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Rand Paul practically endorses Mitt Romney... sigh

starts around minute 3....


why why why why???????

i mean on one hand this guy introduces actual amendments to reduce the size of government. that i truly respect but then he goes on that someone like Mitt Romney would be ideal to "turn the economy around" and "create jobs"

and to all the ones that will simply downvote this.... get a brain, you are no better than the mindless democrats or republicans if you will blindly follow this guy just because his last name is paul. i truly believe he is on our side (just look at all the bills he has introduced) but there is no reason to glorify him.

oh and if you guys remember.... finally got my site up and running..

RonPaulExposed.net - I'm open to suggestions

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Can't you...

control your verbiage out of respect for Dr. Paul? He has asked repeatedly for us to display decorum and respect.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

apparently, paul gave waivers for behavior to all of his paid

staff, and put different rules on his supporters that give lots of donations.



I hate to say it, but you are right. What has this guy been smoking ?

I don't think this was as much

of an endorsement of Romney as it was a plug for the Republican party. Look - he is a young senator with a long career ahead of him, as long as he pays lip service to his party of choice. And look what channel this was on? He can't exactly go & sing his father's praises. This was just a strategic word play, nothing more. He's trying unite the Republican party...& come Tampa when RP gets the nomination, that what we need to get him elected as POTUS. C'mon, give him a break, guys. As much as I loath the bi-partisan aspect of our country's politics, a lot of people are very polarized, so he has to play their game...better than they do, I might add.

A long career ahead of him?

Didn't he co-author "term limit' legislation?

fiddle dee dee

I watched and never heard an enorsement of any kind

Hemdid not endorse Romney

The Red Coats are coming!

Since There Are A Ton Of Trolls On This Site.......

If I see a negative thread....the first thing I do is check to see who created it. If that person has been on the Paul for less than 1 year....I will no longer post a reply... vote it up or down....I will just ignore it and hope everyone does the same.

We're too late in the game....too many newbies trying to cause division.....its best to ignore N.N's....Negative Newbies.

Better safe than sorry.....


the time the account was made has nothing to do with anything. they could have been actively reading the website since 2007 but not made an account until now.

ron paul 2012


but most paul supporters i've ever met don't *WAIT* for the moment when we are winning to begin, after YEARS OF READING, plugging TOTAL CRAP here at the DP. please.

I have been a supporter...

...since 2007, but did not join till 4 mths. ago. I have not done a forum post yet because I do still feel "new" on the site. And I do agree that many new ones post ridiculous crap not to mention horrible comments. They really aren't hard to spot! After 4 years I can see why you all are getting annoyed!

Doesn't make sense to judge...

the account based on its amount of time OVER the content of their posts. If they are all pro Ron Paul posts w/ a couple critical posts, then their voice deserves to be heard as much as the next poster. We all nee to vent a little frustration every now and then. It's good for the soul.

A Game

We are winning!!!!
Troll= fear

:) mail

No One But Ron Paul 2012!

Let go of Rand - he is a traitor to his father and LOVES Romney.

The way Rand campaigned for his father last dec indicated he is so much in love with Romney. Rand literally said Romney is "precisely" the person he wants to run this country - this shows Rand's disgust of libertarian principles. Apparently, Rand doesn't think much ever of his father being president. Although it has long been clear that Ron will not win, it is backstabbing for Rand to say that his father is not right person for the job, but that it is Romney.

So, Rand Paul is a serial hypocrite because you can't be for romneycare and hold any ground about obamacare. And Romney has done a long list of nasty things. But then again, Rand only cares about satisfying his establishment handlers.

Unfortunately, a long herd of rp supporters will follow rand as if he is their savior now. Rand has the same handlers as his father, Ron.


im sorry

sorry but Rand was trying to make romney look like he is a good guy and it would be the phuking worst thing for Dr.Paul to endorse romney i would never trust Dr.Paul ever again if he backs romney but he wont and ill never vote for romney because i know he is bought and paid for.


Rand Paul Exposed? BS

Rand Paul Exposed? Exposed of what? The interview started with the subject of Bain Capital and their business practices. Rand's comments were nothing more than comments. I don't see anything worrisome about him saying that someone with a business background who knows how to make cuts in business would also be good at using that same business sense to "cut the Government business" of excess.

He steered away from the "delegate" issue, which was a wise choice, and concentrated on extolling how Ron Paul has brought so many people around to become aware of what needs to be done and how it is helping to rebuild the Republican Party.

You people need to lay off Rand Paul, what point to you prove making nit picky accusations.

Rand Paul is a very intelligent person, he knows what he is doing at all times. He knows what this country needs and knows how to do it. But, he is in the midst of political gaming big time, and I believe he is making all the smart moves for "his future" and the future of this country. Washington is a nasty place filled with nasty people, we don't need more nasty people bashing him here.

Stop making up lies and excuses bec you don't like truth.

truth hurts, but people you trusted betrayed you. so look back and see why and how you didn't get for a long time that the rand pack had you fooled. otherwise, campaign for librty with tate and benton are ready to keep ripping you off with their literal begging for money with no shame.

where else do you see rand politicking and playing games? you want to make believe that this is the one time rand plays games and all teh rest of the time, that he is some saint.

no, reality is that rand viciously loves romney, and will only serve romney and his interests. 'precisely' is the word rand used. rand thinks romney is the savior.


