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Scary Flesh Eating Bacteria Question

I am very "off grid" mama when it comes to our families health. Recently I've been following this whole flesh eating bateria thing. A few years ago I knew someone who got it....very scary. ICU, organ malfunction, etc...Well, yesterday they confirmed a case about 1 hr from here. Grrrrr. I'm thinking of getting some powerful essential oils, silver, and garlic on hand. The media was VERY quick to dismiss the bacteria's "catchy-ness"....yeah ok, I won't go there. "It's such a mystery." OK so my questions: 1. Where did it come from (other than a gov. facility.) I mean like soil, animal dung, hospital care ie MERSA, or is it in water? 2.Can it be prevented? Vitamins, nutrition, proper wound care? 3. Any suggestions on essential oils? Oregano, tea tree, eucalyptus, Thieves?
My kids are numerous and of all ages.Very outdoorsy, very hard working, very active and generally very dirty for most of the day. Lots of injuries and cuts, never thought much of it, now I'm terrified and that makes me want to research. I appreciate this community even though I've never posted, you guys have helped me more than you know. Thanks, betz

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Is anyone nearby using Monsanto...


Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Betz, "Drug resistant" and "incurable"...

... are convenient handles for Big Pharma. They like to let us think there are new strains of bugs that will cause our demise and
they like to have a continuous stream of "new wonder drugs" passed thru the FDA and regulatory "revolving doors" that have been
certified not to have killed anyone in the first 6 weeks of testing. Anything "incurable" is great for them 'cos then they can ply you with expensive new drugs paid for by taxpayers through medical "insurance" so you get it for "free". A lot of this happens very coinveneintly in the arena of "managing" such incurable complaints

History is full of forgotten people who could prove that things "can't be done" and our lives are better for the Edisons of this world who diagreed.

My recommendation -- Don't buy "drug-resistant" or "incurable".

Bodies are made to be used by us as spiritual beings and this is a key to enjoying life as your family seems to do with some gusto.

Some decades ago the Royal College of Surgeons estimated that something like 70% of all disease is psychosomatic in origin yet the
whole of conventional medicine lacks even a workable definition of the mind but recommend psychotropic drugs whose actions have no
basis in science to treat "disorders" that are voted into inclusion in their "Diagnostic And Statistid Manual". They fail to see a
way to harness the working of the (undefined) mind to explain why placebos are needed to exclude its (undefined) effects on their

On top of that, they refuse steadfastly to embrace the outstanding work of several highly respected, result-oriented reseachers
despite reams and reams of results reported.

Thousand of years of survival by animals and humans has shown that they have the inherent means for combat infections. The basis of
this appears to be largely Vitamin C which is stored all over the body wherever there is collagen even though the body has to be trained to hold more of it than it does at any particualre time. It appears to be a universal virucide and bactericide although there are other anti-oxidants that work better in specific parts of the body mainly for reasons of accessibility.

As Dr Levy says in his videos on one of the sites in my earlier reply: although he is hesitant to utter absolutes, in more than a
decade of studying antioxidants he has yet to find a disease or infection that is not pro-oxidant (basically robs surrounding tissue
of electrons) does not yield to antioxidants (which donate electrons into surrounding tissue). The observations are the practical
side, the theoretical side is the theory of anti-oxidants which is important, but less important than the fact that they work.

Dr Klenner, apparently while in some position of authority at a state hospital, some decades ago cleared up a series of 90 cases of
infant polio with an average time of about 3 days using ascorbate.
If you pick around with searches for Klenner, Pauling, Hoffer, Cathcart you wil find a lot more amazing stuff (all of which will have naysayers to what they observed, as all good things do). Whenever I have been confronted with persistent infectiosn for self, family or firends I have turned to anti-oxidants and particuarly vit C -- I have yet to be disappointed in 40 years of this.


I will bookmark this discussion. This is an overwhelming lot of information, even for someone who does things alternatively/naturally.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Necrotizing fasciitis can be caused by different...

