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Dear Willard Mitt Romney,

Dear Willard Mitt Romney,

I am compelled to write you a letter sir, for I would like to call a few things to your attention.

Whether you realize it or not, you stand to be one of the greatest men in the history of this nation. A man revered and measured against the likes of George Washington, a man who humbly refused to take his place as king among the wicked kings of nations.

Sir, may I point out that you are at that very point where George Washington found himself just prior to becoming President? Let me explain, as this may not be so clear to you at this moment. But it is exactly as I say.

Sir, you are currently embroiled in a nasty fight over delegates at all levels, many levels with a Godly man, Ron Paul, who's speech is already being measured by and compared to that of America's Founding Fathers.

It may seem to you that you have the upper hand in this, and yet if you persist in following this trail you will most certainly lose the support of at least one quarter of the Republican Party, not to mention that of most Reagan Democrats as well as the Independents in the general election.

To be frank sir, under this scenario you may win the nomination but you will certainly not gain the Presidency. And with this dead-end path you are currently pursuing it will effectively terminate your family's long political career on / or before November 8, 2012, and more/less for good as you have already been oversold in the media.

On the other hand, a great man is a humble man. As a bishop you must know this. George Washington was just such a man, a humble soul. Because of that he is remembered in modern speech, with monuments; and he is not forgotten even to this day.

Willard Mitt Romney, in all seriousness I tell you this sir, as your friend, and as an American… Sir, you do not want to be the Republican Nominee. You do not want to be President. You do not want to be king among the wicked kings of nations; a representative of Goldman Sachs you absolutely do not want to be remembered that way sir. Not by a nation and not by God.

Bishop Romney, you are better than that. You sir are to be remembered if you will only humble yourself before God and Christ your King. As I said, you can have the nomination but it is not what you seek. Your life is protected, you are not in danger from the bankers or those that they associate with. You are the only man/thing left standing between these inequitable ones and the one they fear most sir. He is Ron Paul.

Ask yourself for just a moment Mr. Romney, who is more trustworthy? The bankers who contribute to your campaign or your humble servant and friend Ron Paul? Ask yourself Mr. Romney, which would the honest God fearing man inside you prefer to deal with: Ron Paul or Goldman Sachs?

The power is in your hands Mr. Romney, but you will have to humble yourself now at this very moment in prayer to even have an opportunity, a chance to accept His truth.

And the truth is this… That if you were to gracefully step aside and anoint, appoint, I say humbly passing the torch to Ron Paul as the nominee… well Mr. Romney this in fact could be your glorious fate:

In four years, 2016, you will become President of the United States but you will also have the most grateful respect and admiration of an entire nation and its people. That is of course, unless you just want to be king (in which case you will only be the nominee).

Imagine for a moment a Paul/Romney ticket, or a Paul/Paul ticket with you yourself as Treasury Secretary in the short-term where you have the unwavering admiration of your entire nation; where Ron and Rand Paul welcome you as an equal, even above them and so they lay out the Red Carpet for you in 2016 ingratiating you with a nation such that you are remembered even more than they as the one who humbled himself to save the fate of a nation.

Wow. I only wish that I was where you are today sir. I know what I would do. What will you do sir?

It is up to you Mr. Romney. If you will only humble yourself, time is short, yet you have the power to have yourself remembered the likes of no man since George Washington.

Trust in God sir. Trust in his faithful servant Ron Paul. And Mitt, if you do this one thing, I am sure you can already see, you may just receive more honor and recognition than a king.

You will certainly have my unwavering support in 2016.


A Candidate for Republican National Delegate




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Told ya so...


what good are posts like

what good are posts like this? Is it just for you to let off stea? No one in the Romney camp will read it.

No one?

YOU DID. You are not in the Paul camp and the only ones here making lame attempts to discredit DPers are the the "tourists" from the Romney camp. Too obvious. Hope you're not on the payroll with work like that.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

"Bishop Romney" - That cracked me up!

Your letter is fine.

My letter is fine.

Neither one is necessarily better than the other.

Let's send them both.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul



Make sure to get a physical address and mail them

Much better chance of them reading it.


Would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop deifying Ron Paul! It is REALLY disturbing and does NOT help the cause.

Many in history have found favor with God, without being God.

Who are you?


Hope you actually sent this.

Hope you actually sent this. I hope he actually reads it. I doubt it, but I feel very much the same way: the best way how Romney can prove himself to be the great man he wishes to be is by humbling himself and doing all he can to support Ron Paul. Romney's still young: if he still wants to be president in a few years, he can try again. Right now, Ron Paul *is* what this country needs most.

What I love about this is that you're treating Romney as a human being. Nobody reacts well to being treated like an object. I will pray for Romney, that his heart softens and he does humble himself.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I have sent it to both Mitt and Ann through facebook and...

...have posted it around several other places on their personal pages.

Now it is up to Mr. Romney to respond accordingly.

I do not have an address to send him direct mail, even though he has sent me many mailings requesting money.

These unfortunately are not addresses that go directly to him.

If you know how to get this to him or are a troll who works directly for him please do your friend / boss a favor and pass this important and sincere information / letter along to the man before it is too late for him to reverse course.

