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Chuck Todd: "Undecided voters dislike Romney and Obama but love Ron Paul"


You Tube Comment:
"Mathews is a terrible journalist. I cant believe he likens Paul to Perot? lol. Paul represents LIBERTY and Freedom and that is what people are flocking to! Look at a Ron Paul supporter and you see a soul intact, you see driven, educated, motivated, and unwavering in their cause. Look at the youth 18-35 and you see a majority of them leading like Patriots that normally wouldnt turn out to vote! Patriots are there and the brushfires are burning! The time has come to end the lies! U-S-A!..U-S-A!".

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They are right about the IT thing.

Yesterday for the first time in seven years....

I spoke face-to-face with my neighbor accross the street! 7 YEARS!

We've talked by email...

But anyway He is from India (Deli)

He is a VP of IT with High Mark Pittsburgh (Skyscraper dweller)

As we talked in my driveway he glanced at my Ron Paul sign and said "I'm voting for HIM."

That was it. Now we are best buddies (he offered to mow my lawn cuz he saw me limping from a bone spur in my heel)

Perot types? Typical IT guy? Small group of undecided???

These people are definitely out of touch with reality. All well, at least we got some coverage.


Made it through 40secs of this video before I stopped watching. was nothing but a reminder of why I stopped watching the (MSM)Main Source of Misinformation about 20yrs ago. Just seems like new faces applied to the same old lies and deciet.
Media reports like this resonate in my head like good ole Charlie Browns school teacher muffled background dribble that you're not actually supposed to be listening to.

Lets Charlie brown this Video ..... Waa whaaa wa wahhh Ron Paul Waaaa waa waa Supporters Waaa waa Waaa Wa Wa Are Winning Delegates Waa Wa waa waaa waaa Romney Waaa Wa Waaa Waa is in a Panic Waa Waaa Wa wa. :)

Ron Paul 2012

They are doin the reverse psyche thingy again. To say that it's a few supporters is an understatement, it's not and the old media propaganda guy is lying. Ron Paul cannot be compared to Perot. Ron Paul is a class on it's own. Uncorruptible, Never Waver to his principles, Impeccable track record in congress, He sticks to the constitutions, supporter by the US military, Supported the youth 18-35 and even baby boomers who are waking up from their old media, Who will defend each and every american by restoring his constitutional rights, end wars and bring troops home. Obamney doesn't even make a dent on Dr. Paul's record. So you see the Old Media is BLACKINGOUT all news about Ron Paul because they don't control Ron Paul. Will you agree if Majority gets marginalized ? Only fools will listen to old media's talking points. Ron Paul or nothing. If it's good enough for MIT's, engineers, students, intellectuals, sound economist, mom and pops, patriots, military, professors of universities, and all people of all walks of life that loves liberty. It's good enough for me. Ron Paul PRESIDENT!

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

They paint RP supporters as small group of friendless nerds

How bout the military who support him more than all candidates combined you dick Mathews? "I think I know some of these guys"... no you don't Mathews. You are so clueless it hurts to watch.

Was Matthews slurring his

Was Matthews slurring his words a bit? I don't know if it was just me, I don't hear him speak very often, or if anyone else noticed it, but there were quite a few spots where he was slurring his words.

It's always been about the independents,

the "swing vote", until now. Referring to them(us) as some stereotypical bitter fringe society is so ridiculous but not surprising. Pundits: Let's just bash everyone into nothing then we will think they are nothing and we will feel better about nothing going against us. Yeah..go for it buddy. Make my day...see you at the RNC suckers.

It makes me sick

Listening to these two try to describe what I am and what I believe in.
They have no clue. I hate people? This guy Matthews is lost in a dreamland of rationalization the likes of which I have never seen before. A handful of people? But Romney needs them to win?
They are just lost.


Yea, I pity them, still plugged into the matrix. I have seen little 8 year old girls cheering for Ron Paul as well as the disabled vet sitting next to me at my caucus. You can't put us into one of your little boxes & try to dissect us. This is a revolution - retreat or reinvent!



Tinker around the edges?

Sounds like someone has been listening to Ron Paul speeches.

The IT guy??? SMH

hmmm...so we Ron Paul supporters are primarily IT guys huh...ok well that is true with this one but what a stereotypical thing to say. I think you should go find your red stapler there Chuck... >;|


small group undecided? Could he be any more uninformed or out of touch?

