and record.

Todd: We will not be persuaded by either because they agree on the FED, NDAA, Patriot Act, spending, bailouts, Dept. of education, etc. We will vote, probably for Johnson.

7-10%.. Need to get that to 15% to allow a 3rd candidate in the debates. (If we can't pull off the upset in Tampa).

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin


I know I'm not undecided I am for Ron Paul.

LOL he tried to spit out the "lesser of two evils" I am not buying that crap anymore!