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John King of CNN says he has no opinions.

I asked John King of CNN : do you have an opinion on whether we should have gone to war with Iraq ? He said he had no opinions, then later you said he had an opinion, but he only shared it with his wife and finally, he said, we would be surprised how few opinions he has because he trains himself not to have opinions.

His first answer contradicts HIS second answer, because if he has no opinions he cannot tell his wife. Secondly, I do not believe he only tells his wife. Does he really expect us to believe that he doesn't discuss his views with his colleagues, or his close friends? It's just not believable. As for being surprised about how few opinions he has, I would hate to have to take him at his word, but if he insists I would. But training yourself not to have an an opinion is like training yourself not to think. Why would anybody want to do this and is it even possible. Anyway, I would put my money on him having plenty of opinions because I don't think you can do this job without having some smarts and opinions based on all his experience. In fact, he strkes me as a smart and friendly man who was nice enough to give us an interview.

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He has to get back to the students. Hilarious ending, you think he'd have cared if those were overweight male students? Hahahahaha.

John King

doesn't express his own opinions.. but has no problem expressing the opinions of his corporate overlords.

"I train myself to have no opinions" .. wow, what a puppet.

Fill me in

I don't really get where you're trying to go with this question. If he said he didn't agree, then what?

John didn't take the bait.

Jan's method is to get you to contradict yourself when you give two different answers to the same question asked in two different ways. CNN is notorious for hit pieces and spin machines that shape public opinion, by him saying that he has no opinions is playing it safe. But it also raises the question why he works for a company that doesn't have any shame forming opinions when he tries to act like a legitimate journalist. Jan is a smart man, he dissects many layers of thinking and boxes you into an answer that needs to be explained on many levels. For instance, one of he previous interviews he asked if taxation is voluntary, Michael Steele answered yes. Is it voluntary if force is used to make you pay by threat of imprisonment?

Fresh questions to add to your repertoire...

Ask them if they believe the official report that a hijacker's passport was found in the rubble.

Ask them if they think it's healthy that the Israel controlled media picks whose names get on our ballots.

Ask them how exactly our friend Israel reciprocates for the 100s of billions of dollars we've given them with the weapons and the American soldiers who have died fighting their wars.

Ask (the reporters) if their fondness for Israel has anything to do with the fact that their paycheck is signed by a dual citizen of Israel.

I think your questions suck

its the same old stuff from your interviews. some abstract question that obviously the zionist reporter avoids. whoop de do.

you have talent in getting the interviews but your questions are uninteresting and do so little given the opportunity.

think about what the person is going to say so even if they are evasive, its a good question.

do this question "do you think its fair that in 2008 the Federal Reserve lent out interest free 16 trillion dollars to the Wallstreet Banks and the failing European Central Banks - when the entire US debt was only 14 Trillion Dollars". Something pointed like that where he either says 'not fair' - in which case you say "don't you think it is the job of CNN to report that atleast once?" or he says "fair" and you go viral on the guy

and you can do that for not just economy but military, support for Israel etc

asking questions is like chess - where you have to anticipate the answers and build your secondary line of questions. you are just playing checkers and it sucks.

kudos on getting the interviews - but your questioning is poor in my opinion.


i think your a smart guy Jan... but these are not accomplishing anything, and frankly, why should I care what John King thinks? Ask him about the media bias towards Ron Paul.... ask him about the current state of the economy and how inflation affects it. These really just make you come off like a pestering fool

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

Jan Helfeld's picture

John King shapes public opinion.

why should I care what John King thinks? - Because he shapes public opinion.

Jan Helfeld