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Rand Paul practically endorses Mitt Romney... sigh

starts around minute 3....


why why why why???????

i mean on one hand this guy introduces actual amendments to reduce the size of government. that i truly respect but then he goes on that someone like Mitt Romney would be ideal to "turn the economy around" and "create jobs"

and to all the ones that will simply downvote this.... get a brain, you are no better than the mindless democrats or republicans if you will blindly follow this guy just because his last name is paul. i truly believe he is on our side (just look at all the bills he has introduced) but there is no reason to glorify him.

oh and if you guys remember.... finally got my site up and running..

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what does that mean?

i've never understood the "."

Rand is NOT Ron. I wish more

Rand is NOT Ron. I wish more realized this. I will not vote for him unless he changes some things, including his nasty attitude toward gays.

His personal opinion is

His personal opinion is irrelevant. Did he push or promote any anti-gay laws?

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

There's likely an overall strategy here

We might not be able to see exactly what it is right now, but neither Ron nor Rand are stupid. I'm not suggesting blind faith of course, but if we can't see exactly where the chess pieces are moving, the Romney campaign also can't, and that's the point.

Does this make sense to you?

What if...

in the unlikely event that Rand and/or Dr. Paul endorsed Romney and asked us to vote for him....

Would you?

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Rand would fully endorse Romney

Ron wouldn't even consider it.

Wanna Bet?


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

No one ever called RP a flip-flopper or hypocrite

and thats exactly what he'd be if he endorsed Romney without seeing a polar shift in policy. (and even then RP would be skeptical) In this age, everything is on video. I just cant see RP going back on what he's said about having no intention of endorsing Romney. If he did, could you imagine the raking he'd get? There's probably 12 hrs worth of clips where Ron Paul explains why Mitt Romney is not the man for the job. In 30 years he's never gone back on his word.I just cant see him making a flip-flop the final act of his 30 years of stellar
public service.

Bet what?

That Rand would fully endorse Romney or that Ron wouldn't even consider it?

But would you vote for Romney

if they asked?

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Absolutely NOT!

Hell, if Ron asked me to vote for his POS son, I would have to tell Ron,its time to let go, "he is not like you".

I know I will

NEVER Vote for that scumbag under any circumstance, but was curious as to how everyone else in here feels...

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.


is speaking hypothetically trying to explain a philosophical principle.

I don't get why this is upsetting.

I even disagree with Rand that business owners make better political leaders but respect others who may hold that view.

What we might need is an auctioneer. To start selling off Govt property on a massive scale. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


member 7 weeks 2 days and now spining the Rand Paul's words?
A troll?


There are many out today against Rand. Maybe it's because of his FDA amendment?

Brought you back from negative Sailette

Concur w/ you on this.

Call'em as I see'em

w/o regard to past exchanges.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

raw milk..

contains bacteria! I'm scared... :(

*looks under a cow for evidence of al qaeda*


Why are people voting Saillette down? They are making a valid point. Rand is introducing a bill to legalize raw milk. And the FDA has swat teams to deal with raw milk. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Strategic Actions (AKA Playing the Game)

I'm still inclined to think that Rand is being strategic here as with his vote for sanctions against Iran. If Rand becomes President some day he will be in a great position to make many positive changes in the direction of liberty but it's much more difficult to get elected in the first place if your own party views you as an outsider who wouldn't back them as is the case with his father.

Voting against the sanctions would not have effected the outcome - it would have passed overwhelmingly anyhow - so he may have taken then stance that supporting the majority with a YES vote would have more long term benefits if it, and similar actions, help to build bridges between him and his colleagues. For all we know this may be a strategy that he and his dad worked out after the latter learned that his principled approach earned him the full weight of the GOP establishment roadblocking his presidential campaign(s). Perhaps Ron and Rand are executing a "good cop/bad cop" type strategy in which Ron plays the role of the incorruptible man of principle while Rand infiltrates the party structure by attempting to endear himself to his colleagues by supporting them in cases where he is so outnumbered that NO votes would have no practical effect. He'll toss them a bone every now and again in order to remain in their good graces.

If Mitt wins the nomination then endorsing him is a wise move for Rand as far as his future aspirations go.

Rather shocked to hear Rand's

Rather shocked to hear Rand's comment that Romney is precisely the person who should be president because he has turned around failed businesses, and the US government is a failed business. I have yet to hear Romney utter an intelligent phrase about anything!

Also shocked to hear him reduce his father Ron Paul to a political lackey merely collecting young people to join the GOP. This is an insult.

Ron Paul is so far beyond the GOP, they do not deserve him. He is an entity unto himself, not a political lackey to the GOP. Let him run for president on his own merit. He is loved for being himself internationally.

The GOP is a failed party and should be dumped. So are the democrats. Let's just have some honest intelligent people, like Ron Paul, run for office on their own merit.

I cannot think of any excuse for Rand making these comments. He just lost a lot of credibility and respect.

The view from Canada.

