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Governors Race

I know very little about Pat McCrory. I call his offices but can get no answer on any questions.
I have met Walter Dalton..And I do not like him. In the past I have called his office and learned in truth...he supports Bev Perdue more than he lets on in public..I can not bring myself to vote for him. Unless it came time to try and sweet talk us, or there was a chance to get on the news..he kept forgetting Rutherford County is [large] part of NC..we're just a rural area. Our county commissioners do what they can to keep jobs out of here and turn this place into a retirement area and a tourist trap.And Dalton goes along with it. [We do have Facebook here now..but funny thing..most of the people working there are not from here. The apartments I live in have had about 20 guys from FB move in..then out...all from up north..a couple of them have told me how they get shipped in..then treated like crap]
Then theres Barbara Howe. She says shes a libertarian. But she also makes it 100% clear..shes AGAINST Ron Paul.
So NC...who are you voting for? Im thinking about not casting a vote for any of them.

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I saw him at the NC GOP convention

They dropped balloons from the ceiling etc.
Seems alright to me...