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Super Brochures REVERSE the blackout and bring out the vote - proof

The blackout is hurting us greatly. You've heard it, millions of people are so confused by this that they actually think that Dr. Paul is no longer in the race. "He dropped out, didn't he?" along with numerous other comments are constantly being made.

That shows you what people think or, rather, what they have been trained to think.

This can be reversed. That's through direct mail using the Super Brochure. Receipt of this brochure says effectively, "I'm still in the running; vote for me!"

Canvassing helps greatly. But nothing is more systematic than the Super Brochure mailings. Mail them, now, here:


The people who quote the campaign, saying it does harm, are wrong. It's worse than this. Every such person I've asked can never give me any facts, and will never give any names of a person in the campaign who is against it.

It is heresay. Worse, it is destructive. Thousands of potential donors to this effort have been shut down by these fabrications.

The blackout is harmful enough. However, sabotage from within is equally destructive.

Can't begin to tell you how harmful it is that people have been turned off of this invaluable tool.

It could make the difference between winning and losing in the delegate race.

Our own people are misguided on this. Others have attacked the Super Brochure campaign viciously, even slandering its operators.

Now, for the facts:

Arkansas: the county with the highest percentage of Paul votes, Clay with 29%, was 100% mailed with Super Brochures

New York: the only county where Paul had the majority of the vote--the only one he won--was Schuyler County, which was by-far the most extensively mailed county with the Super Brochure

The Big Island, Hawaii: this was the only island which was extensively canvassed with the SB, and was the only island which was won outright.

This is all the proof we need. MAIL THESE, NOW and be a BIG part of the win.

Those who continuously undermine this direct mail system are harming us severely. It's the only tool left to fight the blackout, to say, clearly and categorically, that "Dr. Paul is still a major candidate in this race, so your vote for him counts. Go and vote for Ron Paul."

The attacks against the Super Brochure have done our movement great harm. Let's reverse this by massively supporting the California mailing.

Clay County proved it. If you 100% saturate Super Voters, many will get the message and go out and vote for Ron Paul. We need this to earn the delegates and secure the realm.

Nearly 30% in Clay County: 100% mailing. Mail these out like mad!!

And for those may be still be unsure of their power, read this:

“Dr. K…one of the biggest reasons Schuyler County hit #1 in New York State with 30% of the votes was the thousands of Super Brochures that you sent.”

And what about the man who, when he got a SB in the mail in Texas, got so excited that he called RonPaulProducts and ordered $110.00 in mailings?

We have the tool for victory, right under our nose, and we're not even using it. Saturate California with SB mailings. That's how we win.

See also: http://www.dailypaul.com/216686/super-brochure-turns-out-the...

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Fighting Back against the media!


Did you all see on the SB thread on the front page

How a man in Texas got the brochure and was so excited that he called RPP and spent $110.00 mailing these brochures to CA?

And we have thousands of people on the DailyPaul? If we all got as excited as this man, we would flood out this vote and win more and more CA delegates.

So, let's create this excitement to run through everyone's veins and saturate precinct after precinct for our last stand!!

Thanks DR K. Lets send some

Thanks DR K. Lets send some brochures. Just a reminder for everyone to mail to south Dakota the mailing list should be up soon!


Super Brochure rocks.

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My county in AR never even

My county in AR never even got the brochures. I think they are terrific!

Bump for Important to Get Out the Vote

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