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Confirmed: Fox News makes people dumb!

After a study published last year labeled viewers of Fox News as grossly misinformed, the researchers who conducted the poll have expanded their work and now confirm, again, that the network’s audience might want to consider changing the channel.

Researchers at Fairleigh Dickinson University conducted a study last year that yielded some inarguably unsurprising information about Fox News’ viewership. At the time, researchers concluded that, based off of a study that sampled residents of New Jersey, people that only watch Fox News are less informed on current events than people that don’t watch cable news at all. Now only months later, the school’s researchers have published their finding of a similar study that calls on a sample of participants from coast-to-coast and, according to the results, confirm that their earlier report wasn’t a fluke.

Continue: http://rt.com/usa/news/fox-people-study-watch-055/

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Fox in Socks.

Fox claims he cannot say things because they are tongue twisters. Or was it really because he was adverse to telling truths because of a different ruling agenda.

Free includes debt-free!

Hate to break it to y'all, but..

..of mainstream media trash, Fox is by far the worst of the lot. It is the most complacent with state power and its excesses and abuses, and all the while most willing to carry propaganda for the war industry/the war on drugs/fossil fuels/pharmaceuticals/etc. Fox was a key player in helping groups like Americans for Prosperity turn the tea party from a grassroots movement in 2007 into the empty shell it is today.. all the "tea partiers" in congress now are mere corporatists without a single care for the constitution.

This is not to deny that the other channels have their own obvious ties and sponsors, and sure, all media love war because it guarantees the uncertainty that makes people turn to the news, but none of the others is so unabashed in all this as Fox. Unlike any other outlet, it IS an arm of a party, the GOP. Roger Ailes, the current president of fox, has been planning for long to put the "GOP on TV":

You'd say, but wait, Fox anchors have in the past been critical of the GOP! I encourage you to look back at those instances, because in almost all cases the GOP will be criticized where its policy is not corporatist or authoritarian enough.

I could go on and on about where Fox's ingrained corporate bias shines through. Particularly mindblowing (and possibly unprecedented) was Fox's multiple-anchor defense of the scammy coin-shilling corporation Goldline, which sponsors Glenn Beck, Hannity, Huckabee and a few others on the network. Fox brought in Anthony Weiner to be shouted down by O'Reilly, but Weiner absolutely turned the tables on him--
..and sure enough Bill parrots the same talking point they've all been trained to recite.
Weiner shuts him down by pointing out that the BBB's ratings can be essentially purchased, rendering their ratings meaningless as a measure of business integirty.

Fox's coverage of renewable energy is almost always in a negative light. Advances in technology related to solar such as the recent discovery of a method to store solar energy chemically, pr well as advancements that would allow solar cells to be painted on houses as a sort of paint, will never be allowed airtime on fox. Here's a pretty good example of how renewables are trashed in every way possible.. watch this anchor gather up a dozel people to ask them about solar panels in their neighborhood, and then only talk to the three that agree with to the anchor's pessimism:

On a separate note, Fox's coverage of science issues like global warming is purely farcical. Pundits are always called on the show to talk about science like they have any fucking clue whatsoever about matters like global warming or evolution, yet they will invariably talk down science/academia, and all the while you will never hear Fox admit that 99%+ of the scientific community is agreed on the fact of global warming, even aside from anthropogenic warming. Fox news is also the only "news" channel on which you will find pundits deny pillars of modern science like the theory of evolution--I was blown away when Glenn Beck had on Stein and more or less agreed with him that Darwin's ideas are not only all wrong, but led directly to eugenics and the holocaust(!). This is a NEWS channel?

*Fox News until this point has been the most successful station not due to the quality of its content, but rather, its appeal as pure entertainment. The discussion between anchors on this station is very quantized, its examination of history as shallow as its pundits can get away with. Recall the clip of Dr. Paul on O'Reilly's show when they were arguing about Iran--O'Reilly actively steers the conversation to avoid discussion of the US' interactions with Iran such that Iran could have any legitimate reason to be unhappy with the US at all, let alone the fact that we sold weapons to their enemies in the Iran-Iraq war.

And while we're talking about O'Reilly's criticism of Paul's Iran policy, here's the cherry on top--

The reality of our country's history is always overidden by the need to shill the Arab boogeyman. Talking heads on there will now and then even mentione the idea that Al Quaeda cound in the future work with Iran against us--even though the former is Sunni and the latter mostly Shiite. This sort of BS goes unchallenged on Fox, though.

