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The Most Epic Ron Paul Crowd Shot Ever

this might be it :)


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That video was perfect. Well done!! I hope somebody turns that

into a campaign ad! Maybe play it as is, with text on the bottom of the screen. Compare/contrast Ron Paul w/ Obamney and/or the amount he gets from military and vets or something... and then just end it with his "maybe they'll hear us soon" ... Phenomenal. :)

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timing was just perfect!

normally you need to follow a script & hire an editor to get something like that live in one take!

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Every time is epic!

At 1:32 is my favorite part of the Cornell University event. The crowd was awesome.

This is from Capital Ditrict NY for Ron Paul. It's not my video. I was lucky enough to be on the bus and at the event with them.



Nice crowd, good to see the

Nice crowd, good to see the support is still there.
We surely need it.



Bump, if only for the small glimpse of Paul's humor. "Maybe they'll start to hear us pretty soon..." hahahahaha

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That week...

Ron broke three California political rally attendance records. :)

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THIS is why...

I know the rEVOLution is not going anywhere, no matter what happens in Tampa.

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could be interpreted two ways. :p

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"I love my country, It's the

"I love my country,
It's the government I'm afraid of!"

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Fantastic and Sad at the Same Time!!!

These memories from the UCLA Rally are inspiring and begs the question why on earth did Ron and the Campaign suspend college campus rallies?

Jesse Benton said last week at his big press conference on Tuesday that Ron wanted to continue the college rallies.

Sadly, there are none on the Events Site of the Official Campaign, none not even one.

That press release last Monday has to be the all time biggest mistake ever by either the 2008 or the 2012 Campaign.

All the Momentum Building from that great rally and other rallies on college campus's gone!!!

We were close to winning delegates yesterday in Arkansas and Kentucky, but many who voted thought that Ron had dropped out based on last Monday's press release.

Like I said Fantastic Video and Sad what might have been.

i guess most college terms are over now?

that could be part of the reason... the rest of the reasons as doug wead says, we might not know for 10 years

This was from April 2012 at UCLA...

...correct if wrong.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!


I was there :D

Property Rights And Libertarians

Can property rights be maintained with open borders? I think this guy has it all wrong

Thats me with the sign jumping up and down.

At about 42 sec of this film you will see a big sign going up and down thats me. They or the powers to be wouldn't let signs in. So I took mine and rolled it up a stuck it down my pants.A night I will never forget

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I was sitting right behind you! Raw milk! Indeed an epic night.

How do you make embed YouTube

How do you make embed YouTube videos show like that? What is the code?

The share button...

right below the video on the videos Youtube page.

OOPS... you are taking about posting them here on Daily Paul. Only mod's can embed videos.

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Have you tried simply copying/pasting the link into wherever it is you want to embed it?

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Yes. It said that it doesn't

Yes. It said that it doesn't allow certain codes.

It depends on where you are

It depends on where you are 'putting' the video.

If it's a message board you want to embed the video - the admin of the board may not allow HTML code to be used.

A message board may or may not allow - again depends on the admin - you can try using BBCode as well.

It all depends on what site and what the admin of said site is allowing her/her users to do.

That was a night I'll never forget!

I took this video. Notice the electricity in the crowd when Dr. Paul enters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOzuUfIrN6M&feature=player_de...

I still brag about crossing the street after the event, and a white SUV passes with the good doctor waving at us all. He was overwhelmed by the number of kids treating him like a rockstar. Was. Very. Awesome.


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Thoughts are things

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i was there too, we need him back in LA!!!!

there was a Ron Paul chant from outside the stadium of the people that couldn't get in when Ron Paul took the stage.

UCLA had pretty confusing parking situation and a line all the way around the practice athletic field that you had to go through to get in too

i'd love to see him come back to LA to a bigger more accessible venue.. maybe the memorial coliseum, rose bowl, staples center, the forum or something like that! with some pro-ron paul opening music acts like aimee allen

of course this would be against his "no more campaigning" statement, but that is one promise i'd love to see the doctor break!!!!

I was there. The people in the trees because they couldn't get

in said it all.

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I had no idea

I had no idea Carol Paul was in the hospital. She was on a respirator for 12 days. My prayers are with her.

Are you, perhaps reading news from 2008???

So far I can't find anything else.

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