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*Updated* Massachusetts GOP Denies The Will Of The People; Rules Provisional Ballots Won't Be Counted

The Massachusetts GOP has indicated that they intend to throw out provisional ballots cast by legally registered Republicans during the April 28th state wide caucus.


The party printed these ballots, gave very precise and lengthy instructions on how they would be handled, and now they are throwing these votes away. Most likely these votes would have a positive effect on the Liberty candidates, so it is in their best interest to throw out these ballots. Some of the voters effected by this spent over 5 hours to cast their votes, only to see them thrown away.

Here is the video of the District 6 chairman explaining exactly how they would be handled.


We have also released contradictory information from the district 8 caucus as well. More video soon...

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I don't think you want to use

I don't think you want to use the word "will of the people" given that the delegate strategy tried to deny that very thing.

The rules are the will of the

The rules are the will of the people


I say we let this one go! (Really!) Please read why.

If Ron Paul taught me one thing, it's not to be afraid to speak your mind even when its going against the grain.. including on this forum with people I generally mostly agree with!
But I never thought those provisional ballots should have counted. The rules were that you needed to be registered by 2/15. Simple! Right? And my hair stood up on end when I watched in person the district 6 guy say otherwise, even though I thought it might benefit us. Rules are rules, right?
So I'm thinking that the guy in district 6 just spoke incorrectly when he said they'd count (either b/c he was confused himself or because he was somehow conspiring to waste everyone's time.... I'm choosing to believe the former.)

We've got plenty to be upset about. I propose we channel our frustrations and energy towards other endeavors, and let this one go. I never understood why those provisional votes should have counted.... because otherwise, then our wonderful volunteers coordinating MA for RP made a mistake in guiding us... (i.e. I for one, ceased recruiting people to change their registration to GOP after 2/15).

You'll have to take me at my word that I'm a legit RP supporter and not a troll.


Wrong. The provisional ballots were for folks whose name did not show up in the sign-in sheets they had. Their books may not have been updated in time to reflect the fact they were registered by February 15th. Some people even SHOWED ME their letters showing that they registered by February 15th yet their name did not show up on the list. So, please, get your facts straight.

My Bad

I just listened to the youtube video again..and for some reason that wasn't what I thought I heard initially... I won't bother explaining what I thought I heard... but finally I feel like everything makes sense.... and damnit.. if these guys were registered by 2/15 then their provisional votes should count!

My protest letter was denied...

Joseph Cavallaro here. I'm one of a few folks who are waiting for my provisional ballots (which I am almost 100% sure would declare me the winner of delegate spot #3 in district 1). If I won, our slate would have a clean sweep of district 1.

The reason I got that they won't count the ballots is because nowhere in the rules does it state the use of "provisional ballots". Then, let me as you, Ed McGrath, why did you have all 9 of Massachusetts' districts hand them out? Was that intentional?

Also, why did I receive a letter from you that states, "Thank you for your interest in the 2012 Massachusetts Republican Party (MRP) Republican National Convention delegate caucus process. Further, your letter expressing concerns with regard to the caucus process was well recieved and taken under serious advisement. However, in accord with state law, MRP bylaws, the delegate selection plan, and national rules, the MRP will not be taking any further action concerning your protest."

Really? You've made the decision before your own rules state I could have a right to a hearing???

"Rule 4.6 says that the protesting party must be heard before a decision can be rendered: Protests shall be heard and decided by the Allocation Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding, at a meeting at which the protesting and affected parties shall be given an opportunity to be heard."

WHERE'S MY OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD? WHY WASN'T I TOLD ABOUT THE DELEGATE ALLOCATION MEETING DATE/TIME? (Which I know where it is through other sources, no thanks to you).


Furthermore, I don't blame you as much---but maybe you shouldn't listen to your general counsel...Mr Vinny Devito (he's the real problem here). He ran as a delegate for district 5 and lost. Now he wants to throw out the results of the district 5 caucus (why, so he can go? too bad rules say he can't either now). Think there is a reason why he is advising you NOT to count our provisional ballots? This is no way to treat hard working republicans who are not trying to undermine but join forces and help build the republican party...

California won't count Provisional


They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Thank you California,

For announcing this before the results. Unlike Massachusetts, where we were clearly told, in great detail, what would happen with the provisional votes. None of what we were told is happenning, watch the videos.

You're welcome

but I only found this out because my friend went to delegate training classes here.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Call Scott Brown's office and remind him Brown voted with McCain

on preventing s604 from hitting the floor...And the surge.. I called and Brown is in a dead heat with Warren and the Republican party does this?

Unless they reverse this I am rounding up the Paul forces to call Brown's office at Voice: 617-565-3170
FAX: 617-723-7325..

As far as I am concerned unless the RNC in Massachusetts does the right thing it is going to lose a Senate seat. Secondly at my caucus Romney attached stickers to the ballots and these don't even count as votes and are not even legal within a 150 feet of a voting center.. As we know the republican party is a private club and very much like big government is above the law or in this case the rules... Moral blow-back...

woah...I didn't know about the stickers.

that's so not cool.
seriously what is wrong with these Romney people? And they get away with it???

not cool.
very not cool.

Okay I need some opinions here...