I'm from Canada, and that

I'm from Canada, and that ain't my view lol
Rand is a good guy, just look at what he has done in the Senate battling the Neo-Cons. Fox news interviews mean very little considering all that he has done so far.
I'm still waiting for the Ron/Judge Nap Indy ticket, hopefully Rand will make the right endorsement at that time....
hey you going to Paul-Fest? I want to make the trip, but I worry it'll be too hot hot in Florida in August, I can't handle that kinda heat

Wish I could make the trip to

Wish I could make the trip to Florida! Wish I could write Ron Paul on the presidential ballot. There is no one like him on the horizon right now. He is a tough act to follow.

Canadian ..

listen to the whole interview and understand the context of the questioning. He did not say precisely Romney, either. Don't twist the meaning.

Also, have you not been paying attention? RP supporters are infiltrating the GOP with success. We currently have a two party system that we have to endure. Better to take over the GOP.

I am not a troll.

I have followed Ron Paul and admired him for his integrity and COURAGE for years. I have also liked Rand because he is Ron Paul's son. I feel sad about these comments. I realize you are in a two party system and are trying to make it work because that is all you have for the moment. Taking over the party is a good strategy, and perhaps the only one for the present time. We also have the same unfortunate lame system in Canada.

Perhaps you need to listen around 3:29 on the tape.
(I think governor Romney would be precisely the person I would want to to turn around a failing business like our government.)

What happens in the USA presidential election will affect the entire world. Forgive the international community for caring and following what is happening. It is our world too.

Hmmm ... I didn't call you a troll.

Your over reaction speaks for itself.

You seem to be a rather

You seem to be a rather paranoid person about trolls. I assure you we are on the same team.

he is paranoid

He called me a troll too, I am new to this site and all he is doing is chasing people away,, I saw that he has been on this site for 4 years, maybe he is just burnt out or had a lot of troll experience,, what ever it is it is strange for sure. We should be able to speak our views without being called names, at least not that kind of name, most of us are very loyal supporters to Ron Paul and dont need to be treated like the enemy.

Ron Paul 2012!!!

Stop trying to find the 3d chess moves in this.

Please, just stop. Its just sad.

It was sad with Benton, and its sad with Rand.

Rand is not his father.

I have listened carefully to Rand Paul in a number of interviews and my conclusion is that he is very much a member of the middle of the road America who believes in his country and the orthodoxy that capitalism is good and socialism is bad. This is why he doesn't understand what Bain Capital does amongst other things.

The interviewer made the comment that Apple, Google and Facebook were all started by angel investors. She is confusing venture capital with private equity, two different creatures.

She made this comment after Rand's defence of Romney and Bain Capital "saving jobs". This is a misunderstanding that many have about what Bain Capital does. Romney's contribution to the American Dream was to turn it into a nightmare for hundreds of people. He did not "save" companies. He destroyed them and it was not creative destruction which is an oxymoron best left to the free market rather than being used as a justification for theft.

Many of the companies he targeted were healthy companies with solid balance sheets and full order books with a future in their industries and a loyal and proficient work force. They were targeted for this very reason. They could be destroyed profitably. My personal suspicion is that Bain Capital were hired guns for big players who wanted to destroy a competitor and acquire their assets and their customer base.

Unfortunately neither Rand nor his father are knowledgeable about the financial markets to the extent that they know the truly corrupt nature of these markets, especially at the level of the Bain Capitals of the world. In a very real sense they are naive about them. This is because they are decent men and would never personally conduct themselves like Mitt Romney and so take him on face value. Rand at least does not realise that Mitt Romney has the very worst qualifications to be President. He would hasten America to her demise with no concern for the people.

Dr. Paul understands the economics of the situation the United States finds itself in and is fully committed I believe to getting rid of the Federal Reserve. He is a wise statesman, a good leader and an honest dependable man who will make a great President. This is not the same thing as being savvy about how the financial markets and their denizens operate.

Everyone has a blind spot and this in my opinion is the one shared by Dr. Paul and his son. I do not know Rand's position on the Empire and the Fed but I doubt that he is as committed as his father to ending the wars and abolishing the FRS. He does want to cut taxes and regulations and balance the budget but these are housekeeping chores that do not go to the root of the problem. Certainly his work on civil liberties is commendable and should be emulated by more members of Congress.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Absolutely Disgraceful

Rand Paul: "I think Gov. Romney would be precisely the person I would want to turn around a failing business like our government..."

He knows Romney is Obama-lite, yet he spews this garbage?

It seems Rand is not the principled and incorruptible man his father is. In order to appear on Fox, apparently he made a deal to promote Romney and ignore his father's campaign. Has Rand sold out?

Ironically, Rand's various

Ironically, Rand's various sell outs will probably hurt, not help his political career. He is increasingly damaged goods for us but the neocons and Santorum types (despite his pandering to them) will never trust him either. Because of his gay marriage comments, he also has pretty much turned off the "socially tolerant" wing of the GOP. He is increasingly a man without a base.