As stated, I am happy to support Mitt in 2016 if he does the right thing by the party now and helps us to put forth a winning candidate in 2012.


They bought a place on Clarks Point in NH in 97

maybe mail it here?

Wolfeboro, NH

RP R3VOLution

Do you really think they are

Do you really think they are goign to respond to you? Or even read it?

Oh I see, so just because you

Oh I see, so just because you don't THINK they will means we shouldn't try. Wow, can you believe it, your prediction does not matter to us. No matter what the unlikeliness of any attempt to restore the republic and liberty it is our duty to try. Otherwise it will never happen. Weak man worry about the odds, strong men say screw the odds, I'm doing it anyway, for liberty.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

No. But does that mean one should not preach the truth?

I mean, when you have the knowledge that also comes with a responsibility.

Romney is certainly too proud. At minimum he would have to reign in Carl Rove's thugs, minions and associates that have dispersed to create havoc and mischief in conventions / caucuses throughout the United States.

This is the only game Romney knows. He is not a humble, gentle man.

Yet I hope that he proves me wrong, for his sake.


Great letter. Can you imagine a debate between Romney and Obama+

Crickets comes to mind.

What would there be to debate? (-:

Mitt won't come out of his hole to debate.


he won't get it (understand it)--

but I think the letter is very fine--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

While you are writing letters

While you are writing letters why don't you write a letter to satan and invite him to sunday school. Why would a man with 250 million in the bank and 20 million a year income campaign for president for five years instead of just enjoying himself during his retirement? He must have an insatiable desire for power. You think after working toward his goal of becoming the most powerful man in the world for five years he is just going to quit because you point out that Ron Paul would make a better president?

At some point, all men realize their humanity. Don't be quick

to pass ultimate judgement. Possible and probably are 2 different ideas.

Nope. It would be easier to thread an elephant thru a needle...

But God can change hearts and with Him anything is possible.


You're 100% Right OP!

If Mitt goes on, he will lose and fade into the greyness of American history. If he actually was a principled man, he would see that he is only a pawn used to make it a no-brainer to re-elect Obama.

Sadly, I don't think that Mitt has the moral understanding of the real issues ahead and would rather cosy up to his establishment friends than the "common people" beneath him. He is motivated by $$$$$$$ not inspired in any way.

I agree that to secure his place in history in a long-lasting meaningful way, he would need to do something completely unexpected but greatly needed—to stand on the side of Liberty and allow the ONLY candidate who can take the reigns and get America there: Ron Paul.

Anything else will make him all the more irrelevant as the Libertarians take over. His business will suffer, his family will be shamed and he'll go down in history as a flip-flopping joke.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Thanks! Some trolls will come out of the woodwork on this post.

They work for the Bankster PACs and they want you to think Mitt can win right up until Obama beats him.

Sorry guys. Ron Paul is in it to win it and this is the truth.


Write a letter to the devil

get better results.


Wow, Ron Paul people are voting you down and defending Mitt!


Now that is RON PAUL everyone.

That a man, our enemy, could be accepted and defended here if he were only to do the right thing.

I never really expected that and yet now I am encouraged ...not for Romney to read my letter, but for he and his entire family to see that they could in fact be openly welcomed into our forum and treated with honor even among us.

Praise be to God! May He change the heart of this man.


I like how

you write to appeal to the honorable and truthful side of Mitt. It is going to take some deep soul-searching for him to recognise that this would be the right move to make. He is in a difficult spot - a life-time of power and wealth has conditioned his mind and heart to think he is "above" this move. But, if he were to really look inward he could do it. I hope you mail this letter and I hope and PRAY he considers it.

My letter would have been much shorter

My letter would have been much shorter...

Dear Mittens,
Please drop out and save yourself the embarrassment. Endorse the only candidate who is actually willing to address the real problems facing this nation, Ron Paul.

Ron Paul supporters everywhere

You need to be RON PAUL. Do you know how hard it was...

...to write this, to call him sir?

And yet I mean exactly what I say and it is the truth and if Mitt does this we should all be calling him sir.

He will find that he has an honored place here in this forum along side Ron and Rand... Mitt Romney will be at home on the Daily Paul, welcomed and adored if he does what is right and accepts (unlike Saul) that David is the one who has found favor.

Mitt Romney, if not prideful can share equally, even more so, if he will for just a moment, only a moment, humbly step aside and honor God's faithful servant, our man, Ron Paul.

I am not RON PAUL. I am you MadThrillz! I feel what you are saying. BUT IT IS WRONG.

And yet I managed to be RON PAUL long enough to spit these words out, to type them (my fingers hurt); thanks be to God.

Gave me chills.

You wrote this beautifully, and with the same character and etiquette that Ron Paul would have used if he was to write this letter. "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." Chances are he'll never see this, but if he did a rant about how evil he was and how he should just step down would do nothing. A letter like this though, this shows respect and restraint. It shows this movement is also about how we treat others in America, not just about liberty and freedom. Peace, liberty and kindness do go hand and hand, I applaud you for this excellent letter.

Well written AnAppealToHeavenWash

I hope that Mitt Romney gets to read it.

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul