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Ron Paul on The Daily Show


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Thanks for posting this! I

Thanks for posting this!

I don't own a TV that gets a signal & can't stay up that late even if I did!
I'm going to my mother-in-law's tonight to watch the "debate".
Can't wait to see Dr. Paul in action.

It will be the highlight of my day.

Oh Yeah...

A most satisfying RP fix! Thank you, Ron. Thank you, Jon. Thank you Michael for posting this so important piece of history so quickly. I couldn't watch it live because I was at a Meetup rally for him at the same time out of town. But here it is when I get home at I might have been the most... no, I was the most upset by missing the appearance, but that's okay. I've seen it now and I'm alright for another night and day. Tomorrow, I am waiting for like I can't believe. I'm nervous as hell about what the others are going to do and say, but it's a delicious kind of nervousness. I am eager to hear response from our hero like I can't believe.



Odds at

There are two sections at
One for winning the election and one for winning the Republican Nomination.

Ron Paul is still at 15:1 odds to win the whole thing
but at 7:1 odds to win the Republican Nomination.

The neocon power elite must be sweating bullets right now.

Oh My Gosh

He's on a roll! What's going to happen next? I'm a Jon Stewart fan now.

Rewatched Russo's "Freedom to Fascism" right before seeing this. I first watched it in 06. I was impressed with Ron Paul then, way before he announced for President. Rewatching it now was powerful to me.
Right after seeing RP on Russo's film "telling it like it is" I see him on the Daily running for President...and still "telling it like it is" in exactly the same way. I'm just dumbfounded by his genuiness and I am amazed at how truth is marching on...


You Go Ron

It would be so easy for Ron to just Lay into any other candidate. Its so nice to see that he doesn't need to. He's just a good guy. And the audience, as always, is just waiting on his every breath. Go Get Em Tomorrow RON!

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A true American hero.