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WOW< China Eliminates Federal Reserve Mechanism: to Buy New US Treasury Bonds Directly from Treasury!

WOW< China Eliminates Federal Reserve Mechanism: to Buy New US Treasury Bonds directly from Treasury! http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/05/21/us-usa-treasuries-...

Go to the link below to see how the Federal Reserve Primary dealers make billions of dollars each year with zero risk by brokering these bonds, but times seem to be changing. This is a huge blow to the Federal Reserve. The jig is almost up. RP 2012!


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Actually, it looks like

Actually, it looks like they're being given special "insider's" deals by avoiding Wall Street to buy, but they still have to sell on the open market.

yeah, it's actually oBUSHma admin merely

capitulating to his Wall St. overlords by LETTING the Chinese continue to buy up 'our' debt, FASTER, with more ease.

Unfortunately, this isn't 'bypassing' the Fed. Res. system at all.

besides, since 1913, the US Treasury is hardly distinguishable from the Fed. Reserve itself. They're connected like 3-part Siamese triplets at the hip: Fed+Treasury+WallSt.Fed.Member banks.

The most hilarious part is the recent move by Sen. Bernie Sanders to 'make sure' that Wall St. don't get to sit on the Fed. Reserve board. LOL

commendable move, but really? this is a 'surprise' that you just found out that Watt St. run IS the Federal Reserve??

Like WTF does Bernie Sanders think Dr. Paul has been trying to do, since 1974??

Guess in all his huffing and puffing, Sanders still hasn't figured out that Fed. Res. IS Wall St. branch office in quasi-govt agency. No secret to anyone here at DailyPaul or within the R3VOLution that Wall St. member banks schemed to set up Fed. Reserve.

Like DUH! socialist Sanders! OF COURSE 'they' have only been sitting on Fed. Res. board for its entire duration. What he 'just' found this out in the last 4years? Why the hell didn't he raise this issue like couple of election cycle ago?

Need to abolish it. PERIOD. not 'fix' it.

Of course, Bernie has an interest in using it, to redistribute wealth for his agenda. As if that's gonna be any different for the rest of the citizenry at large; it's still one group of centralizing thugs socializing other people's wealth arbitrarily on their whim.

And you wonder why liberals never quite 'get' econ.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul