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Ron Paul patriot: Meet FDNY's Chris who woke up after 9/11

Ron Paul's patriots: Meet the people behind the candidate #5

Shock and grief consumed the air after the 9/11 terror attacks and many of our New York Fire Dept. heroes continued diligently performing their duties assigned which included transporting the deceased fathers, mothers and brothers from the elevator pits below Ground Zero to the makeshift morgue. Among them was a young first responder named Chris. He would soon find out more than he wanted to know. The hero said, "I saw a lot... and saw things that didn't make sense in terms of heat, fires, and bureaucracy of the whole area at the time."

Chris's discoveries caused him to dig deeper. In an effort to put the pieces together, he said, "I had done some research over the first responders getting sick, Zadroga Bill, and basically what I saw down at Ground Zero." Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis he communicated, "I woke up after I left the FDNY due to asthma -- I changed my life in a lot ways... and most has to do with Ron Paul...

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Wow this is awesome

Thanks for sharing! I love to hear about the diversity & how people found their way to Ron Paul. Especially that he plants the seed, then the truth takes root & they continue to search on their own.

Thanks patriot

Chris is a hero along with Ron Paul and all our family of freedom fighters!