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Vote Recount money bomb $67,000 - VOTE FRAUD CONFIRMED

Ok, so by now we all know vote fraud has been confirmed in Sutton, NH. They recorded zero votes, but now they've admitted that Ron Paul received 31. Also, there was a ton of suspicious activity last night. How about Hillary's lawyers intimidating Obama and Ron Paul poll workers, and kicking some of them out, or how about the "other" category for the dems in one of the precincts having a ridiculous number of votes dumped into it, very suspicious!! I mean NO ONE thought Hillary was going to win, and she comes back and BEATS Obama in NEW HAMPSHIRE??? NO, no, no.

The Ron Paul campaign needs $67,000 to recount the NH votes, it will be great publicity and they can't call us kooks because we have now CONFIRMED fraud in Sutton.

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I don't understand

how the voting recount works.... Do we get those who voted for RP to sign affidavits and then make sure their votes were counted in each precinct/county? how would we count the votes cast in the Diebold machines?


What about this....

Maybe run a small ad in the local papers of the cities that we think that there was vote fraud... something that says... "Diabold says Ron Paul got 0 votes, if you voted for Ron Paul please call ###-####. Make your vote count - stop vote theft!", Not great but you get the idea. Just an idea.


That's a great Idea Joe, we

That's a great Idea Joe, we really need more ideas like this, thugs have taken over and we can not let this continue any longer, any and all methods need to be taken to restore our voting system to get rid of these thugs that just think they can get away with anything.

How about a petition for investigation for crimes against the American people for voter fraud, any one involved in this should be put in jail for the rest of there life. This is the most serious ishue in America right now, and needs to be stopped.

Also please every one send a message to congress and tell them voter fraud will not be tolerated by the people. Another thing to do is to also please sign on these sites so we can be counted. Then when they give us there fake #s we will have something for proof of who we want for president.

Please send this message around. It may be the most important thing you will ever do for your country.
Lets be counted now so they can not use election fraud on us later.
votenow.2xpress.com and whowouldtheworldelect .com

And on a side not, lets send a message to Rupert Murdoch's news company's (FOX) (MSNBC) and others, telling them we are not falling for there lies any more and they have lost all credibility and they might as well pack it up and go home. Rupert Murdoch already admitted on tv that he used these media stations that he owns to further his own agenda.


We really need to do all these things to let let the government know that we will not be manipulated and controlled, they need to remember they work for us. They made one big mistake, they thought we where dumb, we just dint care until now.

Please look up fluoride in your water people, they have been deliberately drugging us as well.

Ron Paul 08'

Why are you posting on a

Why are you posting on a forum that is 4 months old?

another *25* votes found...

Second county finds more Ron Paul votes missing... 25 to be exact...
ummmmm now *2* counties involved in fraud?
Email HQ to pounce on this and pay NOW for recount.

My point I stress AGAIN... if there is voter fraud, lets put it to rest here and now.... also if voter fraud is happening... we need to make a statement to the other states, this is NOT GOING TO BE ALLOWED to happen... maybe they will clean up their acts...

but if nobody does anything, then rumors will persist and if voter fraud is happening, it will continue... Where are the remaining IOWA votes still... this is INCONCEIVABLE that they are still not tallied and I doubt they will ever be.


"If nobody does anything, then rumors will persist and if voter fraud is happening"



"If nobody does anything, then rumors will persist and if voter fraud is happening"


i would love to see a re-count

but think it should be done on the down low if possible.
when the results are in, and if there is a discrepancy, then it should go public.

how quickly can this be done?

and are there paper ballots on all of the votes? or are most of them held inside diebold machines?

Hard to Prove

Read this article from a previously aired Rush Limbaugh show (Nov 28 2007).
It was in the context of talking about Hillary's campaign, but it would apply.



We have to do this now

Warmest Regards
Stephen Dupont
New Bedford, Massachusetts

is there a website

is there a website confirming this??


Everyone call the campaign, and let's demand this.

I like it. I'll contribute

Ok, so go to godaddy.com or something and purchase a domain. Call it RonPaulRecount.com or something.

Use the provided HTML editor to create a very quick and simple site. Then spam it!

I get paid tomorrow and would be willing to contribute then.

Why not send the money to

Why not send the money to the campaign?

Sounds Good to Me!

Where do we begin? HOW do we begin?


If the RP campaign doesn't do anything...