Fox News pundits parrot time and time again the lie that Obama is at fault for high gas prices. I'm not saying he isn't indirectly--who gets to decide that our country will EXPORT oil, anyway?--but the reasons they claim gas prices are up are all obvious red herrings. Drill, baby, drill. So much attention given to his moratorium on deep sea drilling in the gulf, so little given to its brevity and the fact that deep sea drilling comprises 1% of drilling activity in the gulf. So little attention given to the fact that gas prices are artificially inflated by limiting the number of functioning refineries in the country at any given time, leaving us always with less than a month's supply of gas (and that's being generous).

Guys, I could go on and on and on but I feel I'm preaching to the choir. Fox is far worse than CNN or MSNBC. At least Maddow has given Paul a lot of positive lip service, even inviting on Doug Wead and giving him serveral minutes to talk without intrruption about the campaign's strategy. There's more integrity in Maddow's pinkie than every talking head of the Fox Hydra Collective smushed together, sans judge Nepolitano.

No Shock

It is not surprising to find out how uninformed Fox viewers are. I commented about this several weeks ago on Daily Paul. My Mother-in-law spouted this "Ron Paul can't win" and I told her she watched too much Fox. Fox has really done a good job in steering well meaning, patriotic conservatives in the wrong neo con direction. As much as I hate Fox for that, all of the media has been steering us in the wrong direction. this is no surprise and the study showed all the results couldn't even get to half correct. How pathetic. A long time ago, I used to like to listen to Rush Limbaugh when he nailed the Clintons. Then I found him lying and I stopped listening. Later on it hit me that he was located right in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza. Oh what a funny coincidence. Unfortunately the MSM (mean slime mafia)is that kind of problem magnified exponentially.

Don't worry

The hard thing about FOX is subtle deception. The ignorance of CNN and MSNBC is more readily seen. About the time I want to really rant on FOX, I see a report by the others and go "Wow, they really suck."

We knew this in 08 ...

We knew this in the 2008 cycle

Ron Paul supporters - Years ahead of the MSM

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Chicken or egg?

Is it that Fox News makes people less informed, or is it that less informed people just happen to watch Fox News? Interesting read either way.

Oh, is this the same FOX News

Who last year gave out this warm Christmas card to their so cherished viewers? http://static5.businessinsider.com/image/4ef0fbe3eab8ea6f6b0...

Oh how we love you Sheeple. :D

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

Wait... we needed a study for this?


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This is quite funny but I

This is quite funny but I think we need to try and get this study out there! How many times have you gotten a funny look when you've said something like "I don't get my news from the tv" or "Fox News lies"? It seems to me that you're branded a conspiracy theorist if you repeat anything related to those statements, so we need to show these people that THIS is the reason we don't watch it!

It is too easy to think that

what is reported is exactly how much is happening.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

We needed confirmation??!!

We needed confirmation??!!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

While I'm sure they're right

I'd bet people who only watch CNN or NBC have the same result. There's a large infotainment world out there and FOX is only the most blatantly idiotic network.

FOX crowd certainly not forward looking

not hard to make a leap from there to dumb

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

How do we know?

How do we know if the fox viewers weren't already dumb to being with, and Fox just attracts them?


Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard


Not always dumb, but brainwashed! Actually, it even takes a while to deprogram! It's quite embarrassing to say that I was a 2x Bush votin' Neo-Con! But I got saved from it all in 2007! Funny what you said though!

So you would trust Fox

I watch fox but I do it for the laughs.

and your right don't trust anything .
Do your own follow up.
Most of all don't trust the government they have been caught so many times not telling the truth

I like what Ralph Nader dad said to his son what are you going to do today.
"Believe or investigate"

When ever someone says your not a true
Patriot because you question a law or rule.
Or your not a good christian/Muslim because you question.

Think about it do you want to live in country that stops thinking.
or do you want a God that is so small he/she can't stand up to the truth.

Ron Paul
if he has to go independent so be it.. lets save America


Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?


MESSAGE TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY (G.O.P.) And The RNC (Republican National Convention):

Just a simple friendly observation:

All Of The "Puppet Candidates" In The Republican Party This 2012 Have Seen Their "presidential campaigns" GO DOWN IN FLAMES AND INTO BANKRUPTCY.

There is ONLY ONE LEFT TO GO AND HE WILL: mitt romney (lower case letters to match his "status").


