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It has been sanitation and famine issues which have mostly contributed to plagues and epidemics

By: Patrick Thomas

Most people in this day-and-age have been brainwashed to think that vaccines and/or antibiotics have brought many epidemics under control and have prevented plagues which used to ravage many civilizations throughout history.

Most plagues were during a time when hundreds-of-thousands of people were crowded into large European cities which had no sewer systems, no clean running water, no flush toilets, had plenty of famines, commonly had dead bodies strewn-about in the streets, etc and so-forth. However, many people survived those plagues because they weren't malnourished and many used essential oils to protect themselves from the pathogens (see Thieves Oil). But the bottom line is, and it's still happening in many third-world countries, that various infectious diseases have high rates-of-opportunity when the host is living in filth, weak and malnourished. Has anyone noticed that we still have measles outbreaks in the U.S., but RARELY does anyone die or have any serious effects from the mostly harmless disease? You can die of a paper cut if you live in complete filth and/or are severely malnourished or don't have access to clean water.

So where were the plagues in Japan throughout the centuries? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have reason to believe Japan hasn't been subjected to heavy plagues because they have always been meticulous about sanitation and probably haven't suffered too many famines. Here are the top-ten plagues of all time. Japan is nowhere to be found in this list. It's all the filthy cultures which had big cities coupled with famine and poor sanitation: http://listverse.com/2009/01/18/top-10-worst-plagues-in-hist...

I also realize that vaccines have actually caused and/or made-worse various epidemics, but that's another discussion for another article.

What follows are modern-day examples in the mainstream media which help prove my case that it's sanitation/nutrition which have the most impact on whether epidemics or plagues happen - NOT the lack of vaccines or antibiotics. In fact, I'd venture to say that the latter only make matters worse:


This first article is written by a pro-vaccine doctor which appeared in the New York Times. Sometimes these scoundrels slip-up and tell the truth:

How Tiny Errors in Africa Led to a Global Triumph


Published: September 26, 2011

(Excerpt): "My generation saw childhood measles in abundance. We knew it was a very contagious disease. But few of us realized just how lethal the measles virus could be, particularly in Africa, where death rates in outbreaks ran as high as 25 percent — largely because many patients were already afflicted with malnourishment and parasitic infections. "


This story comes out of India:

More than 25% kids in UP severely malnourished


Shailvee Sharda, TNN Jan 11, 2012


"....the risk of death from common childhood diseases is two-time for a mildly malnourished child, three-time in a moderately malnourished child and as high as eight-time for a severely malnourished child."

Despite generous pumping of funds by the Centre into the Integrated Child Development Services, India is home to 42% malnourished children. UP tops the chart with 52% underfed kids. This is one dubious distinction UP should have avoided. There can't be a greater shame for a government than children not even having enough food. Clearly, the fund meant for the project was not utilised properly, or misutilised, and those it was directed at, remained empty stomach. Children are future of the nation and any misdemeanor that stunts their growth should be considered no less than a heinous crime.



This next article will make you puke if you were forced to read the entire thing, but - yet again - another scoundrel slips-up and allows some truth to leave his mouth:

GAVI man's mission to "immunize every kid on earth"


Reuters – Wed, May 2, 2012

(Excerpt): Seth Berkley was a young epidemiologist working for the U.S. State Department when he saw the graves left behind after measles swept through refugee camps in Sudan during the 1985 famine.

"You'd see little shallow graves, lined up, one after the other - babies. That's what happens when measles goes through a nutritionally deficient community."

Berkley admits his determination is "almost like a religious belief..."


Instead of inventing or introducing a vaccine against salmonella, they need to clean up the horrid industrial farming practices in conjunction with proper nutrition for the animals. Proper sanitation and nutrition are the basis for optimal health - NOT masking the symptoms resulting from the lack thereof.

NY Lawmakers Seek Salmonella Vaccine


(Excerpts): "...two New York legislators are looking to mandate farmers in the state to vaccinate their chickens against the pathogen that was at the heart of the recent and massive egg recall and Salmonella outbreak.

This weekend, Senator Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh announced their proposal in front of a Manhattan food store, wrote the AP. The two said that the vaccinations, which cost about one cent for every one-dozen eggs, could just about eradicate the over 100,000 cases of Salmonella reported across the US annually, assuming every state enacted such mandates,

"Meanwhile, we just wrote that a large mound of manure and rodent, fly, maggot, and wild bird infestations, among other disgusting findings, were revealed at one of the two egg producers blamed on the outbreak and recall. The findings were a result of a US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) inspection at Wright County Egg (Quality Egg) in Iowa. At the other egg producer, Hillandale Farms, FDA inspectors found unsealed rodent holes and live rodents entering facilities, standing water, and liquid manure leaking into a section of the floor."


Another one from India:

Polio eradication, a dubious claim


Anant Phadke - January 27, 2012


...different public health experts have pointed out that polio cannot be eradicated through vaccination alone. Poliomyelitis, like many other infectious diseases, is primarily a disease of poverty, leading to insanitation and malnourishment. In developed countries, polio declined along with improvement in living standards, including sanitation.

We should certainly try to control polio through vaccination and sanitation. But to create an impression that we are eliminating lameness in children through polio-vaccination is misleading.

It is possible that massive use of Oral Polio Vaccine (which contains attenuated but live polio virus) has mutated into a new virus which doesn't have identical morphological properties of the polio virus, but which causes paralysis. A rational and humane response to this rise in paralysed children should have been to suspend the additional dosages of the Oral Polio Vaccine and to investigate the matter. If any other scientific explanation is found, this programme can be exonerated. But till then, to continue with these additional dosages of Oral Polio Vaccine is unethical.


Whooping cough found in vaccinated children in Pakistan


The researchers, from Shah Abdul Latif University in Sindh, and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in Islamabad, studied 700 children in southeastern Sindh, who — despite having previously been vaccinated — were suspected of being infected with Bordetella pertussis, the bacteria that causes whooping cough.

"NIH executive director Berjees Mazher Kazi told SciDev.Net that other factors might be reducing the effectiveness of immunisation programmes, including a child's immune status, general hygiene conditions, and poor vaccine transport and storage facilities."


Out of Nepal:

Polio in dangerous stage of transmission



KATHMANDU, Aug 8: Over 10 years after its last indigenous case was traced in Nepal, polio has reached a dangerous stage of local transmission. Doctors warn that the local transmission of polio, if not tackled effectively at the earliest, may result in a deadly epidemic.

Of the total five recent cases of polio detected in Rautahat and Mahottari districts, three have been transmitted locally. Even more shockingly, in all five cases, polio victims had been administered at least a dose of vaccines.

“The acute infectious viral disease has started to spread locally within Nepal. On the other hand, vaccines used to eradicate polio have proved evidently ineffective,” said a doctor on condition of anonymity.

However, the government has failed to introduce such a comprehensive program that includes nutrition and sanitation apart from vaccination. Investment only in vaccination, according to health experts, is unlikely to help eradicate polio from Nepal.

By: Patrick Thomas


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