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My First DP Birthday

Hello, DPers,

I want to say thank you to all you guys and gals here, even the few of you I've butted heads with. You all have given me intellectual food the past year and one week I couldn't have gotten anywhere else offline and online. When I reflect on the year, I'm amazed at what I've learned about Ron Paul and freedom.

It's been a comfort to me to not only be aware people such as you are out there but that I get to communicate with you, a communication whose fuel is the want for truth, the state through which good is produced. When I read the Daily Paul, I see individuals who care about truth and because of that care, consequently they care about life. No other congregation of individuals has inspired me to "pick up the pen" in hope to return to my love, to write and edit, especially in the face of adversity, something I've written about on here and what some of you are aware of because you've read my commentary on it. Whatever side you took on that adversity, I'm glad for it. I forged my acumen and extended my tolerance against your opposition and I walked with you in self education if you commented to learn or offered help.

To whomever I offended because of my attention to detail, I meant not to offend you but to keep my mind sharp and to prevent myself from forgetting details about the work I did before that adversity pulled me away from it. As well, I meant to impart knowledge on people reading this website. I assume each RPer wants to be correct and that if he concludes he isn't correct, he will learn what is correct. Being correct will help him in his interactions with people who have yet to learn freedom and in his debates against freedom's opponents. The RPer must be a sentinel for truth. Each free man and woman should want to attain truth, which requires knowing language bodily and linguistically. Whatever language's form, it is the explicit and specific form of logic and it could be argued language is logic's partner or if not its partner then its first product.

I started reading the DP in 2008. I read it regularly in '09 then almost daily in '10, '11 and this year. Almost daily? Yeah, once in a while I'll miss a day because I get busy. Otherwise, I read it every day. What a heckuva learning experience you all have provided me.

Thank you for the wonderful first year, my fellow DPers. I'm happy to begin my second DP year and look forward to many, many more happy years. The Daily Paul is the best website bar none. It's a place where free men and women gather voluntarily to give their ideas and engage in discourse to learn, the practice grounds for the good fight. Let us continue that fight, a fight we all recognize that must happen -- and is happening. I can't think of a better place than the DP to act on that recognition. To you the DPer, thank you. *hat tip*


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Freedom's Continuance to Eternity

In light of Michael's post and the posts of DPers talking the DP's future or their futures on the DP, I thought I'd comment to move this post of mine to the front page in Active Forum Topics. This post falls in line with those posts and, maybe, it'll reignite the spark of freedom in the DPer whose mind is uneasy, unsure or feeling down and out so much that he's considering leaving the DP.

To the DPer thinking about giving up, please don't. There is no better place on the Internet that supports freedom whose spokesman's has been her best since the days of long ago. Probably you and I won't have the impact of the man this website is named after, but in our lives we can make the impact in the lives of our friends and family members and in every human we meet for the remainder of our lives. We can construct our defenses, our -- communities of freedom.

To what the name of the Daily Paul should be after this campaign season, I see nothing wrong retaining its name. As a DPer pointed out on a different thread this evening, just because Huffington Post, Brietbart, Drudge Report and other websites are namesakes, it doesn't mean those websites are about the people bearing those names.

Another reason to keep Daily Paul the Daily Paul is to retain its root crown, its source point, as if the name was a guide to understand its message because its message is inherent in man. Its source's name could be referenced in case the environment here grows hazy. Yes, Ron Earnest Paul has been the object of our discussions and likely he will for a long time. His name probably will never go away here and it's right that it shouldn't go away, it's right that it stays for the life of this website. But probably some day his name will place second to what he brought to me and you, the message the human has been vibrating since his conception: freedom.

So, please stay. Freedom needs its pillars every day wherever those pillars are, wherever the pillar that is you are.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.