... organisms or even a mixture of organisms.
How can you prevent it? Short answer is, you can't.
You can't avoid the organisms because they are all around us.
You can't avoid getting cuts without living in a bubble.
Young, healthy people get it, so I can't honestly tell you that living "healthier" THE answer.

People have been living with this horror since prehistoric times.

So what should you do?
Good first aid for wounds would be a nice start. Antiseptic soap and water for smaller wounds. A trip to the ER for thorough flushing of the wound with sterile water and removal of foreign bodies might be necessary.
Recognizing the signs of infection (redness, warmth, purulent drainage, etc.) and in the case of necrotizing fasciitis, red streaks and PAIN out of proportion to the injury which is INCREASING.

Not reassured yet?
Look at it this way.
How do you "prevent" getting struck by lightning?
Mostly we can't. You can avoid playing golf during a thunderstorm; but you can still get hit walking to your car in the parking lot under a cloudless sky.

You could also get struck by a meteor.

Mostly you should not worry about it and practice common sense.

On the other hand, something that WE CAN do something about and IS a threat to everyone, is multi-drug resistant bacteria.


And multi-drug resistance is something that is making everything (including necrotizing fasciitis) harder and more expensive to treat.

But nobody on Daily Paul is very much interested because the solutions don't fall easily into their Libertarian paradigms.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Research the Linus Pauling Institute at University of Oregon.

Linus Pauling was a great freedom fighter. Legend is: his passport was yanked for protesting atmospheric nuke tests. But this got
him a Nobel Peace prize (sounds like a REAL one to me). When invited to a White House Dinner to receive it, he and his wife arrived
and stood outside somewhere with protest signs till dinner time and then went in to munch.

Anyway, if you pick thru the LPI stuff you may find stuff about the action of Vit C used against viruses in the Ebola class, where
the flesh literally falls apart. The reason: about 1/3 of body protein by weight id connective tissue which is mainly collagen.

Collagen has Vit C as a main constituent. The body withdraws it from collagen to fight infection (a probable explanation for skin sensitivity during 'flu, etc). They successfully combated it
with amounts of Vit C in excess of 200 grams daily (enough to keep up with what was being used up). Robert Cathcart's data on Vit C tritration has simliar data on dosages for various infections.

Here is stuff form Thomas Levy about Vit C to allay the fears of those who buy the Big Pharma thing about it behind vit C being
dangerous (and I won't answer any arguments about it from anyone who has not gone and read these references or show me the figures on "vit C deaths". I have sent friends to get mega dose drips for any and all infections, and even cancer, to a local doctor who is trained up in this. The results have always been astounding -- and I put personal observation light years ahead of anything scaremongering theoreticians can spew out. And those
results are besides anything personally experienced for self and family (which obviously does not count :P )

For any amors of Big Pharma: I know Pauling was not a Medical Doctor, and neither of his 2 Nobel prizes were for medicine. He has 3 gold medals from US medical associations and his face was put on a postage stamp by one of yr presidents. His work is corroborated by
the likes of Dr Fred Klenner, Dr Thomas Levy, Robert Cathcart and Peter Deusberg (already pariahed for presenting workable regimens for "HIV/AIDS") (etc., etc., etc)who you will also try to shoot down so I won't answer any stupid questions about Pauling and the others either for the same reasons of observation versus theory.

I also won't get into any dumb arguments about viruses vs bacteria till you can show me honest tests in doses of the correct order of magnitude for that class of bacteria you are considering.


reedr3v's picture

Collagen! I never heard this before.

Thanks for posting; could this be a factor in why chicken soup is a classic remedy for illness? And another reason bone broths would be excellent foods to fight infection. Very interesting. I realize you are talking about very high dosage (IV?) C, but for ordinary inflammation etc. the collagen idea is a very good idea.

You're welcome.

What you say sounds like it has merit.

There are all sorts of benefits available from Vit C even at oral dosages. If you look on my first reply on this thread I put up some links. I think there is one there about vit C titration (basically, gradual increase of dosages). I went thru an urgently required detox about 9 years ago after having deteriorating metal dental fillings removed. I used a totally raw food diet for 4 months and I titrated the vit C quite rapidly up to 20-40 grams daily. Once through the detox I dropped back to 10 grams a day a-la-Linus Pauling. The health benefits were enormous. Before the detox I had put on weight for the first time in my life. During the detox I dropped back to my normal weight which is quite slim. I had a significant improvement in eye-sight. Male health was fully restored and stays so. Energy levels definitely UP!