Raise the money for the recount anyway. We must find out about the votes that weren't counted.

keep this going

go go go Ron Paul
bump this

Warmest Regards
Stephen Dupont
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Please calm down!

The US is not fascist state - yet. Even if there were vote discrepancies and mischief it will not change the outcome of NH primaries! Get real.
Instead concentrate your energies and enthusiasm on ways how help Dr. Paul to became our president.
Foremost he needs his name and platform issue be recognized by common non-interned people (not the avant-garde like you) who actually cast the votes.
Please volunteer and canvass on his behalf or organize a small donations $10.00 or even less so his campaign has enough funds to place the ads in mass media - which is trying to diminish him and smear (New Republic article about RP - racist) . If 10% of population would donate $10 - his campaign chest increase would be $300 million !!!!
His fight will not be won on internet, but in real life.
Thank you for understanding. God bless you.Go Ron!

Fraud can NOT be ignored

"...it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security..."

"...it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security..."

Calm Down?

We have TWO DOCUMENTED cases of voter fraud and you want me to calm down? I think not.

This is bigger than Ron Paul.

This is subverting the election process in America and you want me to calm down? I think not.

I have put 100's of hours and 1000's of dollars into this only to be robbed by a stupid computer and you want me to calm down? I think not.

The issue is not rather or not I want Ron Paul to be elected, because I do. The issue is am I willing to sit idly by when it is PROVEN that fraud is taking place in the election process of this country.

Calm down? I think not!


and Obama could move into first - IMAGINE THE HEADLINES - Obama subject of voters fraud... Ron Paul will also be included AND MCCAIN will drop big time and
THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED if we dont protest it will happen again and again...
BUT MOVING A CANDIDATE FROM 5TH TO 4th is not a minor deal!!

Lead, follow, or get out of

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. - Thomas Paine

If you really want to stir up media attention...

Host a money bomb "strike" outside of RP2008 HQ. Demand a recount with tons of people rallying outside. Refuse to donate more until they demand a recount. Can you imagine the publicity value?

WTH? Why do they need

WTH? Why do they need $67,000? If there's money to be spent, the campaign can spend it. Otherwise, if it's a genuine fraud issue, they need to sue Sutton. This is a legal issue, not a fundraising issue.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore


Why do we always think BACK. We need to think FORWARD. Third parties need to do 100% exit polls in all other states. We need to contact all the third parties and get them to set up 100% exit polls in all future states. Not hard. We have been proving for years that we have voter fraud, all we do is talk about it and prove it and investigate. We need to get AHEAD of the problem. If we save all the other states with a 100% exit poll, then we can go back and correct the first two states.

Heres how it works:

We need a 100% Exit Poll
It needs to be done along side the official voting by say the Libertarian party, or one of the other independent parties. Here is how.
What is 100% exit poll??
Every precinct covered by at least two people while it is open.
Table set up with a SIGN that says, "Verify the Vote."
A simple tally is done totally independently of the GOP in the room
and the vote count.
Each voter passes by and tells who he voted for and the next
number in line is written under that candidate. No names
taken. If voter will not tell who he voted for, he goes under the
undisclosed column.
At the end, all the totals are added together (8 totals) and an
instant tally of how many people voted is immediately known
and an excellent indication of who won is immediately known.
All Precincts are gathered at a central number for a total state
count. A list of precinct totals are published so that precincts
can double check for accuracy and their job is not done until
they do that.
Independent audit totals are compared with GOP totals on the spot
and if there are discrepancies, immediately an object is issued.
Very simple. Very independent. Should be no problem for the official powers in the room.
Most people would participate because their names are not taken, they get an instant tally told to them of who is ahead and how many voted for their candidate. Everyone wants a true, realistic count. It matters more than who wins to most people.


We definitely need to be more forward-thinking.

Recounts didn't really work for Al Gore, and the stakes were much higher for him in Florida in 2000 than they are for Ron in New Hamshire now.

Despite our disappointing loss last night, we still have plenty of other states to do better in as the days go by. . . .

Bi-Partisan push

You gotta get both parties involved to verufy and maybe this could be the thing that finally puts out the Diebold electioneering.

They all need to stand up and push hard. Why the national media is not covering a discrpancy this beig when they couldn't leave us alone here in FL when fraud happened here is beyond me.

a drop in the bucket

Pay it and do it, as long as the process is open to observation.