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Rand Paul practically endorses Mitt Romney... sigh

starts around minute 3....


why why why why???????

i mean on one hand this guy introduces actual amendments to reduce the size of government. that i truly respect but then he goes on that someone like Mitt Romney would be ideal to "turn the economy around" and "create jobs"

and to all the ones that will simply downvote this.... get a brain, you are no better than the mindless democrats or republicans if you will blindly follow this guy just because his last name is paul. i truly believe he is on our side (just look at all the bills he has introduced) but there is no reason to glorify him.

oh and if you guys remember.... finally got my site up and running..

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He did mention his father

you have to watch all of it.


Only because the commentator ASKED about him.

that is how these forums work they ask the questions and you try

to answer them. Have you been paying attention?

Okay you tell me

Does Rand endorse Romney or his father for President....easy question and you watched the video and were paying attention. ??


No question Ron Paul.

No question Ron Paul.

Rand is more interested in

Rand is more interested in his political future than in doing what is right. Sadly, his political future should lie with the liberty movement, yet he continues to bow to the neo-cons.

He does not have the solid character of his old man.

This a problem

How can you be for Ron Paul and not for Rand. We support the Revolution end of question and Rand is apart of that revolution. So for people who love to give their opinion, you need to think a little more before opening your mouth. We are being closely scrutinized, so we must be politically correct, or just refrain from saying anything at all. Your only hurting our cause with your non-learned comments.
Are you with us or against us?

You've been here 10 weeks and

You've been here 10 weeks and you are advocating blind faith in a person who is a freshman senator. Rand has done several good things so far, but he needs to continue to be scrutinized. This is a revolution of intelligence and debate, and this is a forum for such discussions. Glad you're here for liberty, but if you want to consider yourself an "us" and play into a polarizing paradigm, it is you who had better reevaluate. Being an active member on the Daily Paul is a good education. Stick around and learn something rather than sniping at long time contributes (or anyone for that matter) for having a different opinion than yours.

Rand needs to continue to prove himself.

Yes, it is a problem.

However the question should be, "Is Rand with us or against us?"


We are being scrutinized, so we must tell the TRUTH, and let the chips fall where they may.


Truth and opinion aren't the

Truth and opinion aren't the same. It is your opinion not fact and if your a patriot you know. If you are not you are a mole for the other side or someone who just likes seeing you name in print.

Yet what you have said is

Yet what you have said is your opinion, and not fact. Oh, the irony.

Rand Paul

I think that he was just being respectful to Romney with regards to the question. There is no doubt that he was not endorsing Romney and only someone who doesn't understand being ingratiating when it comes to a political opponent would think otherwise. A lot of people are turned off by bashing and that is that. We do not need to alienate potential voters at this point, or our freedom campaigns own for that fact, so try and not let your inexperienced opinion cause more grief for our campaign in the future.

I support Rand

For standing up against the NDAA.

and for standing up against the patriot act.


His endorsement of Thomas Massie who just won the 4th district in Ky was instumental in getting him elected. From all accounts it seems Massie will be a great asset to the freedom movement.

On the downside, he seems misguided on freedeom of speech when talking about arresting or deporting folks for attending radical speeches.

Rand said we should arrest or

Rand said we should arrest or deport ppl for attending radical speeches?


Here is a couple links

Here is the Rachel Maddow's clip discussing his statement that he made on the Sean Hannity show:

And here is his explaination for the statement given on the Mandy McConnel Show:


Ron Paul is not the nom, we should push for Rand as VP. Then not vote for the ticket. The next 4 years are going to be brutal if there are no spending cuts, which there won't be if it is romney or obama. When America has to take her medicine, we do not want it to happen under a republican, remember, this is the party we are taking over.

If you were a true patriot

of the Revolution you would never make such an uneducated statement. It is Ron Paul for President or no one.

You should quit this "if you

You should quit this "if you are a true patriot" and name calling crap while you're behind. What, if the commenter is a true patriot he will think and act and write and speak like you?! Seems contrary to the concept of liberty.

I don't think you got the gist

of my comment. That is exactly what I meant, for 2012. It is closed minded not to look foward and build the revolution.

No you miss the point

we will never vote for Romney EVER!!!!

Why do you think

I said, push for Rand as VP, and then vote against the ticket? what are you not understanding?

How embarrassing...

This is too close to an endorsement of Field Marshall Romney. Why not endorse HIS DAD instead of the Mitt-doll????

Incredibly disappointing.


obviously you didn't listen to the whole thing.

I listened to the whole thing

Tell me what I missed. Did Rand say "In my opinion, I believe my father would be the best president because of his strong stand on fiscal responsibility, bringing our troops home, following the Constitution and the Rule of Law to the letter and his strong stand on person freedom and liberty"? Did I miss that part??

Delbert! i answered your question you just

don't like the answer.

don't know why people do the things they do--

can't see inside anyone else's mind, but it would be interesting to hear private conversations between Dr. Paul senior and Dr. Paul junior (not private ones like, "are you spending enough time with your wife and children?", but political things, like strategy whats and whys)--

beyond that . . .

he's talking a lot of blather, it appears; what is he DOING (as a senator, not the talking stuff)?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Sadly, I don't think Ron Paul

Sadly, I suspect that Ron Paul is an overly indulgent father who lets his children "go their own way." This is not a bad quality but can be fatal in excess.

your PHD

And your PHD is in???

I am entitled to an opinion,

I am entitled to an opinion, Master.