There are topical uses also. I'll give 3 examples. A friend came to me in desperation. He's very poor, and does not walk easily after an auto accident in which his hips were damaged. He was doing a door to door job-seeking things and he had been dragging his left foot which had very little feeling. He got an open sore on it which got infected. He came to me with the most swollen foot I've ever seen. It was ball-like. He had been to the local clinic and they had given him pain-killers and antibiotics but it kept getting worse for about 3 days. I made a warm foot bath with about 4 or 5 liters of water in it and dumped about 3 teaspoons of vit C in it (about 12 grams). We sat around and chewed the fat. 2 Hours later the swelling of his foot was noticeably down. In 3 days he was back to normal.

A couple of weeks ago an acquaintance mentioned that her husband had suffered what seemed to be a spider bite above his left eye. I saw the photos later. Blisters all around the eye, the eye swollen shut, and blisters all over the left forehead which, I am told, extended well into the hairline. The blisters were not open, He had been deteriorating for 4 days, was extremely weak, could not see out of his left eye and had a constant headache – maybe a candidate for meningitis. A doctor had given him meds and advised to wait it out. I instructed as follows: break open a small blister somewhere and put raw vit C powder on it (just wanted them to prove it to themselves). Osmosis would pull it into the surrounding tissue and pull toxins out. It would bleed black (turns rapidly black after being dabbed onto a Kleenex etc) till available toxins were rounded up and then bleed red and then stop. It might repeat later. I saw him 4 days later when he showed me the photos. He was, to all intents and purposes, back to normal (swelling gone, gone, gone; slight discoloration of the skin and some peeling) and reported a noticeable improvement in the first two hours and a steady improvement back to normal in about 2 days.

A lady friend of mine, at 85, asked me what she could do about a huge mole that had grown on the back of her head. It was convex, full of black lumps and bigger than a quarter. No pain, no itching and sometimes an uncomfortable “buzz” around the area. She had had it cut out and it had taken 3 months to heal and then grown back within 2 years. I had her put raw Vit C and B3 on it night after night. After about 2 weeks she reported blood on her pillow every couple days. 14 weeks after starting (by her reckoning) she said it simply washed off in the shower. I had her apply vitamin E oil from that day on to address any scar tissue. When I next saw her it had healed up without any mark I could see, especially as her hair had grown back fully at the spot. 2 years later there is no sign that it might grow back.

I have dozens of such stories, but Drs Klenner, Pauling, Cathcart, and Levy and I am sure some others have written many more than I could easily remember. The bottom line is vitamin C has enormous detoxing value and no side effects as such. Sometimes detox symptoms make it appear to have some, but these vary depending on what the toxins are and are usually reminiscent of the toxin itself.


looks someone drew the flesh eating bacteria card in the Illuminati card game :


Uncommon but deadly

It's basically death that feasts on death.

If an environment it likes is not provided it will go elsewhere.

IF it thrives in an environment it is not suited for THEN you have a problem.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.


Troll, thanks for the warm welcome. I love Ron Paul. I have been awake and supporting Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement passionately and I thought I would finally jump in and be a part of the great conversation. The Daily Paul family is a light in the darkness. I am excited to be a part of it. This is my first experience with you guys and up until now has been very warm and welcoming. But Troll? Seriously, there is a fine line between guarding the gate and being paranoid. Hopefully in time I can be a part of the gang.

Warm greetings!

And welcome to the site. I don't know much about necrotizing fasciitis, so that's all I have to say about that.


Yeah now I even look like a troll, I can't even post correctly. Sorry.