You sound like a

disgruntled employee. Blah, blah, blah ...

Jesse is thinking about Rand's future

Jesse is thinking about Rand's future. He and Rand support the movement but they are not constitutional hard liners like Paul they have bigger aspirations. They won’t go all in for us but they will make token concessions to get our vote and support. We can’t let the Revolution be consumed and get coopted by the GOP like the Tea Party. Endorsements don’t matter allow no leaders think independently actions and policy positions are the only thing that matter. This is why the movement will survive because it is an ideological battle. Vote and support people that will hold the line and that will not compromise on the constitution. We already have news out from Ben Swann that 10 Tea Party freshmen are taking money from banks. Don’t get caught up in the verbiage again only vote for hard liners that will not compromise on the constitution at least they can hold the line after the election on the debt ceiling to force the government to make deep cuts.

I doubt the Liberals and the unions will give up their programs without a strong fight and more money printing so we have to mobilize and take Senate, House and local elected positions to choke them to death fiscally.

What are everyone’s thoughts on how we will organize and maintain this momentum after the election?

Ron Paul should tell Jesse and Rand to fuck off. I won't allow then to coop this movement like the Tea Party. Jesse and Rand want to make political deals with the GOP and the GOP coopted Tea Party don't follow them. If he thinks that we will support him in the future he is mistaken. Everyone focus locally get your people in place for city council, mayor, House, school board, etc. We have the numbers to dominate locally. Slow and steady wins the race. The fed doesn't matter if we don't take their money or cooperate at the local level. Cut them off at the knees. Create coalitions with other groups that are seeking their own FREEDOM from the system.

I’m a Ron Paul Republican and I will abide by the constitution and the Paul Doctrine WIN, LOSE or DRAW.

HOLD the LINE for FREEDOM and MARCH steadfast with the CONSTITUTION

What about OUR future?

Were there no Patriot Act, no Military Tribunals Act and no NDAA, I'd say, "Yeah, we can wait for 2016," even though I'm an old fart in not particularly good health and may not be here by 2016. However, we have all these things AND the MIAC report. Bad as the Alien and Sedition Acts were, they didn't compare to this stuff and WE have been singled out by them, as well as military veterans. It is probably just as well I am in poor health and don't have the specialized skills to take these people down, because I would do it in a heartbeat without hesitation or remorse.

RP supporters don't care of their future, but only of the future

of paul's establishment-romney handlers. as long as the handlers are pleased and chest full of donations that don't go to promote ron, then they are fine as well.

that is some supporters, and not you specifically.


LKY's picture

I don't think this is an endorsement

Rand Paul did not endorse Romney. He is just telling it as what it is. Romney is a successful business man and he did what he had to do as an investor. Rand Paul is defending Romney for Obama has no clue about running business.

For United States to turn back to Capitalism, then Romney is better choice for he is a very good businessman. This is Romney strongest strength is this race. This is what Rand Paul is trying to point out. But, he didn't make any endorsement of his other policies.

And, this race is no longer just about economy after what happened over last three years. It is now more about personal liberty and the Constitution.

I'm disappointed in Rand to basically endorce Romney!

I'm disappointed in Rand to basically endorce Romney!
What was he thinking!!! He should be pushing and plugging his father up in the media. GEEZ!!! Sure sounds like an endorcement, it wasn't pro father Campaign. I know Rand does help in a lot in stopping corruption in DC but to say this on TV isn't good. I'm not happy about it.

He didn't endorse Romney at all

reading between the lines, he was plugging the Republican Party.


Isn't that the same thing?

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain


What party is Dr Paul in???


He basically did endorse him, unofficially perhaps, that just sucks, I think less of him, he's not his Father at all, but folks the People (Americans) as a whole reward politicians like this, who sound so reasonable but are not.

Romney/Rand 2012

Regardless of whether you'd vote for a Rombot/Rand Paul ticket, it's pretty clear that Rand and Ron are keeping the door open for the possibility that Romney asks Rand to jump on board. That's the only thing that explains both Rand's comments here and all the campaign confusion over the past week (IMO).

I, like almost everyone here, am still hoping for a convention miracle for Ron--the closer we get to that, however, the more likely it becomes that Romney will offer the Pauls a deal before the convention happens.

If Ron looks at the numbers and thinks it's the right move, I would support his decision (though I still wouldn't vote for Romney and I doubt Ron would either). Many many people would change their mind, however, and I think it would be enough to give Romney the win.

Let them think they are assimilating us--we can still vote our conscience--and covertly assimilate them in the process. Even the neocons voted for Rand--if this is Plan B, I'd be happy with it.

Strategy. . . .

The Pauls are a lot more political savvy than most of us on this site, and I agree with a previous reply that it is all about strategy. Remember we are to be "wise as serpents, gentle as doves". Time for a little trust!

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

I would never vote for Rand.

While I support many of the things he's done as a senator, I can not and could not ever get behind him as a candidate. I don't trust him. He has voted for and voiced support for far too many anti-liberty causes. He is not a libertarian. If anything, he is a conservative Republican with some libertarian leanings.

Ron was my last hope.

Besides, the problem with the state is not really who runs it. The problem is the state itself. It's foundations are morally unjust. If any doubt this, I suggest you read Lysander Spooner's classic "The Constitution of No Authority," and/or Murray Rothbard's "For A New Liberty." I believe both can be found for free at Mises.org.