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Ron Paul leads ‘revolution of ideas’

ASTORIA, N.Y. — The reason I support Ron Paul is his honesty and record. Lobbyist Jack Abramoff said lobby groups don’t even knock on Ron Paul’s door because he’s incorruptible.

As the Herald’s editorial board should know, Paul opted out of the congressional pension fund when he joined Congress. He is a doctor, an Air Force veteran and an economist who has written several New York Times bestsellers.

He never has voted to raise taxes and is almost solely responsible for “turning on” and educating millions of people on matters of the Federal Reserve, liberty and our Constitution.

Do Herald readers know that young people actually are interested in politics because of this guy? Or that active duty U.S. military personnel have donated more than six times as much to Paul as they’ve given to Romney?

Readers also must know that Willard Mitt Romney demonstrated against anti-Vietnam War protesters at his university, even carrying a sign that read, “Speak Up but Don’t Sit In.” Then he got a draft deferment and studied Mormonism in France during the Vietnam era.