ConstitutionHugger's picture

This is a complete work of fiction

This whole interview is trying to disinform the public on the nature of Ron Paul's appeal and supporters. Everyone hearing this will accept it as the truth: There is a tiny minority of distrustful nerds that will eventually swing one way (Obama) or the other (Romney). Can they make the Revolution any more boring? Lies for the lambs.

So let's make an analysis; a

So let's make an analysis; a scenario of the 2012 general election. We take over Tampa, elect Ron Paul for nominee, and it's him vs. Obama. We already know that Ron Paul would have at least 85% if not 100% of Republicans on his side due to the whole "anyone but Obama" mentality. As we've just heard from Chuck Todd, Independents (The ones that both competing parties desperately need) greatly favor Ron Paul, due mainly to his fiscal positions, and they want a completely different form of government. Because essentially, your average Independent voter is beyond both Left and Right. Then we have Democrats. Coming from voting Democrat myself, (just registered Republican this year) voting for Obama in '08, I can tell you that any Democrat who has a good head on his/her shoulders will recognize the fact that the bloody bastard didn't keep any of his promises.

As an African-American, I've been accused of voting for him simply because of his skin. While I can't speak for everyone, I can speak for most supporters I knew personally. They did not vote for him for such an empty reason. They truly believed what he said because he was so good a saying what we wanted to hear. We as minorities wanted an end to the foreign wars (I lost a friend from highschool to this stupid war for bankers' profits), an end to the drug wars (we just want to be able to use cannabis in our own homes without having someone arrest us), and lower taxes (although most minorities don't understand the Republican's talking points on taxes, basically, minorities want to keep everything in their checks after a week of hard work). But on the side of Obama's ethnicity being an issue, we felt he was believable because hey... the dude can carry the rock on the court. Basketball is one of the most intimate sports minorities relate to.

So back to our analysis, after hearing the policies of Ron Paul's push for government leaving us alone, legalizing prostitution, drugs, gay marriage, giving the issue of abortion to the states to decide, and freeing up the internet, expect to see many liberals jump on board. I'm living proof eh? Hehe. That's the wonderful thing about the Constitution. It knows neither left nor right. Ron Paul will have the support of the Left, Right, and Center.

What does Obama have? He can't campaign on the wars (more than 70% don't want another war which he's about to start). He can't campaign on the economy (The government just admitted to 100 million Americans currently unemployed mostly among males). He can't campaign on Guantanamo Bay (it's still open with more torture going on), and once he's pressured on the constitution, he will crumble easily due to the NDAA, Obamacare, TSA, CISPA, Libya, and his pledge of allegiance to the Queen, which undermines our national sovereignty. Obama supporters will begin to wake up the moment Ron Paul's message is no longer suppressed. People will know who contributes to Obama's campaign, and he will become more exposed.

I see it all turning out that way come this fall. Because we WILL NOT allow Romney to grab this nomination without a fight!

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

Mathews is soo OBSOLETE!

What an A** Clown. He can't figure out (or better yet) doesn't have the ability to understand this movement. Oh well Chris see you at the next 'programming' ratings releases. You Marxist you. We are not to be ignored and all you MSM pundits are about to understand us soon enough.

P.S. Rachel Maddow has her finger on the pulse Chris, if you want any journalism tips ;)

In Liberty

A SMALL GROUP? Dem primaries


Dem primaries in Arkansas and Kentucky have 60% Obama 40% uncomitted (or Wolfe).

I have never been to college

And I support Ron Paul. I am decided, I decided back in 2006 it would be Paul or no vote from me. I have been "undecided" for many years. Also why does Matthews think we Paul supporters hate people in general, I don't hate people in general. Is it because I distrust politicians and rich elites? It makes no sense. Matthews is so out of touch, its all I'm gonna say. lol

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

I hate most people

Mainly because given the opportunity they would become part of the Establishment. Sell out's.

I can get along with most people but I don't have much in common with people who are motivated by money, power, notoriety.

And unfortunately that's how Capitalism works.

Resource Based Economy is needed

"If you think we can't change the world, it just means you're not one of those that will"

Jacque Fresco

This video is a waste of RP and DP time and space

It is all Quigley Twiddle Dee Twiddle Dum foolish disinformation tripe!

First they minimize by saying supporters of Paul, in essence anti war, anti Fed, liberty and freedom, are only 7-10 %! Hogwash!

