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VIDEO: Memorial Day Tribute for Church Use (or other)...

All politics aside, I'm a patriot, love this country, and most important, love our troops and how they sacrifice and strive to make our nation a better place!

That said, my company provides short films and media for church use and thought I'd offer the license to use for free to my fellow Ron Paul supporting church leaders (if you're not a church leader and desire to use the video, the offer is same to you).

Be warned, some consider this a bit of a tear-jerker. You may watch it at the you tube:


Every church is different with regards to broadcasting YouTube (there are some legal issues, too) in their church... so, if you desire a high res version (HD or SD), the simplest way would be to go over to my site at beamer films (dot com), add the video to your cart, then use promo code RonPaul2012... then download.


Go Ron Paul!

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