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Will Romney have undercover provocatuers in Tampa?

He'll stop at nothing to prevent a Ron Paul nomination.


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OK don't focus on Romney, just focus

Romney agents, GOP agents, leftist impersonators, whatever interest wants to attack us or Ron Paul. From an operational perspective it doesn't matter who they are, who told them to do it or who paid them. We will have certain measures ready to minimize the harm they can do.

There's gonna be undercover practically EVERYBODY running around. Try to remain calm in this period.

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You can bet the house.....

that Romney and the RNC have already bought off the cops, judges and anyone else that can lie in Tampa. It was obvious from the new "camera" contracts that the city council approved of months ago that the city has been bought off and will have big trouble because they will be instigating it.

bet there'll be lots of cell footage

the guys getting away with mayhem are the ones playing for the other side.

Turn Your Back to Anyone Who Wants to Provoke

anything other than a Ron Paul nomination.

Violence, cheating, lying, etc. will be used to discredit Dr. Paul.

The momentum is continuing to strengthen.

Here's where we learn that the DELEGATES are UNBOUND: http://youtu.be/SkNO90HPaw0

BTW, if you didn't hear from Dr. Jerome Corsi yet, Obomba is considered "damaged goods" by the inside elites and his reelection campaign cannot be remedied. This means that Romney is getting the nod for 2012 POTUS.

Let's make it President Paul in Tampa with wisdom and grace from God.

The war against freedom is daily so we must keep our eyes on prize of Liberty for Our Children.

When you realize the education system is the golden goose which creates obedient, thoughtless adults to be used as human resources you will opt out of the system and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

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Of course.

This will not only be the most documented convention in history it will most probably be the most staged.

I'm sure the casting couch is buzzing with want-a-be provocateurs as we speak.

I'm already embarrassed while the world waits to watch.

All we have to do is make

All we have to do is make sure everything is filmed and documented. I would go so far as to suggest that as soon as someone is caught doing something they shouldnt, the "team" on the internet should be notified to try and track down who it is(if it cant be done from the ground). So they cant get away like that guy with the false slates.

Something interesting here, set up large screens around the place for the supporters on the outside to see whats happening inside.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I wouldn't be surprised if

they won't allow you to have a camera anywhere near the place. Remember they even checked people for Ron Paul Paraphenalia last time? Then what?

You bet your @ss he will.

Be eternally vigiliant and on your toes AT ALL times.

Behave yourself assertively but with the utmost decorum and civility at all times. Dress the part: suits/ties and dresses.

Probably not Romney directly

Probably not Romney directly (he'd need plausible deniability) but certainly someone in his campaign in conjunction with the RNC establishment will arrange this.

You better believe there will be RNC agents in Ron Paul t-shirts vandalizing cars and acting belligerent. Then the RNC will get the Tampa police to arrest all of the Ron Paul terrorists... er, supporters.

We're dealing with people here who openly stuff ballots. They're not even ashamed or embarrassed. "Romney has already won the nomination, so it's fine if we stuff some ballots for him." People who think like that are capable of anything.

You're not dealing with people

when you say they aren't ashamed or embarrassed...they're sociopaths..