Troll Alert

"Member for 1 day 15 hours"

make sure you have plenty of good bacteria

Very key is making sure you have plenty of good bacteria in your digestive tract through eating the right foods such as real yogurt (i.e. not yoplait or activia, etc.), imo. Some people also make their own fermented foods like cabbage and yogurt, I haven't gone that route at this point. You can also take a probiotic supplement, for me I make sure it's gluten free and not in a gelatin capsule.

A few years ago my sister in law had an infection that wasn't going away, after having taken an antibiotic, and I suggested she eat yogurt to re-populate the good bacteria, and then the infection healed.

You are Welcome


Allicin C Perhaps the most significant advancement
in the history of natural medicine.

Got about 5 left in my bottle.. Thanks for reminding me to replace with a new order.

I put my money were my Health is

Thanks for reminding me again:

Description ALC 2 bottles
Unit price $40.00
$86.00 USD (shipping $6.00)

Payment sent to renseradio@yahoo.com

I used Colloidal Silver to kill

staphylococcus aureus.

My son had caught it from a friends son and we treated it with Colloidal Silver, it was gone a week or so later. We would dab the infected area with the colloidal then wrap a bandage with Colloidal on the gauze sponge.

Consider getting a bottle from a reputable supplier.
There are many snake oil salesmen out there.

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From someone who has worked in health care for 24 years,

I can tell you I would be MUCH more worried about bacteria, fungi, and viruses after a hospital stay than I would coming in contact with something in nature.

I would also like to add that allopathic medicine (mainstream) is not the "be all, end all" as far as treatment is concerned. Medicine should be a libertarian endeavor in my book. Do what works for you. No two people have the same bio-chemistry.

Unfortunately, I have a relative in the hospital now who is suffering from endocarditis after two surgeries in the last two years, one heart and one back. He has been in and out of the hospital after the last surgery for over four months. All due to an infection which took them three months to diagnose.

It has been a constant fight to get them to look at alternative therapies. The M.D.'s will fight you tooth and nail because the majority are completely devoid of any such knowledge.

Your best bet is to boost your immune system before you get there and, when there, do as much as you can to sustain your immune system. Whether it's colloidal silver, mineral earth etc...

Another great source of information is The Life Extension Foundation or, www.lef.org. It is an organization dedicated to integrated medicine.

If he/she has more than two different metals in him then

they made a battery.

Mecury amalgam, stainless steel and titanium are three common possibilities.

My dad has stainless steel staples in his heart and mercury fillings. In his case the battery action is dissolving the roots of that tooth.

Medication often will not touch the pain because built-in tazers are an unrecognized problem for the MDs.

A person who has it knows when it came and when it is removed, immediately post-surgery. Nurses may recognize it as a rejection reaction.

The titanium dioxide that colors the pain pills fuels the battery in some cases. Get titanium dioxide free prescription or get something else.

Free includes debt-free!

Thanks again guys, it will

Thanks again guys, it will take a while to digest all this info and make notes. I appreciate this community. The grain thing bothers me in the fact that grain is so readily available and cheap for a large brood. I try to limit it but I often get tempted when money is short. Of course, only whole grains, ground ourselves and made into homemade bread...But I do notice a health difference in some of our clan when we do this a lot. Eating fresh, organic, grass fed, etc...is not very easy in PA. Alas, I will keep researching and building our immunity. Very sad to be bombarded by our atmosphere and surroundings. Again, Thanks!

Read this - and don't worry:

your children sound very healthy with very strong immune systems: http://www.naturalnews.com/022332.html


A 60 minute bath, containing 100 drop mixture of MMS, in my experience, will kill anything topical. MMS is cheap...just follow the directions...it may be your best defense against bacteriological infection,

The stuff kills (dead) malaria(the world's biggest killer)soon after initiation of the drinking protocol (crappy taste) so, as you can imagine, there are all kinds of BS warnings on-line and an effort by big pharma to stamp out its medicinal use all over the third world. Governments have been threatened of a cessation of shipments of big pharma's products (Including J&J and their surgical/medical supplies) if these governments give aid Humble in his research. They've effectively harrassed him around the world and worked very dilligently to hide the malaria killing properties of the compound. Eugenics anyone?

Crazy story...good stuff.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

MMS use may not be a great idea!