Go ahead and FLUSH YOUR "Party" Down The Toilet If You Wish. That is what you are doing (...and honestly what I feel YOU DESERVE: KARMA!)




Wisdom Strategies

Not Exactly: You Have To Be Stupid To Watch Fox "News"

Not Exactly: You Have To Be Stupid To Watch Fox "News".

What does F-O-X Equates To In Gematria? 666


REMEMBER: ALL NEWS NETWORKS IGNORED Dr. Ron Paul since - when I first learned about him - 2007.

It was US - THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION WHO ARE THE INTERNET GENERATION that FORCED The "News Networks" To Acknowledge The Fact That He Even Exists, Let Alone That This Principled, Brilliant, World-Class Gentleman Was Running For President Of The United States Of America In 2008.

Once WE FORCED THE "NEWS" NETWORKS" To Acknowledge him, then:

The "News Networks" Were FORCED - BY US - TO ACKNOWLEDGE HIM.

This Is What The "News Networks" Did:

Ron Paul Is Crazy! Ron Paul Can't Win!


You Are Going The Way Of Dinosaurs - Like Newspapers. FAST.


To Any Investor In Television or Newspapers: Unless you want to throw your wealth in the toilet, invest in a different business venture NOW.

This Is Known Worldwide: SPAIN FOR RON PAUL EMBARRASSES THE MEDIA NETWORKS: http://youtu.be/hJ3tF9hKWxY

Wisdom Strategies

The Daily Paul makes people smart!!!


Love You! :) ♥


Wisdom Strategies

Fox News Pundits

Fox News Pundit spend most of their time either mutually or self masturbating their arrogant egos and congratulating themselves on how rude they can get. #boycottCNN #BoycottFox

It's so sad!!!!

I have people in my family who watched nothing but Fox news. They are so brainwashed it's completely sad. When I watch the newscasters on Fox news demagogue, I think to myself how do these people sleep at night? When you look at these newscasters and I use that term loosely almost anybody can see through them and their lies. Why can't my family?

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

We know how you feel

Same thing is true for my father, who is a successful business person and lawyer/marketer. You would think that combo would equip him well. But he's zombie-like when you try to talk politics.

The root of his misunderstanding...If that isn't true (ex. RP is an isolationist), their ratings would go down and they would lose money, and then correct it. Or, if that were true (ex. Fraud, Ron Paul winning), they would make a lot of money being the first to talk about it. All the viewers are counting on the rest of the viewers to think for them.

Gee, they wasted money on a

Gee, they wasted money on a survey to figure that out.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Don't make me defend Fox News

I hate you for making defend them. I saw the study the did last year, including the kinds of 'current event' questions they asked. It was things like:

"The Stimulus Package halted the decline of the economy and started a recovery. True or False?"

"The Obama Healthcare Bill will provide healthcare for all American's and reduce the deficit. True or False?"

If you answered 'False', then you were uninformed. They're a total sham. Its no wonder NPR scored the highest and Fox News scored the lowest. Most of the people on this site would have scored pretty low as well by their standards.

the cited study was found to

the cited study was found to be flawed and heavily biased. even if it has been updated, i wouldn't trust these "researchers."
please watch this.. http://youtu.be/O8KHOgyYyHQ

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

bit unfair

To say it is just Fox News people. I mean from what I have seen the ignorance is wide spread. Not just Fox Zombies. I used to watch all three for "news". I stopped years ago. I would actually go to CNN's site to get news. I was stupid back then. This was 2002-2004. I stopped back in 2005. I hardly ever watch TV or even movies. I can't stand them, mostly. But I will say this, watch the show called The Five on Fox Noise and you will see why this study was done. That show is stupid stupid stupid stupid. lol

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

... and so does CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC

These "studies" need to always include other MSM television outlets. Drives me nuts when people comeback and say, "but I watch CNN" or "I watch MSNBC, CNN, and FOX to get a balanced perspective." It's all terribly dishonest and corrupt.

Its not just Fox

At least the one from last year was. It was a study based on questions (current events, news worthy things), and then they asked you what your primary source for news was. People who watched Fox News got something like an average of 25% of thing correct... but networks like CNN and MSNBC got like 24% and stuff.

Basically, Fox viewers were pretty badly informed, but they did better than many other mainstream sources.

(I dont think that anyone got above 40%.. and I cant realy remember what the percentage was based on.)

Just saying.

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