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texas...is the end near?

"It's been a good week for Mitt Romney. The polls are up, he's just off a two-day swing through Connecticut and New York, where he hauled in big donors and hard money, and he swept the GOP primaries in Kentucky and Arkansas. On Tuesday Texas will put him over the top and make him, formally and officially, the Republican nominee for president."

Heres the original story:

what ya think

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To RP Delegates to Tampa.

Give them a show they will not soon forget! Bring your own cameras in case the msm is silent. We will show the world who we are and that we still want freedom!

I'd call it

A fluff piece.

I dont think so i think that

I dont think so i think that that delegate count is accurate since it dosnt count for stealth delegates that will push Paul into nomination

I think you should stop

I think you should stop believing the media and their assumed numbers this doesn't end we're going to Tampa.

Win or lose, it does not end

Win or lose, it does not end after Tampa either.

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