I'm all for alternative or natural healing, and frequently use earthclinic.com and cancertutor.com in search of alternative medicine cures. As we are a family here, I just want to tell you that MMS may not be such a great idea. If the following anti-MMS stories had been published through a "big pharma" mouthpiece, I would be skeptical. But the articles are in pro-alternative medicine, or anti-establishment sites and make a good case as to why MMS and MMS2, if used at all, should be only last resort treatments, like chemo. Just want to give you a heads-up because you may be doing damage to your red blood cells and DNA.

Essential Oils and Flesh Eating Virus

Queenbetz, it sounds like you use Young Living Essential Oils since you mentioned "Thieves" essential oil blend. I am a long time user and instructor with YL and I remember being taught at one of the YL conventions that "Palo Santo" essential oil stopped a victim's flesh eating virus with one drop. This is a little reminder of how potent YL oils are, one drop of YL's peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea.

According to something I read

MRSA is now in the soil. I read that on a pet forum a while ago, because dogs are now getting it. I cannot remember where I read it.

Be sure to wipe your dog's feet, preferably with a wipe that contains colloidal silver or white vinegar before they come inside your home.

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Pet foods are often high in grains.

Are the GMO grains creating materials that clog the liver when ingested.

We had better look to our overall health, it is our best defense.

Free includes debt-free!

Much of these kind of infections are unique to

the hospital environment - which is quite innerving and why we should do our best to stay out of hospitals. Keep up the immune system.

Here is the terminology for such infections:

Hospital-acquired infection: An infection caught while hospitalized. The medical term for a hospital-acquired infection is "nosocomial." Most nosocomial infections are due to bacteria. Since antibiotics are frequently used within hospitals, the types of bacteria and their resistance to antibiotics is different than bacteria outside of the hospital. Nosocomial infections can be serious and difficult to treat.

A nosocomial infection is strictly and specifically an infection "not present or incubating prior to admittance to the hospital, but generally occurring 72 hours after admittance."

The word "nosocomial" is made up of two Greek words. The prefix "noso-" comes from "nosus" meaning disease and "-comial" comes from "komeion" meaning to take care of. Nosocomial could therefore refer to any affliction acquired by a patient while under medical supervision, but it doesn't. It now refers more narrowly to a hospital-acquired infection.


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People below are correct.

People below are correct. Cases are rare and it typically only happens in people who have their immune systems compromised, such as right after being sick from something else.
Cases that I have heard of are where people had been swimming and managed to pick it up(their immune systems had also been weakened). Once you are infected though, progression is quite rapid, as in a matter of a couple days.
Not really sure what can be done, but people have suggested things below this.

Just a mention on coloidal silver, an odd side effect(which also happens to be rare) is that it can turn your skin blue.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Properly made silver doesn't

Properly made silver doesn't cause the blue skin. Paul Karason (the "blue man") turned blue because he added salt to his water to speed up the processing time of making the silver solution. This process produces "silver chloride" (instead of fine nano-sized silver ions or silver colloid), large doses/concentrations of which can cause "Argyria - the blue skin". This is not a dangerous or fatal disease, it only affects skin colour.

Silver is actually safe to use - you need to just make sure you buy your solutions from a trusted source/company (eg: Sovereign Silver - www.n-icorp.com), or if making your own solutions, never add any types of additives. If you want to make your own, I suggest the SilverLungs unit (www.silverlungs.com).

Robert Scott Bell talks about colloidal silver on his show frequently. In a couple of his recent shows, he talked at length about colloidal silver - its properties, how to use it, and also talked a bit about the blue man). Click the links below to listen to the audio:
- http://www.naturalnewsradio.com/RobertScottBell/MP3/RSBShow-...
- http://www.naturalnewsradio.com/RobertScottBell/MP3/RSBShow-...

You'll also find articles on it over at NaturalNews.com

I think it's just another great piece of arsenal to add to our lists of "preparedness" tools.

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Active Manuka Honey

from New Zealand. I suggest that you research this amazing product for it's strong anti bacterial properties. I'm sure that you can buy it in the US.