What am I looking for now? Is Ron out of the nomination? Does he still have some kind of shot at winning the nomination? Should I be looking for concessions? What exactly is the pulse on this campaign's most "expected" goals? I'm not trying to be pessimistic or anything like that, I've just become very, very confused in the last few weeks. Any thoughts will be MUCH appreciated.

Unlike Newt and Rick, Ron has

Unlike Newt and Rick, Ron has not suspended his campaign.

What he has done is stop spending money on TV advertising in the remaining primary states, to preserve the money and staff time to fight the delegate battles. The effort has been redoubled in that latter, and more important, battle.

Whether Ron is nominated or not, the national delegates also set the rules for the national party. Meanwhile, the county and state conventions that pick the delegates ALSO pick the functionaries for the county and state parties.

Turning the GOP around in the long term from a pro-imperialism big-government corporate-welfare party into a pro-freedom, pro-peace, sane economics party is the real battle. Getting the presidency for Ron would be VERY useful, too, because of the great power of the office and his willingness to use that power properly. But it isn't necessary. Freedom is the real prize. The presidency is just a very useful tool, but one tool of many.

It just happens that the same tactics work for either target. So we're going for both. B-)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I don't have much faith ..

..in turning the GOP around. Without Ron Paul his movement will fracture.

That is why this convention is so important. We can not allow it to be a Romney coronation- especially with Ron Paul supporters there!

You will have faith if you become a precinct delegate this year.

This will guarantee you a vote in your county convention and a delegate to the state convention representing your district. My two sons and I have registered for the August elections and are basically unopposed in our respective districts. It is really easy and Ron Paul supporters everywhere are doing this. I suggest that you do the same. Even if the deadline in your state for running for precinct delegate has passed you probably can still run as a write in. Please check it out and carry on the torch for freedom! The revolution will not die without Ron Paul but will continue to gain momentum until we have control of the party.


We keep on fighting.. One

We keep on fighting.. One thing is for sure, if we don't we definitely won't have a shot... After watching the video of Dr. Paul at the 1989 Libertarian Party State Chairs Meeting posted by AnCapMercenary earlier today, I couldn't help but feel inspired. For all these years this man fought for what he believes in while almost everyone else laughed at him. Today so many are waking up. We need to follow Dr. Paul's example and keep fighting, no matter the odds.

Yes, he's still very much in.

Yes, he's still very much in. He just simply isn't officially campaigning in the primaries aka beauty contests because what really counts are the conventions. However, in a few upcoming states, such as South Dakota, to maximize and secure delegates, Paul needs to get a certain percentage of the vote, such as in winner take all states. This means that people like you and I, not just the campaign, have to be extra active in getting the word out to people in these upcoming primaries that not only is Ron Paul still in this race, but he is in it to WIN IT and is WINNING.



I'd be more convinced he was in it to win if he had
bothered to show up in Montana and South Dakota,
which apparently he will not do.

Seems almost disrespectful - and not something
that can be rationalized on economic grounds -
like how much can it cost? We're not talking about
blanketing California with prime time ads, just
showing up.

Both states could be hit in 1-2 days, and between them
there are a third the number of delegates as California.

There may be other grounds for not going, but it
seems self-defeating to me..

Either Ron Paul fears victory....

...or his 'Campaign' is incompetent.

I believe it is the second.

There is no other explanation for essentially pulling out as a 'candidate for the nomination at this time. (Yes, I know he has not said that but actions do speak louder than words).

Delegates and alternates in Tampa need to promote Paul in spite of any Campaign directives not to do so. Otherwise, why bother going?

Money Bomb for Justice

The Ron Paul camp seems unwilling to stir up too much trouble, but now the campaign is in grassroot hands. Should the result of all the dedication and effort be allowed to be deflated by the unlawful acts of degenerates, pushing for an equally immoral candidate?
It is time not only for sound money but sound elections.

There is no doubt that every delegate and every alternate count and there's little time to act. The amount of judicial work requires a swarm of killer lawyers. A money bomb for justice would have the value of several of the previous combined.

There are only two choices: to lie down or stand up and fight!


That's just sickening!


What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!


Remember Oklahoma.

Sealed Provisional Ballots

I wouldn't be suprised if they opened them all up already and saw that the Liberty Delegates would do even better(maybe even pick up a spot or two), so now they are trying to shelf them.


They did say that they would be opened within 3 days. That was 3 weeks ago. Plenty of time to craft this strategy.




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PLEASE make a thread about this!

Your comment is buried here!

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This is a great cause! Thank you

I am a delegate in VA whose application (along with 19 others) was thrown in the trash when the corrupt district chairman suspected us as Paul supporters.

No mind, we were all reinstated...but I am thinking about taking legal action.

I will donate to your cause, and I hope that you guys create your own website.

Just checked out lawyers4ronpaul.com is available on Godaddy. If you guys like, I will pay for the reservation and the set up of the domain.

Let me know!


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Get these guys to resign.

It would seem that their attempt to supress the votes that they dont want to recieve with affidavits failed. So now they just want to start throwing them out?
These are the type of people that belong behind bars instead of the massive amount of harmless pot smokers that are currently filling them past capacity.
The only shining note behind this behavior is that it further invigorates our movement by making us stronger, more prepared, and it WILL backfire on them soon.
Keep strugling to make sure that your voice gets heard Mass. we are pulling for you.



I am confused this means that the pre printed Romney stickers

are not counted? Does that mean Ron Paul swept Massachusetts?