Second they marginalize by identifying them with Bush nominated CFR member and non issue distraction, Ross Pero;

Third, they try to use divide and conquer strategy by disinformation on Paul's ideas as corporate versus blue collar, and pitting Paul supporters against each other;

Fourthly, they are desperate to hide the similarities between Obomney and Robama, which represents everything most electorate hate, and in stark contrast to the huge grassroots electorate's support of everything for which Paul stands;

Fifth, The whole charade was another marginalizing of the only liberty candidate who addresses the real concerns of most Americans and her young troops, by creating another chimera surrounding Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, as the presumptive continuation of politics and elections in America;

Sixth... all the above in complete ignorance or blind hiding of, the stark reality of the great, and growing, tidal wave of debt and wealth loss headed towards America's shores! For she is the country of last resort, the home of the world's reserve currency, and therefore home to that wealth which MUST be taken mathematically to satisfy the already created counterfeit FRN headed this way!

All that means... the talking heads are nearing their last job, their last show, their last words before execution!

The show is over. Reality sets in! Then we shall see what we shall see! Then the blind will have their eyes opened.

What a satisfying as well as tragic day that will be!



Its very telling what their

Its very telling what their views on government are. Either way, they don't care if Romney wins or Obama wins. While they are different in certain respects, they won't rock the boat. They won't make the changes that are necessary for this country.

Ron Paul represents a change that isn't hidden in campaign talk. He actually has a PLAN! But hey, you shoot for the stars and you hit the moon is alot better then trying jump off a building like Icarus(Romney).

I thought if you ran a political advertisement

you had to state so at the end of the commercial? I mean - no way they can consider this a news organization - this was clearly an Obama commercial.

I have to laugh - they are so condescending - then come out and say - well "yeh these are highly educated people" - what an idiot.
So you admit the smart people are choosing Ron Paul. I am good with that.
BTW - nothing grinds my gears more than some pompous fat ass sitting on millions of dollars made through capitalism bashing capitalism. Give all your money away Chrissy, then we can talk about how socialism is so great.

Ron Paulers sound pretty "decided" to me.

So apparently those who jumped from Bachman to Perry to Cain to Newt to Santorum to Romney are "decided." But those ho have consistently stood on principle behind Ron Paul are "undecided." Fascinating.

I got polled ...

I got a phone poll that may be related to this. (I think if we watch for this we can skew it to our advantage and that I happened to answer it just right.)

They only had Romney and Obama, not Paul, in the preference section. I would only answer Paul (I did a "write-in." B-) ) and made it clear in the several variants of the question that I considered Mitt and Barry to be identically bad. So I suspect they marked me as "Undecided". That puts me squarely in the demographic these guys are discussing.

They also asked a bunch of questions about whether I trusted the government (local, state, national) or businesses (several sizes) and politicians or business people more. I told 'em I don't trust government at all and business people somewhat. That would probably be interpreted as being inclined to go Romney if I do go for a big-two in a Mitt/Barry race - so they have an incentive to try to sabotage Romney some more and mentioning Ron is a way to do it

They also asked about where I got news and how much I trusted news sources. (Network, papers, talk radio, friends, social network sites, ...) and participation in various social sites. Needless to say, the newsies came out with a zero and only friends, internet, and social networking sites came out off the zero peg. B-). (That tells 'em they need to change how they're reporting, and about the only change available is to end the Paul blackout.)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.


RP supporters are 'highly educated'. That's funny, i thought we were supposed to be a bunch of illiterate homeless drug addicts that live in somebody else's basement. At least that's what I remember the stereotype was in 2008.


I took the video that shows the Ron Paul rallies vs the Mittens rallies, plus I counted a few other rallies that weren't mentioned in that video, like Fullerton, San Diego, Seattle, and a few others, and added them up to a head count of 85,000 people. There were obviously much more rallies than that, plus take into consideration the people who didn't get into the rallies, or did not go at all, and we are talking hundreds of thousands. Handful of people, I think not Chris Matthews, you uneducated buffoon!

This guy is horrible

After watching this video I have to take a big Chris Matthews.

I usually do a Chuck Todd

I usually do a Chuck Todd before I drop a Chris Matthews.

IT guys

Chuck Todd's comment was funny. "Ron Paul supporters are highly educated IT (information technology)-type guys."

It's funny because I am in the IT field, and I consider myself highly educated (I read DP).